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When was the last time you talked to your mother and what did you do with your mother?

Mothers are parents of women who give birth to boys and girls, their role is very large in maintaining, educating and raising their children.

so lucky you still have a mother, glorify and make your mother happy.

I last spoke with my mother in 2007, a long time ago, right? I met not every time because we lived in a different city and it was my last conversation because my mother had left me forever, may my mother be happy in heaven, amen ...

in 2007, before he left us forever, his health condition was seriously ill, I tried to comfort him and make him happy, I spent all day with my mother, many things we talked about, about my wife, my child my job and her health condition, we very happy at that time.

My mother always advises me about life, I have to be an honest and patient person.

  • honesty will make our lives happy. Many people have ruined their careers because they are dishonest, one example that we often see is corrupt people in prison.
  • Patience is one of the keys to success, however difficult it must be to be patient because trials make us more mature in living this life.

My mother is an amazing teacher, who taught me about life, makes your mother happy.

Have a nice day


The last time I talked to my mother was just now, when she asked me what I wanted to eat and she was going to take away. Well, for me, I usually always talk to my mom. She has been there all these while throughout my life. She has always provided me guidance  everything that always proves to be correct in some ways when earlier, I din really believe them. 

I guess no matter how old, we will be one day, our mom will always be there for us. One day we get old and reach almost 90 and imagine our moms to be 120, i guess she would still care for us. 

Usually the topic will be on her well being. I always tell my mom funny stuff which she tries to understand. Even though everyone around me doesn't understand any bitcoin or block chain stuff, my mom definitely listens to what I've got to say and she believes it. Other young people I know doesn't even believe in these block chain technology. 


Mother is the most valuable asset in my life, until now I am still with her. I can't leave it even though I already have my own little out. Thousands of kilos of road taken, for my son's sake, even though pus on his feet he never complained.

Today I am an adult, because my upbringing is a useful person, I am not and have not been able to leave him. Every day I still see his smile and laughter. I am happy, until this moment I can still continue to meet and greet him, whether I am ready or not, for sure I do not want to lose my mother, even though she began to make it and seemed to have entered the age of six heads. "I love my mother, I can't lose you mother" maybe that was the last word that would say if that time arrived someday, and what I was did with My mok, I still live at her home untill now.


I always feel sad whenever the topic is about mothers because my mother passed away more than 10 years ago when I was 14, I'm 30 now so it's already been 16 years, wow. 

Anyway, the last time I was with my mom is still fresh in my memory. It was a an ordinary night when I was talking to her, she was bedridden and since I was still a kid back then, I didn't realize that she's in pain. 

What we were talking about then was just about school stuff as what I always tell her, I was always excited to tell my mom about my school day and what happened then. I also brought her what I thought was her favorite rice cake but wasn't yet she still was so happy eating it when I gave it to her. 

We talked, eat and laugh till we felt we need to sleep not knowing that that would be our last day together.