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Which do you choose, forgive or be hostile?
Every human being has a conflict in his life, if this condition happens to you. What is your choice?

Forgiving those who wrong is an important part of your growth as a human being. Developing the ability to forgive and move on with your life is something you will have to do many times in your life in other for you not be held back by events or people who cease to be important in life.

Being hostile and uptight is counterproductive. There is a popular notion that when you forgive you don't just free the person who wronged you but you also free yourself from the pain attached to that painful experience. So many people are holding on to things that have long been forgotten. I read a book about a woman who was abused by a group of boys when she was young. She carried this pain throughout her and it caused her so many things. The said perpetrator of this villainous act had moved on with his life and was doing well for himself, whilst she was miserable. Many might want to blame the said perpetrator for how her life turned out and I agree he deserves to be punished. However, she chose not to speak out. She did nothing about the pain he had caused her and she was suffering. She did not forgive him or herself and she was paying with her own life. So if you ask me I will rather let go then hold on to things that have long ceased to be relevant in my life.

This doesn't mean you should forget--that is not even impossible if you ask me. Many have this wrong perception that when you forgive you have to forget, but that is impossible. However, what I think this statement 'forgive and forget' means is that you do not let the wrong done to you have any emotional effect on you or rob you of your peace of mind.

So I choose to forgive. That's the only true way to free myself. It is not the easiest things to do. Some things can really get under people's skin, but at the same time, one has to consider the impact of being unforgiving. It is more costly than forgiveness. So the choice is yours to make.


I choose to forgive. It pays to forgive than to be hostile. No matter what anyone does to you, it is most important that you forgive them and not hurt yourself by becoming hostile to them. I know it may be difficult to easily forgive someone when hurt you, but this is the way to go if you really want to become better. 

I have come to understand that forgiving them helps you heal faster and better. Makes you forget the pain easily. But holding grudges against them, being hostile will only make matters worse. It'll make you feel the pain afresh every time you think about the person or what you're going to do to them.


In principle (and on principle), I choose to forgive. If we start by recognizing that we can all make mistakes, we make mistakes, the healthiest attitude and according to that understanding is to forgive the other. Of course, without this supposing to obviate the criticism and the claim, if it were the case. 

For situations where what has been committed occurs with premeditation and voluntarily, the first option would be the examination of that action and its rejection; possibly later forgiveness would come. But in these cases it is fundamental to acknowledge the fault on the part of the perpetrator and his or her intention to amend it.

Nurturing in us the sense of understanding, tolerance, weighting, should lead us to an open, flexible and forgiving attitude.


My religion told be that, forgiving your enemy and be peace with them is better than we known. But still for me, several people out there still need a high five, in the face, with a chair. Let's just say, I'm okay with several thing's they do, like talk a bad things about me, told bad joke about me, and some kind of that. But for me, if they starting to talk about family, for me that's they are already step out of the line, and better ask for my forgiveness before I slapped their face with a cupboard.

Don't be wrong by using your forgiveness. It's a must you have to learn on how to hold your rage, on how to forgive your enemies. But some mistake need another hard reply, even with physical reply. Because sometimes that's the only way that can make them understand to not trying hard on us, and giving some respect.

Nice questions BTW . . . .


My choose forgive . We make mistakes in the world at some time. All of us should keep in mind that we are all people. We all know one thing that people are just wrong. People can be wrong. Because people are not machines. But if someone repeatedly repeats the same mistake, we should never forgive him. Because he is doing it knowingly. And knowing that there is no reason to forgive someone who makes mistakes. Without pardoning him, he should be punished. But there are many people in the world who make many mistakes without knowing and they go unknowingly. They must be forgiven. So I will choose apology as the choose


It depends on the situation. But forgiveness is always the best best option because you do yourself a great favor when you forgive.