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What are your reasons and your goals for joining the Steem ecosystem?

I am the early adopter type. I don't really think about making money on the Internet. Seriously I don't, look at now with the price of cryptocurrency crashing down I am still posting and answering questions here.

Before Steem, I used many other social media services with thousands of followers. What I enjoy the most are to be honest the respond I got, the idea of making money adds more to it when I am in Steem.

My reason to join Steem was because it was the most ethical Social Media platform. My data was not owned by a single company like Facebook and fully controlled by a single person like Mark Zuckerberg. 

Since the begining of the Internet, I really enjoy the feedback I got from everything I did online whether from chatting, posting status, blogs, videos or random shitposting. The value is relative, but STEEM really puts those value into something that can be measured and translated into monetary term.

For many years I am still a plankton, but I do enjoy using STEEM because it is very practical.

TLDR: I'm just fascinated with New Things like STEEM and I don't really have any goals.


I can tell you that my initial goals for joining Steemit are much different from what my goals are now.  

When I first heard about Steemit and I started browsing around, my main goal was to make some extra cash so that my wife and I would be able to upgrade one of our vehicles.  

From what I was seeing on the Hot and Trending pages, it didn't seem like it was going to be a big deal.  I was pretty confident that within six months to a year I should be able to have the funds I needed from blogging on Steemit to do the upgrade.

Now that I have been on the platform for close to a year, I know that this is not the case at all.  With the price of Steem declining and the reward payouts being pretty scarce.  I now see Steemit as more of a hobby and a way to connect with other people from all over the world. 

Buying a new vehicle from profits made off of Steemit isn't out of the realm of possibility, but it is going to be a much longer road than I had anticipated.   Chances are by the time I will have made enough on Steemit to do that I will have already purchased a replacement vehicle using funds from my full time job.

My goals now are just to have fun and meet new people.  If I make a little bit of crypto here or there, great!  If I can help some other people out with my upvote, great!  I just want to try and help people be successful on here and guide them to produce some valuable content.  


 [I will not lie], my main goal to join the Steem network is to "get money".

However, the longer I live in the Steem network, the more I fall in love, and I have other goals for this blockchain network. Other goals are:

- I want to share useful things on the "Forever" blockchain. This is in accordance with the principle of conservation of blockcahin, and what I will share can benefit others forever.
- I want to have more friends from different countries. It turns out that it is really cool to get friends from different countries, and we can share experiences. 


To become a whale eventually, to become a very successful investor in cryptocurrency in the end. And I am still very optimistic of the view that this is not the end of crypto.

To help the newbies. Maybe it's because of my low SP, but I have already thought of some fascinating projects and ideas, that can be used to help those guys grow more easy.

To grow the community. Although I am already doing that but it has proven abortive all the way, most likely because of my level in Steem, and also this fall of Crypto is yet another depressing factor. But I already started encouraging my friends to come over since the day one I became a Steemian.

And also I get to meet new people all over the world everyday and I have not regretted it once.

I think Steemians are really great and friendly and cultured. Even though some really love to maximize their profits. But they are all nice.