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How can I get focused and achieve success?

To  answer this question, there are several things that must be done and  considered so that the focus can be created to lead to faster success.

Focus on Target Goals

Design  a target goal and try to achieve it by always focusing on that goal so  that the results are maximum, no matter how small it is. After the goal is reached immediately continue by creating a new target that is related to the previous goal. Don't try to glance at activities that have nothing to do with our previous work, because it might make our minds divided.

Start from the small

To  support the above steps, you should share the portion of your business  goals and start from the small things first, this can train yourself to  be able to focus on bigger things later. If  in this stage of practice we are ambitious to achieve a great goal  without sufficient experience, it might break the spirit if we fail to  achieve it.

Set Time Limit

Next to train us to stay focused on the business field that is being done is to set a deadline for every planned goal. This  can help motivate ourselves to be able to complete the tasks that must  be done. It can also help to design the long-term goal targets more  clearly, so that we will be more enthusiastic to always focus on the  activities that are being run.

Keep the Spirit with Motivation

On the way, our business spirit often experiences ups and downs over time. If the spirit is decreasing it will be very easy for us to lose focus on the goals that have been set. To overcome this we must be able to motivate ourselves so that the spirit is pumped back. The way can be by always remembering the dream that is our main goal for doing business.


Avoid everything that might interfere with our focus on the business being run by applying discipline to ourselves. Like by limiting the time for entertainment or other personal activities. Prioritize  completing work first, then be able to set aside time for activities  outside of other businesses, this will require a high level of  discipline in order to be successful in terms of dividing the time. 


Stop procrastinating!

Most people do not succeed because they leave things for later. Nowadays it is very easy to get distracted by anything, television, Facebook, Candy Crush, etc.

On average worldwide a person spends 1 hour per day on Facebook. If you consider that learning a new language takes 500 to 600 hours in the same time that you spend watching Facebook you could learn a new language after a year and a half! And free! There are already many online sites where they offer any language. I am currently the CEO of a group of 6 companies, I have more than 100 employees and I am learning French, with which I will have 5 languages ​​under my belt. Every 2 years I intend to learn a new language in my "free time". Everything is a matter of organizing.

I have all my week organized by day and by hours. From Monday to Friday I wake up at 6am and I will be my needs, I put on my exercise clothes and go running and exercise outdoors, I do not pay gym. While I'm running I'm listening to my French course and then a podcast on business issues. I come back at 8, I bathe, breakfast and at 9 am I'm leaving for my office. I work until 7 or 8 at night, I return to my house, I eat dinner and at 10 I see the news while I check my social networks and play candy crush, of course, there is also time for that. At 11 I fall asleep. Friday night is for the party! I went out somewhere, took some wines, danced etc. I arrive at dawn at my house and I wake up on Saturday at the time I feel like it. Saturday is my day of hobbies, I play golf, I make music, I read books, I go to the cinema. Sunday is 100% family.

In such a way that I find time for everything and I am extremely successful in every area of ​​my life.