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Do you think that your appearance could affect your life? ?

Appearance does play an important role in our life. One must always make sure to have proper hair cut, clean clothes to wear, proper etiquee when we talk.

I have read many studies that if the appearance of a person is more proper then they would likely earn a higher income as compared to others who do not take care of how they look. How a person looks depends on what they do to take care of themselves.

It is very important to have a good hair cut. A good hair cut is going to improve how a person looks by a lot of percentage points. A lot of celebrities just solely rely on their appearance to make an income and just appearing before everyone on stage would earn them lots of cash.

The next thing is that we have to invest in our fitness. It is not important to look like a fitness star but at least there is a certain fitness level that a person has achieve in order to have a good body shape and it is a symbol of status that shows how hard a person works on both their career and health.

Appearance plays a very important role and i believe everyone in this world has the ability to take care of themselves so at least they can look decent enough to have this perceived status.


From personal experience i have realized that apperance do really matter and your appearance could determine the kind of views or perception that people have towards you,if you appearance portrays you like a cool person many people tend to assume that you are going to be cool,if you appearance portrays you as a wicked person trust me many people would assume you are wicked too..

The fact is that realistically alot of people do judge a book by its cover so that means many people would judge you by your appearance and how they judge you could determine if it will have a positive effect o your life or vice versa....

That is why i always ensure that i appear cool and disciplined and it works for me because it makes people to give me the kind of respect which i desire and it also makes people to accept me as a disciplinarian.....


To an extent, yes. 

Almost all people do want to look good. I mean, most of us dress so that we can preent ourselves as clean and neat human beings who are civilised and well behaved. 

So, if we appear in torn clothes and have not done our hair, we would not be portraying a good image and the impression that others will get will be a really bad one. 

Can you imagine dressing shabbily for a job interview or a date for that matter? Appearances do matter in life and will help a lot in forming an attitude(others) towards our personality. 

When we fall sick with fever and cold, it is not advisable to judge from appearance because it would be really tiring to dress for the occassion and also it is advisable to avoid company as it would help to spread germs or virus. 

We live in a human society and therefore there are certain norms and rules to follow and dressing up is one of it. Remember, the population is increasing and so is the competition. 

We have to present our best so that it will be to our advantage. 


Appearance is not a reference, but affects views. The point is that the ability to look will be one of the things first seen in a person. Sometimes a person can be judged good or bad from the way he looks. Although not always can be defined like that, because sometimes a person's personality can be contrary to his appearance.

Anyone can look beautiful / handsome, but not necessarily a beautiful / handsome personality. Like a saying that says Don't judge a book by the cover, we cannot judge someone from what we see from the outside, in this case it is their appearance.