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Do you agree, if everyone does a power up so that the price of steem can fly to the moon?

I don't think so that would help. Powering up will not help the price to go up.

However, if everyone try to buy more and and more Steem that would create more demand then the supply and will result to price hike.

Price is detemined by the market demand and supply of a certain coin. If demand is more and supply is less the price will go up. 

If demand is less and supply is more then that will lead to price decline.

At the movement the more people and willing to sell steem then the buyers so price is falling down.


Power Up will only help to reduce liquid steem and its impact on steem price will be marginal and it is not going to take steem to moon. The only thing which could take steem to moon is the fresh investment and broad-based buying of steem. 

I strongly believe that a time will come when steem will rise again, but we all have to be patient and take this opportunity to buy steem or earn more steem. Patience always pays.

Thank you and Have a great day.


It won't have any impact on the price. There is enough Steem on the exchanges already. I think if everyone holds the Steem they are earning and doesn't sell then over a period of time it will have an effect.

There are too many people relying on Steem for every day life though so it will still make it to the exchanges. The more people that hold and power up the better.

Soon it will become much harder to earn Steem and that is when we will see the prices rise. The more users with the same amount in the reward pool will get interesting.


 Although this method will work, but I'm sure we will not reach the same consensus.

Instead of power ups, let's HODL our STEEM until the price is really worth paying for our work on the Steem platform.