What makes you really different from your parent?

I am more oriented towards the spiritual life, I am curious, I learn, I study all the time, I try to improve myself ... I protect myself as much as possible of the more or less undesirable persons.

My father was a very educated intellectual, I'm quite educated but I feel that my father was a good length, but he was a little too self-oriented ...

My mother was more of a mother of unpretentious family, she knew the plants, their uses, she loved nature, flowers, animals, children, ..., people in general. She liked to cook for us, and for those who visited, she practiced hospitality, ...

Our parents have their opinions on life, which often differ from ours. This is due to their own education but also to their generation which is different from ours.


1.....My parent are a extroverts and I am an introvert - that for once gives them leverage with regards to beginning discussions with individuals and making companions. That is something simple for them -

2... my folks are certain people, open and their extrovert nature assumes an extraordinary role in that. I then again, am distinctive here. While it's not hard for me to begin a discussion with somebody (and I'm quite loquacious) it sets aside time for me to unwind before the other individual. Making companions isn't a simple procedure for me since I generally give off an impression of being progressively shut. That is the reason when we are some place, my parent could talk for a considerable length of time and hours with somebody while I can't. ..

3...My folks are more sensitive than me - that changed after my mom had cancer. It's sort of like we exchanged that attribute - before my mom ailment occurred, she was not really sensitive at all and I was and now I am not in the manner in which I was previously and she is presently delicate than any time in recent memory

4...My parent are more athletic than I am.

5...My parent have dark hair and I have dull darker hair...

6..I'm difficult, they are most certainly not.

7..My parent had various prompt sisters and siblings - I have none. I am the single offspring of my folks.


My distinct life experience, my thoughts, hopes, dreams, beliefs, and opinions, as well as just different body with different genetic make up.

It's basically, all the same thing that make me a distinct individual, 

that makes me not You, not Your grandfather, not my parents, not Your parents, not anyone who is not me.

But maybe you meant it in some everyday, I don't smoke, or I put cream in my tea, kind of way.

There's probably 1000 things I do differently or have different opinion on compared to my parents.


Interesting question.

I felt almost exactly the same as my parents, especially regarding the personality, and from the body.

However, what makes me different is: I can have broader thoughts because I keep learning to recognize other people, interact with them, and take various benefits.