Would You Agree to a Joint Account with Your Spouse?
A lot of people are of the opinion that having a joint account with one's partner always breeds distrust. Would you agree to run a joint account with your spouse?

I don't know why anyone would say that having a joint account would breed distrust.  It seems the opposite to me.  If each partner had separate accounts there would be no accountability between them   If your spouse was gambling or doing excessive shopping instead of paying the bills, you wouldn't know until it was too late.  All of the accounts, whether money accounts or bills, are in both of our names jointly.  Either can see the balances, know where money is being spent, know the amount of debt.  Why should you hide those things unless you were doing something you didn't want your partner to know about.  If your are partners in running a household, you need a budget and some idea of how you will provide for your future.  It should be a joint effort.  Also, if something would happen to either partner, the other would be in the dark as to the state of their finances, or maybe not even know about accounts if you don't share them.  

I agree to have a joint account with my spouse. It's not only about trust it's also about need and right. If I'm away from home and she needs money on emergency basis which was not suppose to happen like any accident or any emergency hospital situation of her or my children then she will be able to handle the situation with enough financial strength in her hand.

I definitely would agree with this.

When you are married, the statement that "mine is mine and yours is yours"should be forgotten. When we are married, we became one. Therefore, everything should be conjugal. So is the money.

Everytime I receive my salary, I always make sure that I give it 100% to my wife. I just ask from her when I need something. My reason is, she is the one left at home so she knows what is needed at home.


How do you manage wealth well? WIFE.

I try to give the best logic here. Single status is a status that does not have a financial burden (shopping) other than to yourself or parents in our family. We will spend a lot of our (financial) wealth with co-workers and their own needs. Without the calculation going forward. That is, the calculation of the needs of 5 years, 10 years and so on. Calculation only for yourself.

However, by bearing the status of being married, we will compile a different calculation, whether it's a calculation in a 5-year period, 10 years and so on. The difference in calculation lies in our household needs, there are wives and children with all their different needs from the following year. And you can be sure the nominal number will also increase.

So, having a Joint Account with Spouses is the best solution in the complexity of managing wealth in a family. And make sure your wife has a good financial management spirit.

Hope this answer

I believe having a joint account with your spouse will only bring distrust if there is no trust in the relationship. I don't believe in the school of thought that says the man should be the only one spending at home. They both are responsible for the bills so having a joint account makes it easier to manage the finances at home. Not everyone is prudent enough to manage money and that why I will also support joint account if they both agree to do it.
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When it's married, it's not uncommon for us to finally decide to combine savings with our partners. What are the true benefits of this action? Of course Before doing this, there should be a discussion between the two parties. And knowing the function of this joint account for household life. What are the advantages and disadvantages, so we can compare carefully.

The most important thing to consider is for routine monthly expenditures, such as electricity, water, internet and spending. You can also expand from the needs of this joint account, namely for vacation funds with the family, home renovations or for emergency funds You can also make it a savings for children's school needs such as uniforms, stationery, up to school shoes.

Stop you from being wasteful

Joint Accounts can also prevent one of our partners from acting extravagantly. With this joint account you can directly monitor household finances. So one of you can prevent you from using excess money for unnecessary purposes. Joint accounts can also play a role for you to not owe.

Another advantage of using shared savings is to provide comfort to both parties that what they do is share responsibility in financial matters.

The usefulness of these funds can be transparently monitored by husband and wife, arguments that often occur in families regarding how much funds are used and where they are used, can be eliminated, minimally reduced. Not only that, the level of discipline and better communication between husband and wife about family finances will grow by itself.

Common goals

Points that you should see and become the most important thing about this commitment to share with your partner, both difficult and happy. Discussing money is very sensitive indeed. Do not arrive because of the different income you and your partner differ in saving a portion of your income. It's good if divided equally, equal and not burdensome to each other.