What are the factors that determine the rise and fall of cryptocurrency especially steem?

the higher influences are the people who buy or sell think it this way when many people are camping and less selling this makes that the people selling cheap increase their prices causing an effect that is raising the price of a cryptocurrency little by little, the same way it is in the low one while the less buying and more selling it will lower to the having less purchase than sale. It also depends on the exchange where it is working since the more volume there is, the greater the change made by this cryptocurrency and the greater influence it has on the market.


Well there are many factors which determines the price of crypto currencies.  Some of the factors are:-

Demand and Supply: First rule for change in prices is demand and supply gap.

News: News also impact the prices of crypto greatly.

Announcements: Announcements are also very important in determining the crypto market trend.

Price of Bitcoin: Raise and fall in the price of BTC also causes the other crypto currencies to follow.