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Have you ever given something to someone voluntarily, then you have doubled fortune?

This has happened many times to me in the past. I will give out of the goodness of my heart and expect nothing in return. Things just seem to happen to me though and I have good things happen to me for no reason.

I think if you are generally a good person then good karma will happen and you will benefit in some way. Not necessarily financially either but just in general.


Many times. I tend to help people, that's how I was raised and I believe in helping. 

This is a double edged sward because some people might take advantage of you and that can hurt you. In these cases you have to make a decision and walk away, don't let them use you for their own purposes. 

However, helping is a great thing. If you want to give someone anything you want, give it without expectations. If you want something in return, let them know first, so you don't have surprises later. 

It happened many times that after helping someone, I got even bigger things back, and I'm not talking about material things. I still believe in kindness of human nature, even though I'm more careful who I help. Life is tough, teaches you to be careful. 


Luck is relative and perspective. In other words, behind the luck you have, it is possible that misfortune is waiting at the end. Whereas behind the misfortune you get, it is not necessarily that there are no lucky things to be grateful for. Whereas you can make luck if you react wisely. So as if you will always be lucky people in the world even though there are actually many disadvantages that come.