How can Steemit make the 'promote' tab functional and attractive to use instead of bots?
Using the Promote tab sends steem to the @null account for burning. Given steem's steady inflation, this is good practice that has been abandoned due to bidbots. If it were up to you, how would you make the promote tab attractive to use again?

Personally, I think you would have to make it be some form of manual curation thing.  Perhaps they could pull from several of the main manual curation accounts that are out there right now.  

It would be cool to see the promoted tab be posts that were highlighted by groups like @curie, @c-squared, @thesteemengine, @qurator, and other groups like that.  This would give a large variety of posts because I understand that not all people are interested in the same things.  

It would also ensure that the content was being manually curated so that only good content that wasn't artificially boosted gets into that category.  They could still leave the trending tab for all of the people who are using bid bots to artificially boost the rewards on their posts.

Promoted would then become just content that highlights some of the best of the best of Steemit (and other front ends) and it is the stuff that Steemit is proud of and wants to promote as the face of the platform.

It probably wouldn't fill in with content as quickly as it does now because of the manual curation involved, but I think it would give a better representation of what the promoted section should look like.  


As long as there is bid bot in the market no one is going to use promote feature. People in steemit feel that bid bot is a better promotional tool than promote feature of steemit. I disagree with this. Through promote feature the bids send to it is getting burned, so it is helping the inflation to keep in check. There is less chance of abuse of promote feature where as there are lot of bot abuse in steemit and as a result low quality post are featuring in trending page.

With bid bots there is market between the bidders and bot service provider and the bot owner are really making  amount of money. It is also making the system inflated as compared to promote feature of steemit. Putting simply, Steemit has to relooko the bot market and should figure how can the promote feature be brought to the service if steem community again. It also needs reorganizing f promote feature so that people will find it more attractive than bid bot and it can help the ecosystem also as there is no abuse case of promote feature.

If bid bots will not be re-evaluated it could further deteriorate the ecosystem. Steemit can also make both the options available with some additional service by the promote feature so that it will be competitive with bid bot. 


Steemit never wanted (or at least I believe so) posts to rank up by paying money, that's why if you pay to rank it shows under 'promoted' tab - as it's name implies, this tab showcases 'promoted' content.

So people could know, if they want to read promoted content or not. Meanwhile now, people can purchase their position using bid bots to 'trending' or 'hot' tab.

If steemit inc allow the same with 'promote' tab, it might be used more. But, I don't see it happening, even if it happens bid bot owners will come up with something else. 


I remember when I joined steemit, I usually use the promotion page but as people are getting involved in bidbot and as bidbot continues to grow more and more. People begins to give less regards to promoted page including me myself because I also was involved in the use of bidbot service.

All I can say is that the only way is for the steemit.inc to stop the use of bidbots. That is the only solution I can see. With that, people will be less involved in bidbot services and this may also make people to be involved in the promotion page by burning your own self steem to promote your post.

So the only way I can see for now is to put a stop to the use of bidbot services.


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This is very important question which you ask from steemit community I remember I also used this promotion tab when I join steemit journey but after when steem rates are going down people get help from Bid Bots. Bid Bots gives you opportunity Re steem and also upvote your post that's why mostly people like Bid bots options

Using of the bid bots is really bad thing for Steet rates because if you use promotion tab its mean you burns steam or in this way steem rates are rise up but if you use the Bid bots then its mean you transfer steem to bots and they hold your steem and convert into steam power and that thing effect on steem rates.

Promotion tab is best for steemit users and also for steem rates. if user boost there post through this tab that thing is really good for steem rates.