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Have You Ever Been Bullied ?
Have you ever been bullied? How did you handle it?

I think most people have been bullied at some point in life. There is always someone bigger than you, someone who wants what you have, someone who will intimidate you to get what they want.

I was bullied a lot in high school and even grade school. I was always top of my class, good at sports, etc. Because of that some of the umm slower less athletically inclined people would try to use their strength against me.

I put up with it for years, usually just using my intelligence to outwit them, until one day one of them pushed me too far and injured me rather severely. Once i recovered (he broke my arm) I decided I was done with handling this the "adult" way.

While it might not be politically correct, I decided then to fight fire with fire and put an end to it. One day out in the field playing soccer, I deliberately let it appear as if I was having trouble getting the ball out of the corner of a fenced area. Seeing me in a vulnerable position, my bully charged at me. I dodged the hit, grabbed his arm and pulled it in between a post and the fencing itself. Having trapped him sufficiently I then proceeded to break his arm in 3 places, break 2 of his ribs shatter his kneecap, fracture his leg and cause severe damage to his nose and face before the teachers were able to free him.

As I was being led away and he was on the ground crying I simply yelled over to him that if he ever touched me again I would get actually angry next time.

Needless to say that particular individual never bullied me again.

Probably not the story or solution or moral you were looking for, but it is true from 40 years ago lol


Yes, unfortunately I have been bullied. The first two years of high school (age 12-14), I got bullied quite a lot by some older (and much stronger) students.

What I did to handle it? I started doing martial arts, Judo at first, and Hapkido later on. Did it help? Yes, It did help a lot actually, even though I never ever had to fight anymore after I started doing martial arts. Simply knowing that I would be able to defend myself when the bullies would try to do something to me, was enough to give me more confidence. And me being this more confident was enough to stop them from bullying me.


My life from the age of 8 to 14 was one long torment of bullying and it was so bad I contemplated suicide during this time on many occasions.

If it wasn't the kids at school it was my dad, and this lead to my early life been a misery.

I have always been a little different from everyone else, this is due to a brain injury that I had at birth, this has made me think a little different to the rest of the people I have been around, and I would act daft.

I would never get invited to parties, I would be on my own all the time and nobody wanted to be my friend.

Because of my differences even my dad treated me different to my brother, and he still does, it has got so bad for me in my life that I have stopped seeing them both as I don't like the way I get treated.

Life really sucked for me but I learned so much from been bullied.

I decided that I was not going to be the same as my dad when I had kids, I don't ever smack them, I talk to them so they know right from wrong and we have the naughty step.

I also worked as a bouncer to help people who needed help, this to me was my way of stopping fights that were happening to other people and was my way of fighting my past.

Now in my life, I have learned to cope in a way that keeps the bullies away from me, I am 20 stone, 6 foot tall and I look rough, this is just a look to stop people bothering me as underneath all this look is really a soft guy who wants to be loved by everyone. 

I do however think that everyone gets bullied in there life, it depends on how people look at bullying, I have a friend who said to me that he was getting bullied, I asked what was going on and he said that people was calling him names.

I have another friend who was targeted everyday for a year, she had glue in her hair, stabbed in the back of the leg with a pen, drawn on, kicked in the shins name called.

this is happening all around us. I think it is a part of growing up but I also think that it shouldn't happen to anyone as it really can destroy someone's life. 


In short yes, but to expand on that, it is important that we qualify what bullying is exactly. 

These days many people are labeling specific behavior as bullying when in fact it is not.  There is a distinct difference between bullying and an isolated act of aggression.

Bullying is usually something that is repetitive and there is often an uneven match associated with it.  

For example, if I am standing in line and a kid cuts in front of me and I say hey don't cut and the kid pushes me, that isn't bullying.  Yeah the kid was a jerk for cutting and then pushing me, but unless it is something that happens every day or there is constant intimidation by this kid, it is just an isolated act of aggression.

Here is another example, in middle school I would bring my lunch to school every day.  Somehow this group of kids were able to get in my locker and every day they would take my lunch, and eat what they wanted and anything else they didn't want, they would destroy. 

Because this was happening every day, it would be considered bullying. 

What I did to rectify this situation was, I became friends with students that were older than me and the kids that were bullying me.  As soon as they found out what was going on, they took care of it for me.

You won't always be this lucky though.  Your best bet is to tell an adult.  You can try confronting the bullying and telling them you don't appreciate being treated that way.  That may get you clocked, but it could also be they don't realize they are doing it.  Many bullies are just repeating a pattern of behavior that is being modeled to them at home. 

Unless someone steps in and lets them know it isn't appropriate, it will probably just continue.  Some kids are just mean though and that is where it is best to let the adults or authorities handle it.


I have been bullied a lot of times when I was in school and college. First when I heard offensive words then I became hugely upset. Day by day I was upsetting more and more. But after several weeks I changed my mind and started smiling as the answer of bullying. That works a bit and the small bullies and the laughing gangs who always stood behind started to be my friends. I was waiting to increase the number of my friends and was tolerating the big bullies. When I found my gang is big enough then I become rough on bullies and answered them back. It became easy for me cause They were also started bullying my other friends. Since then still I fight the bullies to save others.


I still have that memory that happened in my school life when I changed my school and I was really looking forward to it but unfortunately I was the target of few seniors and at the end was really bullied in very bad way but yeah at the end I was able to pay back (a long story) so called seniors and they at last apologized to me at the end. 

While yeah the feeling is not really great iI do understand when anyone says they were Bullied it is a feeling if it does not happen with some one than they will never understand.

So I really wish this kind of things stop and no one gets a victim of being Bullied. It can really affect someone both mentally and Physically. 



Yes, when I was in middle school and high school. 

I generally kicked their butts when they bullied me. After a while, people knew better.

It isn't exactly the best way to handle it however. I would try talking with your teachers, or someone who can act as an intermediary between you and the bully.


Yes and I have bullied in return too. I try not to make habits ........or either or at least I would like to think I wouldn't .........although that is probably a vanity.