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What is behind the selectivity of women when choosing a partner?


I would not be so sure of such selectivity, not in all cases. How many times we see women who support sexist, violent, unpleasant, abusive couples, bad people ... The brain can afford to choose, but in terms of feelings, if someone awakens love in you, you may forget the parameters you had before . For me, for example, I never liked the womanizers, I detest them. However, one came to attract me. When your heart becomes infatuated, it convinces the brain to justify everything, just to follow that feeling that everything else in it is worthwhile, which may be true as it may not be.

I think that, as I always say, every person is a world, with its own rules and paramters. Perhaps it is true that in general women seek a protective, attentive, respectful, handsome man, etc, etc (logical and understandable). But everyone prioritizes one thing over another. They will be the ones that are guided more by the appearance and those that prioritize the intelligence or the way of being; some women for whom money is important and others simpler than those who do not like luxury. Understanding that there is no perfect man or woman is important, as well as avoiding idealizing the person, or at least overcoming that stage.

The truth is that, although I am a woman, I could not answer more than for myself, and I consider my case quite peculiar. I think nobody selects, but waits. Expect the person with whom your life fits perfectly with yours to appear. Or not.



Asking a woman would be ideal, but I think I can also participate as a man:

You see, women seek stability in a couple because they hope it can meet their needs (not only talk about money, it can be something as simple as communication or something so complicated privacy, or both), and if they see that can not give them emotional or physical stability, they're just going to leave it, notice that I do not name gender, because that connection can also be formed between girls, and personally, it seems normal for a woman's partner to end up being another woman, because being emotional beings, it is even expected that they can understand each other.