Which do you prefer: being n paid employ or owning your own business?
Which would you go for- working for someone or owning your own business?
I'm very on the fence on this to be honest..

popular culture now celebrates running one's own business and be anentrepreneur what with the rise of Silicon Valley culture and celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk and the likes.

But is running a business really for everyone? a few years ago forex was all the shizz and before that it was investment (real estate, stocks ..etc)
In fact In the 80s through the 90s, professionals were celebrated as much as entrepreneurs today. Those who dont work in big companies are seen as underachievers and leftovers and useless to the society, no one cared about the business they tried to run.

running own's business entails caring about EVERY aspect of the company, and when there is a problem in which no one you hired is in charge of solving, it comes down to you.. regardless if you even don't know anything about how to solve the issue.

that's scary to me IMO. to know that there is no one to look to when shit hits the fan, everything is your fault. And it's your name on the line when the business falls and you caused the unemployment of all the people you hired.

Maybe in the future I can develop my passion and my side gigs into something that looks like a business organically.. But to set out and purposely start a business from scratch? I dont think that's for me.

And then again, being an employee to the wrong company SUCKS BALLS. I've had my fair share of being screwed over and left in the sun. To this day one of my past employers still own me nearly $600 in back pay. Yes, that's in dollars.

My ex-bosses tried to cheat me off social security payment, tried to sue me, set me in as a scape goat, used my employment as a pawn in upper management politics, and a dozen other shady stuff that all become lessons to me.

So what's it gonna be?

Perhaps a middleground of the two. Perhaps freelancing while working on stuff that pays in the long term. I strongly believe that we as humans aren't meant to work 50 years of our lives and then "enjoy" retirement when our body is all mangled and useless.

Who's to say a content farmer in the middle of a bushland is less happy than a billionaire CTO whose whole life and everything about it belongs to the conglomerate that sees him only as another number in the statistics to achieve shareholder profit?
For me, I want to be self employed. Finding the projects that increases the chances of maximizing the per hour rate rather than sit in an office waiting from paycheck to paycheck. But to do this, there has to be some preparation such as reducing any debt to as low as we could. Suffer the pain now and enjoy in the future. Now is the time of the new industrial age. I heard a speech made by Jack Ma one day which stated that 'In the future, most employees would only need to work for around three hours a day in order to earn a full time salary." In the past, our forefathers, had to work the whole day in order to earn a descent living. In the new age, I believe due to technologies capability a lot of our capabilities can be extended into the online world. We can earn in both worlds which is the online and offline world.
I would like to answer in both ways because the question has some reason why people are doing being n paid and owning a own business.the reason for that are:

For being n paid employ there should be good benefits from the company from where he is doing the job.There should be proper transportation facility to go to work and back to home.so being n paid is also have a good benefits because he got full facility without any charge from you.

For owning own business there is no time whenever we want to go home we can go home and when ever we want holiday we can take it because we are running our own business.for own business we can pay the payment to the workers at time and we have whole responsibility on us to give full facility to our workers.
*My choice is business* :-
Business gives you the chance to procure more cash. Our folks land stressed over our positions after school, and after the activity, everyone has a similar inquiry, "How much pay is it?" indeed, from the earliest starting point we are instructed that to win cash It is critical to have a vocation. In any case, the organization is more worried about your pay rates than the benefits of the organization and the financial specialists. You put your chance and information in the organization's advance, as a byproduct of which the organization gives you compensations consistently and you acquire well from your chance and experience.

Your business keeps you vivacious. how ? Your activity is great. Every year, you are getting addition as well, you are feeling like profoundly enamored with your activity, yet for how long 5 or 10 you will find that you have been doing likewise throughout the previous quite a while. Be that as it may, Business gives you an alternate vibe, each time you have another test and each achievement you get makes you more vivacious. Business is troublesome and don't trouble diligent work.

The activity removes you from your family. wouldn't you say so ? So think, you need to hold up long end of the week to go some place. Your corporate activity, where you need to work for no less than 60 hours per week, will abandon you time for your family. Indeed, in the beginning of business, you won't get the season of the time, however when you set up your business, you can design an occasion with your family as indicated by your solace.

Aside from this, you are your supervisor in business, you have a decision to avoid contrary individuals. Beginning a business is a hazard, and before you go for broke you ought to have finish control over yourself, your first endeavor may not be effective, say "if design does not work from letter set 27 different letters" Believe above Perhaps you won't have the capacity to procure more cash to start with yet you will steadily gain your profit so you can not acquire enough in the entire life in the activity.
Owning my own business. Nothing beats being the boss of your life. You have freedom over your finances and you don't have to stake your future on a salary plan.

That's why I love being on steemit. It has helped me fufil my age long dream of being self employed.
Well, the hall mark of earninh money is being your own entrepeneur. And rhe way the country is going now, i would love to own my own business and be an employer of labor.
There is nothing better than you being your own boss. I prefer to be an entrepreneur creating more opportunities for everyone. Always strive to be an entrepreneur by owning and managing your own business. Whenever you are employed as a worker, sometimes you will lack freedom of some things whenever you work under someone.

Owning your own business also enables you to create more opportunities for others.
I prefer my own business. I want my own office and status. Basically, I have my own business plan that I want to execute. I want to open my own online business shop and want to serve people with quality products. All the products will be from my own country and made by our people. That can be handy-craft, local handmade toys etc. And I also want to help those local people who are really working hard to produce all these local products. And provide them all the facilities with enough payoff. Selfemployment is not only my thinking it is my goal which I really want to achieve.
I'm gonna go against the norm and say that I would prefer being a paid employee.

Sure owning your own business is great since you will have absolute control on the business. Also most if not all decision making will be done mainly by you the owner. You also have the most freedom among your employees.

However, it carries such a huge responsibility that I personally am not prepared for right now. You need to take into consideration your employees too in every decision you make. You might even need to fire your close friends in order for your business to grow. Seperating personal emotions and business decisions is not exactly what I think I can do at my current state :)
I would love to own my own business not just for 'be your own boss sake' but because I know my seo service is valuable to individuals and small businesses.

People can still do very well being a paid employee as long as you do a very good job all the time.

Which do you like: being a paid employee or having your own business?
business alone
it is not easy to be yourself building your own business but this is the thing I really look forward to from time to time may come true. I have done my own business but I failed. however, the business that I developed first is not easy and not cheap and also costs