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Are there consistent reliable bots on steemit?
If you want a guarantee then stick to the bots listed on @yabapmatt site https://steembottracker.com , im pretty sure they're verified since they run for witness (or he or she ... cant say "it" can i)

They offer several services, a nice and easy delegation tool too.

Ifi could make one recommendation for that, any site that asks you to sign in should be using steemconnect . If they don't you will have to enter your password or key, which means they might get it (and keep it) ... call me paranoid but this IS about money, right ? And money attracts all kinds of vermin if you leave open holes.

But those are the big bots , the bidbots ... not everyone can afford to throw sbd at it like that from the start, and those who can might not need it at all.

The one service i know off that is guaranteed to get your money back AND profit (over time, mind you OVER TIME) 100% is @steembasicincome, it looks expensive at first, but they're the only ones who provide "lifetime" subscription for a single fee per share, which means eventually even at the lowest payout you WILL get your money's worth + ROI (return on investment, every one just uses that abbrev like everyone just knows it lol)

(went out for the catwalk ... its a bit diffitcult to sync this text with the edited blog post on steemit , FYI : if you "post to blog" then ALL EDITS YOU DO HERE WILL CHANGE THE STEEMIT POST but not the other way around, if you edit the steemit post afterwards it will not change what is blogged here on musing, fyi ... i lost a whole lot of text once finding that out hahah)

so @steembasicincome, 100% guaranteed to vote, daily, and very communicative , plus the community hosts a lot of contests and @josephsavage seriously tries and does reply on discord to questions, but the man has a life too so its not always within five minutes ofcourse.

You have to note the system there, though, when i started with them (i now have given out somewhere between 60-70 shares to people who are my top upvoters and if those are running out random people from following who have active root_posts - means they have a post they created themselves younger than seven days)
When i started out the numbers were as follows (but the steem price was 3-5x more than it is now) : for 1 share you get a vote that puts one post per week over dust treshold, if you dont know what dust treshold is please look it up in the search box or on google "steemit dust treshold payout", im already essay-sized and only halfway, i'll try not to be an encyclopedia.

Thats the only service guaranteed to get you your money (over time), if anyone knows of any other who give "lifetime sub" for single fees, id be MORE than happy to find out :)

i give the shares because i keep to my "10% pledge" something i promised myself long ago when things were looknig better, but i might as well, even if not, a share in sbi gives ME votes too :)
On top of that, when i get payouts with sbd over 0.01 (or a bit more preferably) i use what i call smallbots to give out a vote to someone on my feed in following

i detailed those here


drotto 0.001
minnowhelper-1 0.001- only posts

In terms of bid bots they are becoming less and less popular and profitable, with alot of them now barely even break even. Alot of them are 'reliable' in the fact that they will upvote your post if you send them some SBD/STEEM and not rip you off. I have used Minnowbooster, Smartsteem, Sneakyninja, The Rising and more in the past without any issues.

However, as time goes on it seems to be that more and more people are delegating to community bots or bots that arent just about buying upvotes.

I specifically have delegated to the Steem-UA bot where it offers upvotes based on you Steem-UA score - which is calculated by user engagement and thus encourages accounts to grow.

I also have a few Steembasicincome shares now - we can sponsor other users with 'shares' and we also get shares ourself. Each share gives us an increase in upvote value on our posts from Steembasicincome


Most of the well known bots are reliable on Steemit.

In terms of risk/reward, fixed rate offer virtually no risk, with low reward. (I personally prefer and recommend fixed rate)

Bid bots offer a higher risk, with a higher potential for reward. (in some applications) Many bid bots offer a max ROI of 10 percent, but the potential to lose 10 percent or more.

For Bid bots. Check out: https://steembottracker.com/

For fixed rate, I recommend:




I hope this helps.
yes , there are consistent reliable bots but rather than that you first need to work on good content and when it comes to reliable bots then all the top bots like appreciator, smartsteem, upmewhale , therising they all are really appreciable.
bot never realiable .But is ok used for promote youre post