Can a guy cook for a girl ?
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Well yeah, a guy can definitely cook for a girl, in fact I don't see any reason why a guy shouldn't cook for a girl, especially if he's in a relationship with the girl.

I know alot of people are going to be tied to the stereotype that women must be the ones to

do all the cooking and their place is in the kitchen but that's not true in anyway whatsoever. I mean to say that a guy shouldn't cook for a girl is like saying that guys should take money from women because we're supposed to be the ones that give them money.

Cooking isn't a one-sided thing and I cook for my girlfriend as well as my plutonic female friends all the time. I mean if they come visiting, are they supposed to go into.the kitchen and cook for themselves? No, they're guests and you have to treat them well even if it means cooking for them.

Guys should definitely cook for girls, it could be something that you do in your relationship, cooking for your woman will make her love you more(unless you're a terrible cook), regardless, even if the food tastes terrible, you'll still get points for trying.

I hope this helps.


Of course he can! Even if it is not meant for a girl or a loved one. He can do whatever he wants in the kitchen. He can cook not just for a girl but for everyone. He can do it making it as a source of income, for popularity and fame and even so for himself.


Sure there is absolutely nothing wrong for a guy to cook for a girl or wife,men should always be ready to help out in areas they can,it doesn't make them less of a man or make it their sole responsibility,once in a while.


I don't know what other guys out there will do but I don't have any problem with cooking for my wife for sure. In fact, there are times I even imagine us cooking together in the Kitchen and it is really a perfect time too for bonding. It will not be such a bad idea to cook for her once in awhile as a loving gesture.

And whether well or not well, If I am free and at home, I am definitely joining my wife in the kitchen. I am not the kind of person to just sit down reading a newspaper while my wife struggles in the kitchen alone..


I think everyone must be good at cooking, whether he is a guy or a girl. It's impressive if a guy is able to serve special food for his lover. It is not like that?


I am from China. To be honest, there are actually many girls around me who can't cook. I think it would be a bad thing if those girls' boyfriends wouldn't cook.Fortunately I will, and I am very happy.Love does not need a reason.