What causes laziness in many people?

According to normal logic, of course no one wants to be lazy. The proof, no one feels happy with his laziness. If so, that means laziness arises because there is something. What is that thing? Of course this is a lot. Based on practice and theory, there are several things that we can use as instructions or references, namely:

Do not have a clear purpose in life.

This goal can be formed: what we want to do, what we want to achieve, what we want to have. These targets are short term, medium term or long term. Some are called visions, goals, or targets. Why is the target related? Because if we already know the goals we want, then logically we will be motivated to achieve them. The target of clarity is related to the strength of one's motivation and determination. According to Anthony Robbin, there is actually no lazy person in this world. People become lazy because they don't have clear goals. Another explanation says that people who have no purpose or purpose in the life they really want to achieve are potentially affected by what is called inner stagnation. Stagnant thoughts are easily filled with various diseases and feces, one of which is laziness. So laziness is related to the "development process".

Negative philosophy of life.

For example: "Instead of working hard but not rich, carelessly just working", "Why are schools diligent, after all there are many graduates who are unemployed", "How can you find halal food, difficult to apologize", and others. Why is everything called negative? In direction (direction and orientation), such conclusions often drag us into a lazy lifestyle. So, what we need to realize is the direction, not just the right and wrong content. It's better to think that we need to learn more actively so we don't become unemployed scholars. It's better to think that you have to work harder and be smarter to get rich. Although this cannot guarantee at the same time, the direction is positive, the dynamic is positive and the energy is positive. We need to realize that sometimes there are many words that are true but not useful (positive).



I remember when I was jobless,  then I was  looking  for what to do with my life, as time passes by and I couldn't get a job,  I became stuck in the house, where laziness got the better part of me. I discovered that when I wake up in the morning, even after sleeping for more than eight hours, I still feel very tired and lazy even when I did not do anything other than to eat watch TV and probably read. Then I ask myself this same question.

First and foremost,  what is laziness? 

Laziness is failing to  do the task at hand when you are supposed to, even when you have the ability to do it. Laziness  is a practice or an attitude that move slowly into a persons life, until it to hold one captive. It starts when you think you are giving yourself a deserved rest, then it gradually graduate to laziness. 

The following reasons I discovered are the causes of laziness. 


This means postponing what needs to be done now for later.  This is one of the signs of laziness. When you postpone a task that should be handled now for the future, you are entertaining laziness. 


This is when an individual is not focus. There are  times  when we are  trying to accomplish one task or the other and we have different thoughts contrary to what we are trying to accomplish running through our mind. The more this kind of thought run through the mind the more distractions is inevitable and this might eventually lead to discouragement, hence you wouldn't be able to complete the task. Other cause of distractions are social media, friends, TV et ce tera...


Some people get themselves worked up at their office, then when they get home they get too tired to do other things like spend time together with their family or friends. They are too exhausted that they cannot do anything at home. This kind of people get stressed up mentally that it dulled their mind. This stress can cause an individual to find it difficult to think.


In other be successful in life ,  one need to make concrete decision, an on-time decision that will serve the purpose it is meant for. Some people hardly make up their minds. They think on a particular situation from morning even until noon they still will not have their mind made up and this indecisiveness may lead to laziness.

In conclusion, laziness is an habit that does not start at once, it gradually begin with one of the above and if not curb on time, it may rob an individual a lot...

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Dependence on other people!

One thing I've noticed is that the majority of people who are lazy are those who have someone to depend on (mostly their parents).

A teenager who was raised in an environment in which everything he needs and wants are given by his/her parents will likely become spoiled. This sense of "dependence" and living at ease will likely make one lazy. Because why else would he work or do something if his parents or maids are there to do it for him.


There are many reasons for laziness, And one can list down many but the root cause of this problem is always the same. 

Humans are flawed. The default setting in any human being is to look for comfort and we won't move our asses unless there is an immediate threat. Or if you are from corporate world you can relate with term Deadline. And I was amazed by how humans look for comfort to avoid any external pressure of drive. All the process or systems that has been designed was with one intent only how to achieve more comfort. No matter what kind of work people does there is always a part of him that goes looking for that comfort and very often he gets the comfort by not doing anything. They choose the last minute rush over study pace. 

Everyone is at fault with this flaw, except from very few who choose to be thorough at their work. They practise even when it is not needed.  For many it seems like over work but actually from the elevated ones perspective it is something casual. 

Coming back to the point. Laziness is not a disease that is caused by some bacteria, virus or some external factor. Laziness is state of mind. So there is no cause for laziness. But since it is a state of mind or mood you may call, You can choose 'not to be lazy'. 

I Dont have the correct technical answer to your question. I wrote this answer just to get over my laziness :-D .


@inuke, Your friendly neighbourhood Alien ;-)

PS - Remember like any other thing Laziness also gets stronger the more you practise. So get off your ass and get going.


Lethargy is characterized as the reluctance to work or utilize vitality. Throughout everyday life, individuals are called languid on the off chance that they can finish an assignment yet decide not to do as such in light of the measure of exertion included.

Yet, it has been demonstrated that individuals who keep occupied are more joyful than the individuals who have nothing to do, which drives numerous to ask why anybody would be apathetic. Here are a portion of the things that clarify what precisely it is that makes individuals lethargic:

1. Want for moment satisfaction

2. No enthusiasm

3. Dread and sadness


Laziness, I must say is a diseases in our society today and there are so many factors that cause laziness in many people

Giving a chance to excuses is a main factor a lot of people are prone to giving excuses for not doing my things which make them to be lazy.

Procrastination is another factor that causes laziness too. Not doing what you are meant to do at the right time is termed laziness and it hinder a lot of goals from being achieved.


I think this depends on the internal motivation of a person. Usually its a habit that manifest the individual. Sometimes, its normal too after a person has overworked. This causes the brain to be overwhelmed. There are also instances where a person has grown older and because of the drop of energy level due to reduced mitochondria in the cells. 


This laziness includes the oldest word used by humans. We are familiar with this word from small to old. Lazy is a feeling where someone will be reluctant to do something because in his mind already has a negative assessment or lack of desire to do so.

The cause of laziness is love of pleasure, prioritizing unemployment and not ready to face difficulties. It can also be lazy arises because of the character / habits of someone who tends to lazy, the state of the environment also affects the mood / taste of someone to do a job.


i believe laziness could be genetic too or caused by the environment where the lazy person resides in...



Overthinking cause so much laziness in a person. Overthinking exhaust your brain and then it affects your body.

- I can't do it.

- There's a lot of thing to do today. I can't make it.

- I feel like my body can't cooperate at this moment.

Those are examples of overthinking that will result to laziness, for me. I normally do that, but I have a big motivation to strive hard everyday. That's why I choose to do things despite of me feeling lazy. 

Overthinking really exhausts someone's brain. It consumes a lot of time and energy to the point that someone feels tired just because he overthinks about it. 


Not being taught at an early age to NOT be a lazy bum,is a main cause of laziness. Also,not being taught the benefits of not being a lazy loser. And this is partly why we see lazy children&teens,nowadays. So many parents want to be buddies,rather than parents&rarely make their children get off the internet or their backsides&go do chores or other physical activies. Plus,these same parents set that bad example,by doing the same lazy internet based,sit on your backside all day things,themselves. Also,we live in a make excuses for everything,instead of getting things done,kind of world right now,filled with gadgets&other things that make being lazy,more common&sometimes,even encouraged,is another reason for&cause of laziness. Nowadays,’laziness’ is not merely the new norm,it is often said pridefully by many,how lazy they are. They seem to think laziness is a good&completely acceptable thing.


Well i actually believe that Laziness is a propensity as opposed to a psychological well-being issue. ...laziness may show as tarrying or instability. Investigations of inspiration propose that laziness might be caused by a diminished level of inspiration, which thusly can be caused by over-incitement or inordinate driving forces or diversions.