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Is there a daily limit to the number of questions you can ask here on musings?
I ask this because I love asking questions. Normally, Google would be my go-to in times like this but musing.io is great as I also stand to earn on the side. Haha<br><br>However, I wouldn't want to be got for spamming, hence my asking.

The amount of questions you can ask is technically limited only by the amount of Resource Credits you have. But please remember, even though Musing does not show a flag option, spamming can lead to you your posts being tracked down and flagged through other interfaces -- these posts still abide by STEEM-wide rules.

General STEEM etiquette suggests up to 4 blog posts a day. It seems reasonable to extend this suggestion to Musing as well.

I think asking questions that you actually want answered by the community and that can help you gain some knowledge is the best way of asking questions. There is no limit to how many questions you can post BUT in order to garner quality posts musing needs quality questions. They should be clear , specific and in most cases be able to produce an open ended answer unless of course pure logic is needed and there is a definite answer. Asking a bunch of random questions just floods musing with spam. There are no stupid questions but there are spammy ones.
I doubt there is. You can ask and provide answers to as many questions as you can.

It's all right to be active on musing as long as you're not spamming, or giving low quality one liner answers.

Copying and pasting answers from Google and elsewhere is also not advisable.
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This question can better be answered by the Musing owners/ admins.
However, what I feel is that there should not be any such limitation.
As long as someone is asking some quality question. He/She should ask as many as they want to clear their doubts.
One should be kept in mind that there should not be repetition.
Purpose of questions should be to gain knowledge/ information.
Questions should be to the point and relevant.
Musing.io is a great platform built on Steemit blockchain whereby users earn by posting questions and answering questions. I sometimes call @musing the name "Quora Paying Platform".
Every Steemit Users are able to ask questions about things they don't know or things they find ambiguous, solutions will surely be provided by experts in the field.
Musing.io is a learning based platform you can earn more money into your wallet just by answering questions and posting questions.

### Is there limit to the question you can ask?

The answer to this question is NO!. We have to keep asking and answering questions to develop the platform and increase your wallet. Don't get tired or shy to ask and answer questions. Feel free to ask as many questions as possible and answer as many questions as possible because this is what musing.io is built for.
Always remember we develop the platform by engaging in such activities and if everyone stops engaging in such activities, it won't develop the platform.

I conclude by "The more you ask questions and answer questions, the more you increase your earnings on Steemit.

Thanks for reading 💗
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There is no specific limit put in place by musing, but steem does have a bandwidth limit for every user based on the amount of steem power the user happens. Do not worry about that though because, unless you are a spam bot spamming comments on every post, you probably will not hit the cap.

If you do hit the cap, you can buy more steem power and power up steem.
You can post any amount of questions you feel like on musing since you can still breath, your hand are not stiff, you can see what you are asking, your data is still intact,you brain are working perfectly, you thinking faculty is there,you health is standby and lastly your love for musing and blockchain in particular.
My good friend post!! Post!! and post!! and earn.
Musing has blessed us with this.
You are free!!
Musing.io, it is a platform where you can ask any questions that you want to know from others and also give answer to anyone's question. By giving right answer to others you can earn upvote which is the only mean of cryptocurrency. Musing.io is very helpful for the beginner to know about steemit. Because the beginners don't about steemit clearly.

I work on musing.io about 4 days for that reason I can't tell you this surely. But I think there is no limit of asking questions daily. If know about this I will try to ask you the right thing surely.
There is not a single limit or not there is terms and condition so you can ask as many as question in musing and also you can reply the question as many as you want.

There is no daily limit to the number of questions you can ask here in musing because when you ask question then only people will afford to give answer so there is no limit to ask question.but it is related to a question and it should have meanings.

When we work in musing then we shod have little bit knowledge on musing so that we can take advantage from musing as well as from steemit.musing.io is a website which is related with question answer topic so here in this musing website we can ask question as well we can give answer so both procedure can work in musing.io.

So if musing start limit on limitation of question and answer then there will be less traffic on their website and they will not get too heavy profit.so musing doesn't have any limit of question and answer.

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So far so good, since I join this platform and started using it actively I have not seen or heard anyway where it is stated that we have a particular number of questions or answers we can post on this platform daily. However, I think since this is a platform to get help and also give out help we should not be restricted to a particular number of questions we can answer a day because, probably, if we were limited to 5 questions a day and a new person comes in and ask a question then the only person that had answer to the question had already answered 5 questions what that means is this the question he was supposed to answer and give help to the person that just asked will not be answered because he had already exited the number of questions he was supposed to answer in a day and that will be an that will be a disadvantage to the platform instead of being a platform that will give advantage to people so I rest my case I think it will not be bad if the founder of this platform throw more light into this.
Thank you.
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If asking questions is out of your curiosity to know better and more then it is okay, you are welcome to ask questions.

But the dark side is that in an incentivized platform, this leads to spamming too and I am sure that some people are just aksing questions to get upvotes and the system will take care of that, otherwise it will  be flooded with spam questions and answers.