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What would you do if your mother was old, cared for her or left her in a nursing home?

Both my parents and my in-laws have passed away. I never had the opportunity to look after my parents when old because my dad passed away when he was 60 and my mom left her earthly abode so suddenly that we were all left in shock. She was a blessed soul, always helping others and never talking bad. 

She just relaxed in her chair and sometime later, my niece went to wake her up and she had passed  away. I now think of that as a blessing because after that, my mother in law became a dementia patient and we looked after her for about four years. Those four years were really very traumatic for all of us but we never thought of leaving her in a nursing home even though her other children did not show up to share the care giving. 

It is best that we care for our parents. We cannot ever repay the debt to our parents who brought us into this world and looked after us and made us  into what we are today. Defeats and setbacks are caused not by parents as some would like to believe. They are the ones who blame others for personal defeats. 

As children, it is our prime duty to look after aged parents and make sure that they feel loved. The feeling of love will help them and comfort them during their last days. If you look after them now, you will be blessed by that karma. 


 You want to give something to your parents that only thing is your time with love care and importance..

When I read this question my mind stuck stop working and also darkness happened in front of me. It's really bad thing really very bad thing children leave their parent in nursing home instead of care by him or herself no alternative single alternative on the earth for parents. Mother and father have different important by different aspects. 

When any new child born Born he take breath because of him or her parents. The parent share all resources all love all care about their children for lifetime.Parents are the most important role play in your whole life and play equal role in your growth. Father is big support for children and mother is most reliable and loveable for you. If we compare which most important . It's like the combination Which have a different feature and different qualities and each quality important for you.

It's required deep understanding for children to see and analysis what is the past experiences with parents. Because we are in childish age then we can’t realise what are the important what are our responsibilities towards the parents.

Parents are always important doesn't matter it's in humans but it also in birds and animal is parents have same feeling about their children. eventually  you saw parents sacrifice their life for their children and mostly you saw this quality in animals. when any other animal attack on their children they protect them to give himself life and they save their children.

Not all human are equal have  thoughts on experiences. Some people leave their parents in nursing school because of some reason it doesn't mean they always leave their parents in Shelters or in nursing home. Sometime they are busy in different aspect of live like business work  etc. Some children live outside the city and sometime they  gone for work tour and they don't have relatives in the city where they send their parents for care. some people but it's a small amount of people we see the positive of the people not just negative part of the people. this is if you don't have reason if you don't have any problem and then you leave your parents in nursing home.

# Conclusion

Your breath is not even yours it's given by your parents. So, don't  leave your parents if you have work if you have major problem.in any situation you must give your time to your p


My mother is an old person and I live with her. My father was also an old man and lived with us until God took him away. I don't think it would ever occur to me to leave my parents in an asylum and not because I am against the asylum, in many of them there are prepared and efficient people, what I believe is that nobody would take care of my mother with more love than me. 

I know that my mother wakes up at dawn and the first thing she does is turn on the radio and have a cup of coffee sitting in the dining room. Then she waters her bushes and talks to the birds. My mother must take one tablet at 10:30 and another after 2. The tablets are not taken with water or orange juice, because it gives acidity, but with mango juice, sideburns or patchita, without much sweetness. My mother likes vegetables al dente, just like pasta with little cooking. My mother doesn't miss the afternoon and evening soap operas and falls asleep in front of the TV. My mother cries at the opening of the family album because it reminds me of my dead father and my siblings who have had to migrate. My mother fires me when I go out to work and from the door she blesses me. 

How could I leave my mother in an asylum when in this world there is no one who loves her as much or more than I do?


When I was younger I always thought that I will  not be attached with them because i was away abroad for study and working, always the reasons put us apart with the parents. Somehow, in God's will I was back , got chances to get along and soon after a few years went along my late father was ill, I never thought that I was able to  take care of him in the stage he was not able to eat by himself, clean up himself, walk by himself... As I am writing right now the scenes are still flashing fresh. It was at once we leave him a night with the care taker and the next morning when I take my turn, he was frightening and he said the care taker was not taking him well.. That was the time I felt so regret of left him alone with the care taker.

After the whole journey of taking care of him privately with my mum, That was what made me do not regret for my life of not leaving them to the nursing home. They have took care of us unconditionally since we were baby and our turn to take care of them is the not of responsible but the bonding and the love will never take away from our blood and our life.

My Mother is still healthy and capable and I wish I can do the best for her to make her feel always in peace and happy. That's what as a child I should give to my mother. I love her always. 




Definitely I will not left my mother or parents in a nursing home

Taking care of my parents when they are not capable of taking care of themselves was a privilege for me.


My parents have taken care of me until I was able to stand on my own, they love me and I also love them so that I will take care of them personally.

I'm too scared to let other people take care of my parents in the near future, I was too scared that if I know they were not been taken care of I could never think of the things I might do.

I was too scared that they might feel they are alone, that they might feel they was not been loved by their child.

They are so important and precious to me that I want to personally take care of them when they was old. I want to personally feed them.

I want to personally take care of them.

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My mom died very unexpectedly so I did not have the choice. However my dad lived with me till the day he died of health complications. I could not imagine putting them in a home to die alone. 


I have soft spot talking about mothers. I love my mother so much, and if only she reached old age, I would be hands on taking care of her. Taking her to nursing home is a no-no.

How I wished I can take care of my mother again. She passed away more than 10 years ago, and I am at my 20s then. She died one day after her she turned 59. That age is still young to be considered. She was afflicted with cancer, late stage. While she's battling with the disease, I prayed to God that she'll overcome the disease and become triumphant. If she gets well, I'll take care of her. It's sad that she's unable to overcome cancer. I feel bad whenever I see mothers (or even fathers) brought to nursing home. Actually, it's part of our culture in the Philippines that it's better to take care of your parents than bringing them in nursing homes.

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Mother is the symbol of love. One of the best gift provided by GOD to new birth. Mom love is the one of the purest love of the world. She takes care of child and it's her love, care and teaching help us to enjoy the status of life. Parents need love of their children. It is unfair to left her in old fountain house. They deserve your special care and affection. She deserves same affection which she delivered when you are kid. You can't pay the services which the mom did for you. So, one have to remain obedient and take good care of mom.