What caused poverty in our society and how can poverty be curbed?

I believe that the root cause of poverty is a combination of factors: economic exclusion, an inefficient and corrupted monetary system and too much power given to centralized authorities who turnaround and abuse it.

I'll tackle each of these in turn, starting with the flaws in our monetary system. Money as a technology has evolved little in the last couple of decades and that too in a direction that's not really good for everyone. We had cash and it worked rather well but it had inefficiencies. Chief among its inefficiencies was its slow currency velocity. Transactions were bound to how fast the paper money could go around places. Then it also had problems in divisibility and the cost of producing it and maintaining the other systems that supported it.

From cash, society has been steered into using digital payment solutions provided by centralized authorities. This solved transaction velocity issues but introduced other problems as well: lack of transparency and opportunity for massive corruption and surveillance. The gatekeepers can also decide who can transact and when. We also don't know how much money is being released into the economy, why, when and through whom.

In places where poverty is prevalent, the two forms of money stated above can be found and they contribute to the loss of economic value and freedom to transact for many people. There are fewer people with access to financial services in these areas than there are those who do have access.


Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin offer a non-aggressive and completely voluntary financial system that anyone can join. The only barrier to entry is knowledge and that can be imparted through education. This new kind of monetary system is not imposed on anyone unlike the money we were used to. It is based on free market principles and I think it stands a very good chance at reducing poverty today.


I guess it depends on how you look at it. If we're looking at what CAUSED poverty, then an exhaustive answer would require that we go all the way back in time and ascertain what has caused some people to not have enough resources for their sustenance.

This would mean, of course, that we have to go all the way back to the time when there was no such thing as "money" itself; to the time when man was living all by himself without knowing what is called "society". And what could cause poverty then would probably be that the available rsources wasn't enough for the man's subsistence, no matter how hard he tried. Or maybe he was too weak to tame his surroundings and whatnot.

But as time went on men started coming together to form tribes and communities and this made it easier in a way because due to the collective efforts man was able to tame his environment more than he would have done on his own, so this necessitated the need for exchange, since if a party had something another didnt and the other has something he wants all they had to do was exchange it. Trade by barter.

Now what could cause poverty then is perhaps the fact that some people or some tribes were just naturally at the disadvantage probably due to the environment they found themselves; perhaps yhey were at an ecological disadvantage due to unfavorable terrain, unfavorable weather and etc.

But at any rate back then resources were still way more balanced than they are now. Every tribe usually possesed something that the other would need and there was no need for opulence and extensible living back then, so things were pretty much simpler.

Then came money and imperialism.

Of course it should be said that resources are scarce and human wants are unlimited. This could have caused an adventurous person to leave his own place of abode and go seeking other places where the resources wouldn't be as scarce. Or it could be due to restlessness, at any rate men started migrating to other places looking for better means of living, and so civilizations began and they expanded and with this came more GREED.

The resources started getting concentrated in thehands of the few to the neglect of the many. And then land owning came into play, and men had to work for other men to survive. Lords and serfs. And then more artificial scarcity or resources. More monopoly. More inequality. And more poverty.

Fast forward to the present moment when everything is at full proportion. Africa for example is an example of one of the poorer continents on earth. And what could be the cause of Africa's poverty? The answer is definitely subjective and debatable, but nobody would argue that one of it is imperialism.

It is no secret that Africa was raped of a lot of her valuable economic resources by the Europeans in the nineteenth and twentieth century. And even more than her diamond and gold and natural resources, she was robbed of her human resources--her people who were sold as slaves to foreifn places. Which goes to show exactly how greed and imperialism can certainly be a cause of poverty.

And the funniest thing about this kind of cases is that they usually are a chain reaction waiting to happen. They only need a catalyst such as things mentioned above to initiate them and before you know it the domino effect begins and everything spirals out of control.

For example once the Europeans finished raping Africa and left things started going south. Things started getting harder, basic amenities such as electricity and water supply became harder, job then started getting scarce and almost impossible to get, which led to a conflict or another, which led to a civil war, which of course led to more and more poverty.

And finally another reason for poverty in places can be bad governance. Again I'll use Africa as an example. When the Europeans left and African countries gained their independence, most of the leaders turned out be really inept and clueless, so much so that the economy spiralled out of control right from under their noses.

And from then corruption took its place and it became a game of more GREED and who can take the largest share of the "national cake".

So there you have it, in my opinion some of the factors that caused and are causing poverty.

Curbing them, on the other hand, would not not be a very easy thing to do. Most times the causes have gone too deep and the VICIOUS CYCLE is in such a full motion. And then again there's that eternal question as to whether poverty can really be eradicated.

Knowing the factors that are causing them, however, is definitely the very first place to start. But how is one supposed to go back in time and fix all the problems that have been caused by imperialism and human GREED?

I suppose the thing we can do is look forward to the future and try to address these issues as much from the root as possible, and to realize as a matter of fact that it all starts with us as an individual.

It's easy to look around and criticise, it's much harder to look inward and do the same.



i would simply say lack of employment and education is what really caused poverty in our society...


1. Government

I think one the things that has caused extreme poverty starts from the government. Government has the power to lift it's citizens out of poverty. Good governance can greatly be important to curb poverty. It is important for us as citizens to vote for the right government. If a government corrupts, a lot of money that should have been used for country building usually is used by the corrupt leader for personal use. 

When governments can fully utilize its money and create wealth, there is adequate job opportunities for it's people. 

2. Drugs

The devil that destroys wealth. When a country is flooded with drugs, it really destroys society. Those people who are important and are useful would be taking drugs instead. Flooding drugs into the country causes a gap of wealth to disappear. 

3. Family planning 

In places where education is less, the number of children born to poor parents are much higher as compared to wealthy families. If there are more kids, then it would be difficult for the parents to really take care of all the kids if they don't have enough income to really sustain the family.

Ways to combat Poverty 

I think there are many ways to combat poverty in our world now. One of them is for through blockchains in the future. Many of those who are poor who only have excess to smart phones and basic internet can in the future receive income from the wealth of the rich. 

I guess in the future, I can see that, the number of wealthy people increase and then they would in turn help those who are facing poverty. By having block chains technology in place, we can therefore really know if these donations really have gone to the right parties. 

The next is education. An increase of education can really boost the countries wealth and lift more individuals out of poverty. Education empowers youth of the country to be able to contribute to the society. Singapore is a good example of a country which heavily emphasize their education system. Imagine if a country has good minds and combine all of those minds together and you will get a supermind. 


As a matter of first importance, the most vital thing is to guarantee free and reasonable markets over the world. That implies something beyond a deregulated market, on the grounds that a free and reasonable market likewise requires a viable arrangement of peace which protects private property and which does not enable the state to connive with organizations to avoid individuals rivaling their imposing business models and cartels. The issue in numerous African nations, and furthermore in post-Soviet Russia, is that nobody can really maintain a lucrative business without dread of mistreatment except if they have companions in high places. These free markets should likewise stretch out crosswise over fringes, so rich nations must not be permitted to actualize protectionist arrangements keeping poor nations from offering merchandise into them.

Next comes general access to training. There is an interest for incompetent work yet the cost of this is low and, in a cutting edge worldwide economy, bound to get lower. Much better that everybody has the chance to gain some sort of ability to convey to the table. A basic piece of that instruction is to guarantee each resident sees how riches is made and that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Eventually, poor nations are normally poor in light of the fact that the administration demonstrations against the general population, in the event that it really does anything by any stretch of the imagination. Their administrations are either on a very basic level degenerate, and running the nation to serve its very own pastors and their companions, or ideologically hoodwinked (eg. North Korea). Until the point that you can make sense of how to advance viable however amiable government in those regions, destitution will proceed


Absence of education.

Education offers you the chance to land a position, set up a business, produce, plan and make suitable spending plans for important spending and advancement, structure things that you can showcase (albeit some uneducated individuals imaginatively make makes available to be purchased and so on.), and empower you to differentiate the utilization of your gifts. Education likewise prepares the psyche to want improvement, advance, and the insightful procurement of cash and property that run with progression.

Poor condition

You are unwittingly solidified in your poor jail. Nothing persuades or provokes you to gain ground in such a place. A few decent, great, and inventive things don't fit into the debased environment.

Absence of supervision, and poor child rearing.

Individuals will in general go off to some far away place, and are not motivated, coached, guided, and prepared, ideal from adolescence to find and improve the utilization of their blessings and abilities with the end goal to succeed.

broken families

Both youthful and old are altogether tossed into a wreck of confusion, loss of essential qualities, absence of arrangement, superfluous hardships, torment, inclinations to stray into malevolent and a wide range of indecencies, and a mind that can't center around obvious budgetary thriving and advancement.

Awful character and awful ethics.

Awful character that breeds neediness is particularly established in lethargy, abuse of cash and assets, wasting as opposed to sparing and contributing, abuse and loss of chances, eagerness by a pleased and overwhelming few, self-centeredness, and a soul of treachery that undermines anybody endeavoring to create and make riches. Underhanded inclinations, constant routine with regards to unfortunate propensities, pay off, betting instead of determinedly working, theft and different types of wrongdoing, will dependably block advance and advance destitution.


Woefully unmindful of the nearness or the degree of riches that you are perched on, or the riches around you; and without the fundamental information or any understanding to perceive, acknowledge, or tap into the rich assets. This is one central point that prompts misuse by another person who tags along and can spot or find your riches, and loots it without your insight. The one could additionally dazzle you by utilizing your very own moment part riches to "favor" you, and trick you to dismiss totally from endeavoring to find and advance your very own potential wealth.

Neediness that is politically, socially, and religiously determined.

Governmental issues that smother one group and maintain them poor in control to manage and always direct to them; a culture with old fashioned practices and mentality that declines to consider and acknowledge anything current that is in opposition to old or genealogical customs; and religious convictions and practices that misconstrue God's decency and arrangement to mean no exertion, imagination, and tirelessness with respect to the Believer and so on - all these and their implications will deliver or upgrade neediness.

Self-centeredness and Greed

Individuals in our general public who have been favored and favored by God to acquire or procure riches, could unfeelingly and unkindly close their hearts, eyes, and psyches to the requirements of people around them. They reject or disregard to help and help their less lucky relatives, companions, and neighbors.

Different people who get the chance to acquire riches, build up a soul of voracity and desire to store up wealth without limitation, neglecting all ethics and morals, and utilize strange intends to accomplish their narrow minded and lascivious finishes.

A few people with the aptitudes and learning of specific worthwhile zones of riches creation, could egotistically restrain the data and could never show more youthful ones and other intrigued individuals how to make utilization of accessible apparatuses and assets to prevail throughout everyday life.

A few managers and authorities would correct fixes and force hard guidelines on individuals before giving them any work to do. A few men compel themselves on women specifically, for unlawful sexual favors and sexual misuse before giving them employments, providing them with fundamental apparatuses and assets for efficiency, or advancing them.