What's the hardest part about getting older?

 Choose the approach of life.

As time went on, my probability to decide on a range of life ways was obtaining smaller. the primary obstacle is my data that fills the brain in order that new things ar tough to enter. The second is motor skills that ar progressively less versatile. and therefore the third is people's expectations concerning my experience in step with my age.

As associate ICT employee, i'm so needed to master the newest technology. But, it absolutely was terribly tough for things that simply entered my head. Moreover, new technology introduces a brand new paradigm of thinking.

For example, i'm wont to hard with the Java paradigm. i do know the strict Java programming patterns. Then, enter Python WHO says, we have a tendency to ar all necessary adults. this suggests that Python is a lot of directed at conventions than strict rules at the machine level like Java.

I have to check flexibly. That is, I actually have to alter the strict habits with super-long Java documentation in Python, the documentation is easier. This has a bearing on my perspective towards the way to code within the team.

That is why, not everybody will get out of their temperature. Not out of concern. However, as a result of the walls that block it get higher with time.

That is why I continuously urge each juvenile around Pine Tree State to not waste time. Because, once previous are packed with regret. It will so begin, however the wall that has got to be passed is much higher.


For me, the hardest part about getting older is that as you move forward i.e. childhood to teenage and then start getting older all the things that you have cherished and enjoyed will never come back and be exactly the same in this very moment.  I remember a famous saying from - Ferris Bueller and it says

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." – Ferris Bueller

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When I was in school I use to dream and think it would be so nice if I could quickly get an admission to College as the life in college is very cool. But as I got admitted to College I started dreaming for a good Job. So the point here is that we should cherish all moments of our life. Take a pause, look around and enjoy every bit of your life and be happy about it. There are ups and downs but nothing is going to be there forever as time flies things and surroundings changes as well.

When we are young we are so energetic and enthusiastic in getting whatever we desire. And as we move on with life and start getting old we start realizing that the times have flown so quickly that a person didn't get time to do all the things he or she wanted to do in life.  

Time isn't going to slow down for anyone. So enjoy every bit and part of your life spread happiness around, treasure all the moments of your life with your friends and family members, places you visited, school and college days every bit of it that has happened in your timeline of life. Because as you get older you start forgetting and recalling things - so a flashback and cherishing all the happy moments in life will be hardest to remember all through during the old age times. 


In my opinion the hardest part of getting older is the knowledge of the fact that with age comes experience and you can never be young again in other to correct or change the decisions and paths you took in the past, when people grow older they always have this regret hovering over them the fact that they've made mistakes haunts them.

For example I'm 24 years now and definitely the hardest part growing older for me is the fact that as day goes on I'm starting to realise the mistakes I made while being younger and I'm always fraustrated knowing that I could've taken some decisions that would've changed some outcome in my life which means my present predicaments or stage in life may have been different as well.

Old age comes with a lot of regret and growing old as each day goes by makes me wish I could turn back the hands of time, and being powerless to change the circumstances of my past in other to affect my current age so regret for me Is the hardest part of growing old because it haunts people.


For me it is the reduction in the number of possible paths forward. With each passing year, we age and become permanently ineligible for more and more things. With each passing year, it becomes harder to ignore the nagging sense that the brilliant future one dreamed of having has been a thing of the past for quite some time. It is the loss of future potential that gets me the most.

There are many valuable things to getting older, however. Aging means loss of potential but it also means discovery of personal and general truths. The course of everyone's life is full of lessons to be digested. If one is not to become much more than one already is, which may or may not be a disappointment, then perhaps someone younger may be able to benefit from what one has learned.


Well I think the answer to this question is unique to everyone because we all face different challenges as we grow older, but for me, there's basically only one thing that most people will probably find difficult and that's taking up responsibility.

Honestly, the life of a child is one of bliss and sometimes I wish I could go back to just being a kid again because as I get older, more and more things get placed on my shoulders all in the name of responsibility and sometimes it seems like I might drown in it.

Let's ignore the things like slower brain function and increased health risks, all of them can be taken care off is you take care of yourself more and in a way, it's still responsibility because you have to begin to watch what you eat and the kind of things that you let your body come in contact with. It's like the older we become, the more problems we face.

In truth, getting older is the one thing that will always come with some form of responsibility and if it's not to someone, then it's to yourself and for me that's the hardest part about getting old. Having to make that transition from dependent to depended on is probably is difficult for even the most readily prepared people.

I hope this helps.


For me it is losing friends and getting more responsibilities. No matter how close you are to your friends and family, situation will take you far away from many of them unavoidably, be it career, marriage or just social class.

Also you become responsible for more and more people, especially if you have kids. You have to sacrifice everything sometimes to meet the demands.


I may not be that old but I'm not getting any younger either.

Even so, I'm already experiencing some of the things that I heard before that I think are pointless.

I remember that when I was younger, I can do things swiftly and I feel more energetic. It's hard to think that as I grow older, I'm shifting to a sedentary lifestyle which is very difficult to counteract.

Time is becoming scarce nowadays that I feel that I'm not productive or simply unable to achieve more outcome on things that I want to accomplish.

So to reiterate, everything seems to be getting slow which adds to the difficulty on everything that I do.


I think the hardest part about getting older is the fact that you'll realise that by each passing day, you draw closer to your grave. It will definitely dawn on you that soon, you won't be with your loved ones, you might not see the next year.

I believe this is the reason why most older people tend to be nice. I think that they know that time is running out and they want to "give back" the little they can whenever they can


For me its the pressure and anxiety i get when i realize that i am not where i would want to be. On top of that, there Is alot of pressure from loved ones to do things or be in a certain Place that they Expect me to be (because of age, etc), this also adds up to the anxiety i had mentioned earlier. If not careful, these societal pressures would push me on a pity party for my self, making me think of my self as a failure and not moving in the same pace as my peers of as i am supposed too.

But the sooner i give my self the pep talk that" every one has their own time line in line, and mt own time has not yet reached, i encourage my self to get up and keep being positive, blocking away all the negativity. Step by step, i shall get where i want to be. Even if the steps i am making are baby steps, they will eventually add up and contribute to my progress.

Its not how far, but how well.


Everything starts to hurt when you wake up. You get stiff and all your old injuries from years past show back up in the winter time when it is cold. Stiff joints etc. 


I hate how your body isn't the same anymore as time passes by. You get aches and pains and such. Man I don't like this one bit. I don't want to grow old if this is what it really is like. No wonder they say you have to do marathons and be active and such as you get older. 😑