How much influence does musing.io have for you and the community in your country?
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I guess, in the whole of Malaysia which is the country I am in at the moment there are only a few users that I know of that is using musing or participate in musing.io. I tried to initially tell some of my friends about this platform and one of my friend's reply was, he wasn't able to keep up with the consistency of participating in this. 

There isn't a big community here yet especially at the place I am located now. Sarawak, the land of the Head Hunters. That was a 100 years ago. No longer a head hunting village, but a modern city that is still growing. 

Blockchain in my country hasn't taken off. I think it's really a good opportunity. Well, i guess, I am the only one in my own friend circle that is truly dedicated to be in the musing community. Many of my own friends don't see a future in blockchain and many don't even understand it's existence and what it really does. 

I think if in the future, if blockchain and musing and other steem dapps or any other dapps have been fully embraced in my country, it can really help alot. There used to be plenty of corruption but the leader has now been charged with corruption charges which is world famous. THE 1MDB scandal. 

If blockchains were introduced earlier, i don't think this would have happened. The case is still being dragged on. There is a really deep dark secret that the previous government is hiding. I really hope the country embraces musing and other blockchain technology soon. 

To be totally honest with all who's interested, none of the people around me knew about musing.io platform and it's potential, that's the sad truth. But I don't think that they are missing out the opportunity that this platform can offer and that's is because there is a gap to fill in this platform.

I would rather think that musing.io is just starting but it doesn't mean that it has the potential to be great or to be popular. In my few days of observation, I have notice that there are other topics that we haven't really explore yet. We are mostly discussing about topics that revolve around crypto, love, life and other major topics. 

As we progress, I think that it will expand to other "niche" topics that will actually add more value to the platform. There certain popular topics that are waiting to be unveiled, which could be fashion, arts, and any other form of it. These are the topics that I think would give more interest to prospective users of this platform.

Nevertheless, I'm currently very interested to learn about crypto through the insights of the people who have expertise to it. If it's something crypto, I rely on the answers that I find here in musing.io which is one of the stronger point in this platform.


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Nearly zero. I only know another two compatriots who are on Musing.io regularly.

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sad isn't it, but i guess this is an exclusive club.

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