How does your way of thinking about the economy change if I tell you that all the money is worthless?

I wouldn't go kill myself or do anything drastic on the basis of that knowledge, that's for sure. Not only because it's nothing new, but because it isn't really true.

Money isn't worthless. No sir. Very far from it. I suppose What you mean to say is that cash: paper cash etc, doesn't have any INHERENT VALUE.

And that is true. But then in that form it isn't "money" now is it? Anything that makes us call it "money" means it HAS become acceptable as a means of exchange, therefore it HAS gotten valuable and has worth!

So Money definitely isn't worthless.

And as related to the economy, well if money is worthless then that means a) we're all screwed and everyone has to pillage and bargain endlessly to get things or b) a new elegant and complex means of exchange has been invented that makes it so that we get things we need without money.

This new means of exchange would probably be something either in the form of a more sophisticated trade by barter system where there's an A.I that automatically associates what you want with what you have and then device via a nice algorithm, the means by which you can have it fast; or the amount of work you need to do to get it.

This way money wouldn't be worth shit since we wouldn't need it as a means of exchange.

Or where you sort of drop whatever you have in a central storage database and then retrieve whatever you need and then others do the same and so on.

All these are futuristic of course and might not even be very plausible. So like I said money still remains the best means of exchange, and as long as it Is "money" it means it has worth, because it has been recognized and accepted by the consensus as the acceptable means of exchange: i.e we have given value to it because we can.

Finally the last way I can think of that we wouldn't have to use money is if perhaps someone finally figures out a way to achieve karl marx's dream of a society where everyone has an equal amount of jobs to do in his paid just what he needs to survive and have a good life not in money but in the basic amenities and things that money can buy.

Which reminds me of a quote by somebody that I can't remember that says the purpose of an economy is not have jobs but to have the things that jobs produces. Of course this is true to an extent but can we have them these things is another question.

Anyway, communism is nowhere near being able to be achieved yet. And the only thing communism has proven to bring is despotism and starvation. So until any of these systems and innovations I mentioned up there is possible, money will always remain our means of exchange and it will never be worthless.

Cheers and have a good day.


It does not change, and I agree, it's useless. Money is not value, it is a PROMISE of value. A close analogy is the following verification. Most people would look at them and say they are useless. You can print them if you want, but you can not change them or use them to buy anything of value. However, a Bill Gates check for you for a billion dollars is really very valuable. It is not the check, that small piece of paper, which makes it valuable, but Bill's promise of payment which makes it valuable, in conjunction with the support of his money from the United States with his credit and faith. Remember it. Money is only valuable when and if you can use it to buy goods and services. Without credit, faith and support, you can not buy anything with it. And with good credit, faith and support, you do not need money.


In a way, that's already what was my way of thinking. 

However, not as simplistic and devoid of nuance.

Worth is something people assert based on given circumstance. 

I case of money, it's the performance of given market economy that's determining the value, as well as trade of said currency.

That's why no two currencies stay at a fixed exchange rate 1:1 for very long.

Functionally, money have value, it's contingent on money WORKING in the real world, and being USEFUL.

A cup of water have no value, unless you're in the middle of a desert.