How to lose belly fat post-pregnancy and post caesarian section?
I have a little belly fat post pregnancy and post caesarian section. Are there natural ways I can lose this to gain my trim physique back?
For new-born mothers, look for ways to shrink the stomach after giving birth. Slack belly muscles, sagging skin, and fat on the abdomen, will cause many women low self-esteem postpartum. As time goes on, the size and fat in your stomach will shrink by itself. And it must be balanced with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Some simple easy ways to shrink the stomach after childbirth, adequate sleep, breastfeeding and exercise.
Sit-ups and push-ups are other easy movements you can do. But the condition is that you have to do it regularly to get maximum results. Do 10 sit-ups and 10 push-ups. Add exercise intensity every day. This exercise will help to get rid of belly fat in a short time. Another advantage is that by doing sit-ups and push-ups in the morning, you can control your appetite because this movement can cause an easy effect on your stomach.
A balanced diet and regular exercise is indeed healthy, but useful only to eliminate fat in the stick on some organs only.

"Diet and exercise, lost is fat in the past, so the cheeks sunken, trigger the Agency's small, but still fat in the abdomen. Because the post-baby bump is the fat under the skin, so she is fat that will be missing, "he added.

So how effective way to eliminate post-baby bump and shape the body back to normal? I suggest to do a treatment called CoolSculpting.

What is CoolSculpting? Is a technique of shaping and restoring the body to a normal form, in accordance with the minor or the magnitude of the part of the female body after childbirth. So the result will look more natural.

This treatment will work right away on a fat brought skin, where the fat would be dikristalisasi or frozen with a tool such as a vacuum with a temperature of-11 degrees.

"After fat in-vacuum for 30-45 minutes, fat frozen. Fats not resistant to cold, slowly she will die. 1-3 of the month we will see changes in areas that have depreciated, "he insists.

Other benefits of this treatment is that the skin will not be slack because of the work it out slowly. Fat is lost through urine and sweat during 1-3 month, so that the skin and the body able to adapt.

"To ever stomach operation, such as caesar, preferably after a new year's Eve do treatment, "

This treatment is also suitable for you who want to eliminate fats interfere around the arms, thighs, waist, even double chins.