How to find local clients if I have an online business?

I think there are several ways that I can think of. The first and most important thing is to use Facebook. There is this advertisement part which you can budget and pay a certain amount of cash to pay for adverts which are targeted to the different customers that are around your area which can really boost sales. Open a Facebook account which carries your brand and make as much friends as you can and then advertise there as you want but have to do it without spamming the walls of those clients. Add also your whatsapp number so people can contact you more easily.

Just get out there and pass some fliers. Put it in every mail box you can find and make sure to put an offer in so people will take action. This is somewhat of a cold calling which you need some guts to do and it won't be easy. Unless you got enough man power and not afraid of humility.

Use we chat and create groups and ask your friends to join in those groups. I have many friends who do that in their we chat group and are doing quite well at the moment. Many people you add on the group would usually know that you would do some adverts.

If your doing e-commerce, maybe can go and use Amazon eBay Craigslist and so on. It depends on what you plan to sell. It can be useful to sell from there. The work would be less.

The next thing is to write blog post and advert it out. Use Google adsense to advertise your products or service which can help but I find this to be one of the more expensive methods to do it. I have done it and the total expenses went to usd 700 with no real leads to any clients.

I think Facebook is one of the best. Tribe power is useful these days to promote services or goods. It can grow fast when there is more word of mouth.


Let me answer your question, I have a cousin he has an online business, some of the ways she using. I will share it with this answer, hopefully, can answer your question. Please refer to the following paragraphs:

If we talk about an online business then you must first know the various factors that are the problem why customers are very easy to move, so I will describe it first

 A. Online Shopping

Security for customers is a major factor in shopping online, customers feel discouraged if they buy items that look good and cheap but customers are deceived. As a seller we need to find a solution by using an online review application, the advantages of online reviews will attract new customers to be more trust in the products we sell, by using online reviews, customers can be more confident the goods will arrive at home according to order.

The best way to attract customers is by using purchasing testimonial techniques, product ratings, and reviews of the products you sell.

The more positive reviews that can be seen by prospective buyers, the more confident the buyer will order the products we sell. For example: when I shop at the Online Marketplace I will generally sort the best-selling products because I believe reviews from many customers are not a lie.

B. Some concrete steps to increase client awareness are by:

Using endorse services by influencers so that you can get attention from those influencer fans (this is very important that your influencers and products have very strong positive relationships)

Using journalist services (or you can do it yourself by writing products that you sell into the blog)

Increased awareness, it is expected that customers can choose the products/services you offer. And don't forget to create a credible account on the website/application review (for example Zomato, Tripadvisor, IMDB, Google Map), the last try to try to pursue a high rating because it will have a significant effect on your business.

so hopefully this answer is useful, see you again later. Good luck


There is a secret that makes it very attractive to promote local businesses over the Internet.

It is much more attractive than for universal businesses that are not limited to one geography.

And it is much easier to promote them and get a preferential place in search engines.

Thats the secret.

Basically take care of:

Include in your website microdata for local SEO (Google can find guides)

I leave a guide that I found on YouTube of microdata in a WordPress site

Be present in Google My Business: Get Your Free Business Listing Stand Out on Google

Ask your clients to leave their reviews on site. A good time to ask is when you pay. You can put an "ad" next to the cash register alternately. 

Do exactly the same on Facebook →

 a local fan page with the aim of obtaining reviews. In the fanpage you can publish your business, share photos or news of topics that interest your customers. Use the status (that photo or video that you see for 24 hours to share promotions, videos of day to day, answer questions on video and anything that looks interesting)

Join active local groups on Facebook and promote yourself often. Be creative here, do not just make a boring ad.

If your business is friendly with Instagram, do not forget to put your location in your publications and your link to your website or fanpage to get more information about your business.

Alternatively I will tell you that it is worth building a list of emails to which you can do direct promotion (you need an email marketing tool such as MailerLite where you can start at no cost and if you know advertising on Facebook / Instagram or Google, lists of pixel to remarketing / retargeting your visitors or fans and expand creating similar audiences.

As you can see, there are many options.

Be a person who creates options.

Talking about content marketing is much more than just talking about your products, that's why I shared the links with you.

It is about engaging your audience with interesting conversations that will help you become a favorite within your liking to buy what you offer.

I hope it helps you.



Every day, customers turn more and more to the Web for what they need. And in many cases, what they need is available from a local business; maybe YOUR business. When customers search online for a local solution or supplier, will they find you? 

The demand for finding local solutions has made "local search" one of the hottest areas of online marketing that includes local search engines, local search features on major engines like Google and Yahoo, online yellow pages, user recommendation sites such as Angie's List and a growing list of other local search methods.

That has also resulted in a complex web of choices for businesses, including free and paid search and directory listings that can include different levels of information. And even if customers do locate a listing for your business, will it be accurate and up-to-date? For many small businesses, just making sure listings are in place and up to date is becoming a full time job, let along doing anything proactive.

Many local search providers will let you submit profile information to aid local searchers. Sadly, however, most small businesses are still unaware of the many opportunities that exist in placing these free or low cost listings. To gain more local visibility online:

1) Make sure your business has a free profile on local business listing sites, search engines and services, and can be found on mapping services at Google and Yahoo.

2) Place "pay-per-click" ads with search engines that allow small businesses to advertise just for buyers seeking local solutions.

Put yourself in the local limelight

To draw maximum coverage with potential customers you need to list your business on as many local directories and search engines as possible.

Get a complete local online submission solution

Opt for the latest Web-based solution to come along - a service that helps create your profile and submits it to local listing services on your behalf for a flat annual fee. They make the local listing submission process quick and painless for biz owners.

Get it done locally with Google

Yes, the search giant has great ways to localize your pay-per-click listings.

Google AdWords lets you set ads to appear only to people in a particular city, state or region. Google has also linked the service to Google Maps, so people searching for your service will see your location and contact information highlighted on a neighborhood map. 

Ask your customers for help

Positive customers reviews or recommendations online can help your business.

Put your local listing to work on Yahoo

Yahoo Local Listings are another great way to promote your business to prospects in your area alone.

Go to a local search specialist

Local.com is a search engine devoted exclusively to local business listings.

Become a search engine marketing (SEM) pro

  • Many small companies are hiring outside search marketing firms to create and implement a strategy. Results can be dramatic, though it's not cheap.
  • You can also submit your own profiles to a dozen or more sites and open pay-per-click accounts yourself with a little time and effort.
  • If your business is missing local online exposure - something that is quickly becoming "must have" for small business -- the competition could quickly pass you by.