Does jealousy have a value in making humans better or is it a purely negative emotion?

If English is not your first language, I can see why you would use the term "positive jealousy". 

By definition, jealousy is not a positive trait. The word, in layman's terms, suggests that you HATE the fact the other person succeeded. It's often accompanied by a level of covetousness. You want what is theirs, and you may also want them to fail.

Jealousy tends to not allow you to grow in peace. It demands that not only you should succeed, but others must fail. It seeks to bolster your pride while enrages you when you do not meet goals you were seeking.

The word you may be looking for as the "good jealousy" is "admiration". You think it's great that other persons have achieved what they did and you hope you could as well.

Admiration for something not only motivates someone to improve their situation. It does so while maintaining no malice towards others who may have surpassed you. You could be disappointed about your own progress, but you would not hold it against others.

Language is a beautiful thing. It may be weak in some areas, but it is there to convey ideas. In this case, there are some differentiations between jealousy and admiration. They are both feelings toward others' achievements, but the former is negative.

One is often destructive and selfish. The other is constructive and self-improvement.


There are good sides to jealousy. Oftentimes, we are told that jealousy is a negative emotion and should be pushed away and avoided. But, what if we could out jealousy to good use?

HERE are some positivism that can come out from jealousy.

First, jealousy directs you towards the direction you should take. So many times, we lack that intuition to know what to do next. We want to make decisions but can barely decide. When you feel that twinge, it's probably because you want to be doing that thing, or you feel you can deliver it better. It propels you to take steps in that direction.

Second. Jealousy could be a signpost to propose. From what I learnt when growing up, purpose is usually that thing that angers you when you see it isn't done well. You may see a lady giving a motivational talk, she's getting all the attention quite right but you feel it could be done better. You want to go there and make corrections. That's probably a pointer that it's what you were meant to do.

Third. Jealousy could foster connections. You want to know what makes the person tick and release the vibrance that everyone likes. Ted walks into the room and everyone is smiling. You wish you could do the same. You want to know how he does it. You approach him and a friendship, connection is born.

Fourth. It makes you work harder. Jealousy could be the antidote for laziness. When you are jealous about the achievement of someone else. You may consider working harder to become like, or even better, than the person. You take extra lessons, stay up longer, just so it doesn't have to be her taking all the prizes anymore, just so he doesn't get all the ladies. That kind of stuff...

Fifth. It makes you appreciative. When you look at how someone has achieved so much, receives encomiums, you appreciate the individual. Also, it could also make you appreciate yourself. What you have achieved. Instead of being bitter, you could use the chance to be introspective and see how far you yourself have come.

Jealousy doesn't always have to be a bad thing.


I think that feeling jealous is not all bad, the bad thing is letting jealousy dominate us and make us do negative things, when you feel jealousy is because we fear losing someone you have with you, someone will tell you that it is insecurity but I go back to what I said above, if you let jealousy dominate you lose, if someone feels jealous for me I think I should feel flattered because among other things it means that this person cares and is afraid of losing what I have left is to show him that That fear will not materialize.


I would argue both sides, as i believe that there is a positive type of Jealousy , you know, the one that gets you motivated and want to do better. 

But the truth is, many don't convert their Jealousy emotions into something useful, instead they let the negative effect take a best of them,

that's why if you are of any religious belief,  you might have often heard of teachings against jealousy.

In the christian context for instance, there is  teachings against adultery, and also stealing. Both of which involve the act of envying that which doesn't belong to you and end up with he person doing wrong against another.. 

 In conclusion. i'd say that if one has no complete control of their emotions, then jealousy can easily became a negative emotion.


Jealousy is usually perceived as a negative trait. It is since because of jealousy, some tend to do bad things like destroying others or worst is killing someone.

But there could be something good about jealousy, if it will be the reason for someone to strive more to become better and not to destroy or not hurting anyone.

Jealousy can make somone persevere to succeed and it is a good thing especially if not doing anything bad or illegal to be successful. It is important to bear in mind that you can be successful without doing bad deeds.


An ex girlfriend once said to me if you do not get jealous of a partner flirting with someone else the. There is something wrong. Sometimes a little bit of jealousy can be good in a relationship especially. Too much and it is over before it starts . But it proves you like someone if you feel the twangs if jealousy