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How Did You Get to Know About Musing?
I belong to a steemit group where we share beneficial info among each other . Someone dropped words about musing, I decided to check it out and got hooked from the first day.<br><br>How did you get to know about this site?

Well basically I look into different Discord servers from time to time and try to keep myself updated on any exciting news.

While about Musing I did heard it from a Discord Server and I was really excited when I got the news and after going through the Questions and answers I joined the platform of Musing and ever since i am active in here everyday and searching for questions to answers that I am aware of .

Well it was a nice edition for myself in going through the Steem journey of mine.

Not only the Upvotes but I was able to get many new information that I was not aware of. So it is helping me in different ways as well.

I do am glad that I am in Musing.


I'd never heard of Musing until I happened to read the 'introduceyourself' post two days ago: [A new era for Musing.io](https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@jonching/a-new-era-for-musing-io).  

Wait, we can't post links here?

It's something I was looking for. I'm not very technical, I thought about creating a manual Q&A system directly on Steem, using a particular tag and distributing the post reward to the best answer. But this is much better.

I like commenting and answering questions. And Quora is well-designed, but it's annoying for a number of reasons, especially all the notifications, links and requests they display in order to keep me on the site. If I'm going to spend a lot of time answering questions, I better get paid for it.

I got to know about the site like how most others probably did, word of mouth. I learned of it by a good online friend of mine, princess or rishi556 who has been using musing ever since it came out. Once he first told me, I was still focused on my main account and didn’t want to use musing with it. After a while some of my other friends started to try it out, and saw huge increases in their post payouts. This is when I realized that musing was not some phony thing that die soon, but rather something that the community want to maintain and make big. However when my friend gave me an appetizing deal of 1 steem to sponsor this account, I had no option than to agree and start using musing.
I read articles on Steemit. One day I saw a post about musing. Seeing the post, I got curious to know more about it. So, I clicked the title of the post. It was a post published by https://steemit.com/@musing.

The name "musing" sounds interesting. First I thought it had something to do with music. No, it had nothing to do with music. Actually, musing means think about something carefully and for a long time. It also means meditation or comment thoughtfully.

Reading the post I visited https://musing.io. It looks simple and attractive. There were some questions. And people gave answers of those questions. It was pretty interesting. This is how, I got to know about musing.
Now musing is a big platform for asking questions and answering questions. I had first answering a question 11 days ago. The question was about trading. I have some knowledge about trading. So I answered the question.

Everyday I checked my steemit feed for seeing my followers post. Suddenly I saw a post about musing.io in my followers post. He gave answered to a question. As curious, I went to the musing threads. Then I understand the problem.. I have inspired by musing.io. I am inspired by musing.io.

Then I started answering the questions at musing.io. This is my ninth answer to musing.io.
I got to know about the site musing like how other people do .Once my friend was using musing.io for writing a blog I asked him why you are writing on musing.io instead of steemit so he gave me best answer that when we write so big blog on steemit we don't get good upvotes and many problems we face but instead of that we write on musing we get good upvotes and that price comes directly in our steemit account .

First of all I was not give too much concentration on this topic.After few days I have good online friends from various countries they also discussed with me on the same topic so I know proper about musing.io and I also made account on musing.ik and linked with steemit account then I write the answer of the question and I was not getting up otes but I was good enough in steemit because I write blogs and got good upvotes.

When my online friend shows me the upvote on musing.io on only answering the question then I change the mood and start typing the answer on musing.io and I started my earning from musing.io and get a good amount of steemit.so this was my journey to musing.io
I was looking for it.

Actually, I'm still looking for a forum style condenser where I can start my own forum with biohacking as the topic.

Back in 2013, I signed up on this thing called quora.

At that time, it must have been about where musing is currently.

In its infancy.

There were no real quality Questins for me to answer in my niche area of fitness, weightloss, body transformation and health.

Three years later, it was booming and I started writing in earnest.

The only thing was, one of my goals has always been to develop an income stream from my writing.

Quora has me almost at 1M views but zero dollars in my pocket.

So there I was, looking for a steemit q&a platform, and I stumbled on a post regarding musing.

Similar to my experience with quora, but armed with the knowledge at blockchain and crypto are not going anywhere but up, I started answering questions.

So far, I love it and do my very best to answer at least a few questions per week.

At this point,mi a,mstarting to be very selective about what I write about and what questions I ask.

So, that's how I found out about musing.

E-GO 2018
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Oh, that a nice question..
I got to know about musing from a friend who is also on the steemit platform.
I told him about how people most expecially my friends are getting discourage about not earning after writing post with their time. So i ask him that what can he do for me in order to encourage this people and retain their interest so as not to stop steemit. Then he told me about musing. I tried it and i love it, with their upvotes, knowledge and lot more. Then i told my friend about it. We are loving musing and we are now encourage to do steemit.
Musing i get to know from my friend as i met him online we were working together in steemit platform and then he called me and discuss about the platform where to answer and question we will get upvotes in return with good account.
Musing i was working since last month and i am very glad to response the large audience and still i am working more effort to get the logically answers and getting more audience in musing. As i am working since last month i had already experienced in musing this is platform built for community where the funds are been used by musing to give the legit upvotes instead of taking the funds of other people musing has chosen best concept for their community.
From a discord channel. Some friend post about a Quora-like based on steem. So i decide to try.
Afterall their is my friend how always tell as about new platfrom of earning and knowledge site to understand many concept of earning through this process i come to known about this paltfrom.

When i hear about this platfrom i was not so intersting but this process i carry out for to work 2 to 3 days and process.

After searching many things i come know many thinss about this platfrom and hence it was nice platfrom to work on this site.

Hence it was my friend who says me things about musing and i try to work on this site regularly basis.
On steemfollower I saw the musing.io thumbnail image for a posting. I didn't know what musing.io was so I went to the address and I've been a visitor and user here ever since.