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What is the most memorable experience when you enjoy your vacation with friends?

My most memorable vacation experience happened recently. I can still relive every moment. It was the perfect vacation just for me. 

It was initially a work trip, meeting with other members of the team and I really looked forward to meeting everyone of them in person. I was determined to put on my work mode and just stay all strict and busy like with them. Lol. It turned around to be one of the best trips I've ever had to make.

I had travelled to another city by air a day to the scheduled day of meeting. On getting there, I was welcomed by other members and given a beautiful welcome dish. I was then showed around, especially my big room. I took my bath, ate and slept off. The next day and the days after were a total definition of fun for me. I had fun to the fullest. I went to places I had never been before and in no time, a family was birthed. Though we had work related discussions, it cannot be compared to the magnitude of fun we had. It was my best vacation experience evr and I'd love to have it again and again. lol


My most memorable vacation with my friends was when we visited an island in the Philippines called the Bantayan Island. Up to this date, I consider that island my favorite place because it feels like paradise being there. I find that experience memorable because:

  • We gathered around a bonfire. It was probably around 10 pm, I don't remember the time because when we were there, we seldom use our gadgets. We lit up a bonfire and gathered around it. The children there sang us songs and danced to welcome us. We sang with them, we laughed, we talked. It was a memorable one because it was my first time to talk in such a solemn and peaceful place without the distractions in the city. The bonfire gave us warmth because being in that island, it was really cold and chilly. I even wore my pajamas because it was so cold. I will never forget the laughter we shared and that moment brought me and my friends a lot closer.
  • We stargazed. Because light pollution was not really that present as that in the city, my friends and I had stargazing. It was so fun because I saw a lot of shooting stars. It made me really happy. We were lying as all of us stare at the vast dark skies and the stars lit up. We talked about our plans in life as we look at the marvelous beauty of the night. Not to mention, we also roasted marshmallows in the bonfire. We ate, we drank, we talked, it was such a happy time.
  • We told stories. When our other friends were away to go with the fishermen,some of us stayed in the house. There, it was so silent and we talked about so many stories. Some, involve chilling experiences. It was scary and we often get frightened because the tree beside the house where we were staying had lots of fruits that every time the fruits fell in the roof, it produce a large sound which scared most of us. Nevertheless, it was really memorable.
  • We ate delicious food. Unlike in the city where most of our dinners are from fast food restaurants, when we were in the island, we tasted really delicious and healthy food. The sea has lots of foods to offer, we were served sea foods by the natives which were my favorite.
  • We swam at the blue ocean. My favorite part was seeing the beautiful ocean. It was really breath taking. I will never forget the time I set foot into its sands and swam into the water. The view is just amazing, remembering it still brings me happiness.

I think going to that island really made me and my friends happier and closer. Even though it happened years ago, still we will never forget the moments,laughter and stories we shared. We left the island with our stomach and heart full. It was such a moment to remember. I hope my answer helps!

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I think my most memorable experience in our vacation trip with my friends is when we go to Laurel Batangas.

It wasn't a vacation in the first place, it really was for our project. We need to reenact the scenes in Noli Me Tangere by our  national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

We need places that are not yet that civilized like rivers, forest and also old houses.

Batangas place have all the places we need so we choose to have a trip. Chosen members of the classroom was only allowed due to financial problems.

Our whole section provide our expenses for the trip so we somehow feel guilty, especially to those who really wants to join the trip.

I will not forget those trip, we share our beds, share our laugh, share our foods, share our sweats, also share birthday celebration along the way. The trip was really memorable for the whole of us.

We have walked over an hour because the road was not accessible by cars, we have shared beds as we only stay in a single room provided by my classmate's aunt, we eat what the other is eating, we drink what the other is drinking, we help those in needs, we make a trip that will surely never forget.

We have make a lot of things in the trip but one of the most unforgettable moment was celebrating one of my classmate's birthday in the bus. It was her 18th birthday so we make sure that she still can enjoy her birthday having her 18 roses (18 dance) inside the bus.


I'm not doing traveling much. But I can make you sure that I love it. So there is one time me and my friend, just two of us. We went from Lhokseumawe that's where we live, to Banda Aceh. And that's one of helluva journey we have, ha-ha. We're going with my motorcycle, and spend an 8 hour during the trip before we can reach our destination. I can make you sure that Banda Aceh is beautiful city, it's having so much landscape of nature, and it's gonna be shame not to take pictures of it. We visiting so much location. Named it, geureute Summit, Tsunami museum, Lampoh beach. We eating at the street because they're having so much dish that for the love of god you need to try. And after all this the best journey I can have.


Probably one of the best vacations I have taken in a while, I just wrote about earlier this year on Steemit.  

My wife and I went to Nashville, TN with six of our friends and we had a really great time hanging around the city, eating fantastic food and listening to some great music.

Probably one of my favorite parts of the trip was just going out and exploring new places and doing new things.

We went to the Jack Daniels distillery down in Lynchburg and we also did a lot of other stuff around the different parts of Nashville.

My wife and I had visited Nashville before, but like I just said, this time we went to some areas that we had not been to in the past.  It was really exciting and cool.  We found some great places to eat that we hadn't thought of visiting before and all of our friends got along really well.

We would hang out at night together visiting the honky tonks and bars and during the day we would go our separate ways at times to hang out and just have some fun.  

It was definitely a trip that I will never forget.