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What is your worst memory in a hotel?

Once I went in a hotel in a small town. It was the only hotel in that town and was recently opened. My friends and I got one room each. The owner of the hotel was a nice person who was soft-spoken. Food was not bad there. So, the things were not very bad as we were not expecting much in that small town.

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We had gone there as we had some work there related to our business. We used to hand over the keys of our rooms to the owner so that the staff might clean the rooms.  One day I stayed in the room. A lad about 20 years of age came in and started cleaning the toilets. I saw him cleaning the toilet seat with his bare hands. He even cleaned the interior of the pot with his bare hands. It was very disgusting. I asked him why he was doing so. He answered that it was his job to clean the toilets. I told him that he should not do cleaning with bare hands. He was convinced. I also informed the hotel owner about this incident. He promised that he would take care in the future.

So, it was a very disgusting experience. How can a man clean toilets and scrap the inside the pot with his bare hands? I think it was not only disgusting but also against the dignity of the humans. 


I am a claustrophobic and start to get upset if I am shut up in a room without space, air or open windows. It is a blessing that I live in a farm house. Thanks to God almighty for that. 

As for the question, my worst experience in a hotel room was in the year 2017 in the month of April when I visited Mangalore for attending my nephew's wedding. After the wedding, myself, two sister in laws and my brother in law checked in to a hotel just because it was near the railway station and we could catch the early morning train back home. 

I would have chosen a better hotel but my bossy sis in law had her way and we were taken to a family room. The minute i entered it, I knew it was going to be a tough night. 

The room had a single window which was covered by a dusty curtain. The beds were covered with faded white sheets which looked like it had been washed too many a time and the bathroom tiles were too dirty and I won't even go on to mention because it will make me feel like throwing up. 

we locked our things up and went outside. My bossy sil was also feeling queasy but did not admit it. We saw a man and a woman checking in another room and I suspected this hotel was used for other purposes as well. Yikes. That made us rethink of using the bedsheet even. 

After dinner we came back and slept somehow. We got up early and got ready to go. It was the most horrible experience I have ever had. 


I will tell you two short stories

At a roadside motel in South Beloit, on the border between Illinois and Wisconsin, United States, I took a hundred (I'm not exaggerating) bed bug bites. As these bugs only come out when you are asleep, they inject you with an anesthetic while they bite, and the bites only appear a day later, there is no way to notice the next morning: they become unbearable after two or three days. I took pictures and complained to the city health directorate, who promised me they would take action; since I do not think they have done anything.

In London, many years ago, there was a service in Victoria Station (perhaps in others) where an employee reserved rooms for the new arrivals. I used it, and I was sent to a hotel located in the center, just around Marble Arch. The room was a kind of attic, a low-ceilinged attic space, where hardly a bed and a closet entered, with a ceiling in mansarda of metal plates to the sun; It was mid-summer, not to mention air conditioning, in the room to hellish heat. I ordered at least one fan, and they brought me one that made so much noise, that at last it was impossible to sleep with it. I am convinced that it was not a "normal" room, but one for the service personnel destined for those who book remotely, without having seen it first.


One night I was drunk and went to sleep in my hotel room. I woke up in the middle of the night bursting for a pea. I always only sleep in my underwear . I ran into the bathroom in a haze with my eyes closed and closed the door behind me . At that’s moment I realised I wasn’t in the corridor of the hotel . I had to walk down to the lobby to get a card off reception to let myself back in


I took my wife to a best western hotel back in 2012 for our anniversary, it seemed like a great place to go to at the time and the reviews of the place seemed to make it sound like the Ritz, but it soon turned out to be the Pitz.

On arrival the hotel manager met us at reception, he was grubby looking, he was soon to offer us a place at the restaurant for a very good price, this included a free bottle of wine and 3 courses meal, this was £20 for two of us.

We checked in, and made our way to our room that wasn't to far a way from the reception on the ground floor.

when we got to the room it was a little bit of a shock as they had given us a disabled persons room, it was nice but it had all the things that would help someone in a wheelchair in the room and even alarm cords to make sure said person was safe.

This wasn't really a problem, it was more of why would they give this room to two people who didn't need it.

At tea time we went to the dinning room and they made us wait an extra 45 minutes longer than the time they told us to be there to be seated, then we waited for what seemed like a life time before they brought us the food that was below par.

The food had burned tin foil stuck to it, the asparagus had been that over cooked that it was mush and tasteless, we complained and was give a replacement that seemed to be worse.

they said it was because they was busy, but the place was half empty which made me think I would hate to see it when it was busy.

After we had finished our food, well what we could eat of it we made our way out into the night life of nottingham, we had a few beers and ended up getting back to the hotel room for about 2am.

We watched some TV and went to bed, to be woken at 7am by the cleaners above us hoovering, I had one eye open as i made my way to reception to complain, the hotel manager was still there in the same clothes as the night before.

He went on to tell me that the cleaners had a job to do and that it was normal for them to start hoovering as early as 6am, I said to him that this was unacceptable as I had paid a lot of money for us to stay there to be woke early.

It wasn't until I got back to the room that my wife pointed out the massive pee stain on the sheet under where we had been laying. this place grossed me out and I would never stay in a best western ever again from this experience. 


Years ago I stayed in a hotel where I had booked a room via the internet. The hotel had very good reviews. What could possibly go wrong. We were sent with all our suitcases to the lower ground floor what is better known in other countries as cellar. The door to our room could not even be opened properly because the bed was in the way.

That was the most tiny hotelroom I have ever seen. It had an ensuite but no door because there would have been no place for that door. So it basically looked like the toilet was in the hotel room itself. The shower was so tiny you started to wonder if you would get out of it ever again. The bed itself was hard like a brick and when I inspected the bed I found that there was only a bedsheet thrown over a metal bedbase with no mattress at all!

The window led to a tiny tiny lightwell and hence there was next to no natural light or even fresh air. The room had instead some kind of dusty old rattling aircondition thingy.

As I said, the room was so small you did not even know where to put the suitcases.

The service was grumpy, unfriendly and non existent. The breakfast net morning after we woke up with back pain and a lot of bruises from that horrible bedbase was an utter disgrace. The tea was bitter, the bread old, everything else they served was drowning in grease and the jam was only liked by the many flies...

However the room was booked there was no chance to get a refund. I guess we would have found a far better private accomodation or a decent bed and breakfast for less.


Probably devilishly screaming kids and neighbors on other side screaming. All while the room smelled terrible and people could see into the room because it was a ground floor unit right by the pool. 


I have been to some shocking hotels.

The one in New York wasn't great either. It looked nothing like their brochure. The website made it look so palatial and classy. When we got dropped of by the taxi there was a single glass door with wooden stairs going up two floors to the lobby.

This had no resemblance of what I had been sold originally. The hotel then split up in three different directions and our rooms were all over and not next to each other. The rooms were dirty and the bed was like a boat. I lay in the bed and when your feet are higher than the rest of your body then you have a problem. We checked out before we checked in and found another hotel.

A few years ago I was staying at the Gatwick Hilton. I had checked in and thought it would be fine. The bed was really bad as the mattress had collapsed in on itself and one could feel the springs through it.

On further inspection of the pillows it was a cushion that had been stuffed with old pillow cases. I counted after unraveling 9 pillow cases and a small cushion all neatly packed in a pillow slip. I took photos of what I had found and was reimbursed for my hellish experience. I didn't sleep that night and got the earliest train out at 5.30 am.

I received a letter of apology from a director of the Hilton group and  a $200 gift card as a sorry. I haven't stayed at a Hilton since so the gift card is still in my wallet.


I have been to lots of hotels and one of the worst hotels I feel are the ones without windows and without the modern electrical sockets. How to charge my phones if I can't even access any power sockets? There is also the toilet. There is one hotel that design its so close to the bed and fits only one person which really sucks. Then there is no free WIFI. There was one hotel that I've been to that had flushing sounds every night. Hygiene usually is a big factor in whether a hotel is really bad. 


A year prior, my family and I were visiting Sequoia National Park. We were remaining for one day outside the recreation center, at that point we would remain inside the recreation center for a couple of days inside the Wuksachi Lodge.

The place outside of the recreation center that we were remaining at? It's known as the Western Holiday Lodge Three Rivers. We were remaining there at its pinnacle time, in ahead of schedule to-mid summer. Here are a couple of pictures of it from on the web:

Affirm, now into the issues:

Nothing was readied when we originally arrived. We were given the way to the room, and nothing was sorted out or washed. I didn't understand that at first, until the point when my father stated: "Jeffrey, you understand the covers you're lying in could have piss all over them from the last individuals, right?" It's sheltered to state I bounced out of those truly rapidly.

Do you see that unblemished pool in that spot? That is likely the main time the proprietors tried cleaning it. It was loaded with grime and there were a lot of bugs in it when I investigated.

At the season of booking, "complimentary wireless internet" was publicized. My family found that really vital as my father still needed to get up to speed with some work in the midst of a furlough and my sibling expected to stay in touch with somebody from his temporary position. Too awful the wifi just worked inside a couple of rooms of the front office.

The rooms had ants and different bugs. Alright, I get it, this is a lovely "nature-y" resort. Inasmuch as the ants don't trouble me, I wouldn't generally mind. The issue? The bugs were in our washroom when we arrived. I don't think about you, yet I don't generally need bugs creeping around me when I'm exposed.

Furthermore, that wholes up the most awkward night I have ever had. I washed up with bugs creeping around in the restroom and around the tub, sweat myself dry when I dozed, at that point woke up to no one in the room on the grounds that my entire family went to the workplace for the evidently "visitor" wifi.


We had a 11 days land field trip a week ago at Odisha.

We remained at Jajpur in an inn named PANKAJ

Evidently the inn appeared to be pleasant yet soon we saw the conduct of the chief was harmful.

The young ladies additionally grumbled that the house guardians had a disappointing conduct

We believed that we will change.

Early in the day of tenth day, 4 cell phones and 3 wallets ( having approx ₹5000 ) were absent from our companions room.1st we felt that someone may had completed a prank,so we checked everybody's bags except discovered nothing.

At that point we advised the whole thing to the administrator and requested to watch the cctv film.

Shockingly in the recording, 1 hour schedule opening was not there ( 6.20 am - 7.20 am)

We got some information about this.

He said that there has been a power cut and the inverters were having some specialized issues so the cameras didn't work ( During our stay there has been many power disappointment however amid those disappointments the cctv was working )

/We asked neighborhood eateries and shops they said that there was no power disappointment. /

We chose to stop a whine to the police.

Police told that they will visit the inn at night.

In any case, they didn't.

Our educator called police headquarters.

The officer said us to pay the whole bill of the lodging then they can come.

In the wake of clearing the bills we again went to the police headquarters.

The officer at last enrolled FIR yet the story was contorted..

It was composed that the mobiles and wallets were LOST amid morning walk..

Following day we returned home.

We chose to give poor surveys in Google about the inn.

The evaluations dropped.

The administrator called our educator and said not to give poor appraisals they r endeavoring to restore the things inside 7 days

Presently the inquiries that emerge

• where is the security of an inn if the cctv don't work?

• in the event that they don't think about our "lost" assets at that point how might they endeavor to return them in 7 days?

My assets have not been stolen not yours.

Be that as it may, it's about justice,it's about general security of the lodgings , it's tied in with making a stride against defilement.