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What habits should we avoid if we want to avoid high blood sugar?

Diabetes is often characterized by blood sugar levels that are higher than normal numbers. This means that by controlling blood sugar levels better, we can better prevent diabetes. Here are some ways to control blood sugar levels properly.

See factors in family history

If there are family members, especially parents who are affected by diabetes, then we may also be at risk for this disease so we must be more careful in applying lifestyle so that it is not susceptible to diabetes.

No longer doing an unhealthy lifestyle

The habit of consuming sweet foods, fast food, and other unhealthy foods is a good idea to avoid getting diabetes. Be sure to maintain a diet with balanced nutrition levels every day. In addition, the habit of rarely moving must be replaced to be diligent in moving and exercising. Health experts themselves advise us to exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes a day so that the body remains healthy and not susceptible to diabetes.

Maintain weight

Being overweight will significantly increase your risk of diabetes. For this reason, it is better to maintain an ideal body weight to prevent this health problem.

Prevent stress

Unexpectedly, stress can also trigger diabetes so it must be controlled properly.

Routinely conduct health checks

By routinely checking health, we can better know the condition of the body, especially in monitoring blood sugar levels in order to control it better.


Do you have what is considered to be a "sedentary lifestyle?" This would be a desk job during the day, very little physical movement before and after work (like taking elevators instead of stairs and watching TV instead of walking around the block). If you have this type of lifestyle recent research shows that you may be likely to have high levels of glucose in your blood. 

Even though you may not be diabetic (yet), a recent study from Australia concluded the above after examining the association between television viewing and blood glucose levels.

Conclusion (only in women, interestingly): the more time women spent television viewing, the higher were their blood glucose levels two hours after they took the glucose test-drink. Result: get more exercise, whether it be walking or actually some kind of regular exercise on equipment. Something...anything. 


When the blood sugar level is too high, avoid all foods that raise it quickly and significantly: including cornflakes, white bread (to be avoided completely), fast cooking white rice, jam, honey, chocolate bars, confectionery, sweet drinks and potatoes in all their forms. Conversely, all unprocessed or little processed foods are good: not too ripe fruits (beware of bananas), vegetables, legumes, animal proteins (especially oily fish). As for cereals, be careful: you can eat some oatmeal, rye bread and whole rice.