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What are some facts that ensure that Steem coin will stay in scenario for a long time and will not lose its value in long term like many other crypto coins?


  1.  Lots of dapps. I mean, you have a Decentralized Youtube. Name one other crypto that has one alternative to Youtube working right now as you read. 
  2.  +2 Years later and still one of the fastest crypto and transactions with zero fee. 
  3. No other crypto distribute it's issue like Steem. Proof-of-brain concept is still very new. 
  4. Even news media outlets like RT are here and growing.
  5. You have SteemConnect, no other crypto has this yet.

Steem tokens will continue to last until the cryptocurrency is no longer enforced. Currently, Steem is one coin that has a cheap selling price which means it does not rule out the possibility that in the future the price of steem will continue to crawl up as the cryptocurrency price increases in the cryptocurrency market. And for those of you who like to invest in using cryptocurrency, it is very suitable to make this steak token as your investment driver in the future because we cannot guess the price of this sterm going forward.

And this steem token will continue to stay on the cryptocurrency list, which means that it is possible that the price of this steem token will rise to 1000% later. For those of you who are not able to invest in using this coin steem, please start writing on several platforms based on blockchain systems such as musing.io so that you can get a little reward from the works that you posted on some of the blockchain-based platforms that make you already have a little assets for the future.

And the point is that these steem tokens or coins will continue to survive in some cryptocurrency markets at any time, because the selling price and price of the belin from steem tokens is very stable in the cryptocurrency market so that this token will continue to stay on the market cryptocurrency list. Although we cannot predict the price of this steem token in the future, we are still confident that this steen token will continue to stay on the cryptocurrency market list so that this steem token will continue to be one of the assets we can use to generate a little income using tokens or this steem coin.


Steem is different to many other crypto currencies as it is used on a daily basis on the Steem block chain. Not only is it very fast but it is also free. There are no costs with the transaction.

Steem will gain in value eventually due to demand. What we have to understand is that there are just over 300 Million Steem coins and it may sound like a lot, but in reality it isn't.

Steem users on the platform need Steem to run their accounts in order to do various tasks. The more Steem you hold the more you can make and grow due to the way it has been set out.

Roughly 60 percent of the Steem is tied up in Steem accounts as owning and holding Steem generates more Steem. The time will come when there is very little Steem around due to this as most of the Steem accounts engaging daily are long term holders. The more these users grow as a group the less Steem goes to the exchanges.

Dapps who are operating on the Steem platform are launching their Smart media tokens which are backed by Steem. The more of these dapps that are launched and bring in new users then Steem has to rise in value eventually due to lack of supply and high demand. 


I believe that Steem will continue to be in the scenario for a long time because of it's first mover advantage, financial incentive and the vast amount of Dapps that's continually been built on her blockchain that does a brilliant work at connecting people from all over the globe.