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What makes some people to be addicted to selfies?

Well I'd say that I'm one of the people that are actually addicted to selfies so my opinion on the matter is actually a valid one.

There's something about being able to see the way you look right before you take a picture that makes it so much more appealing than asking someone to help you take the picture or setting the camera or phone in place then running along to the right position and then striking the right pose. You have to worry about, wearing the right smile, your shirt being straight, your hair looking good and if your posture is ok, if you ask me, asking people to take a picture of you has too many things that you should be worried about.


With selfies all those things completely disappear, you get to view everything about yourself that's going to show on the camera and you can adjust anything that you feel doesn't fit. If your tie is up, you'll see it, if your zip is down, you'll see it, if your make up is wearing off then you'll see it. Selfies let you look as good as you like and that's one of the reasons why they're so addictive.

We also have to remember that we live in the age of social media and I bet you that the most uploaded pictures are selfies, I should know because more than 80% of all my pictures on Instagram and Facebook are selfies. Selfies let you look as good as you want and trust me when I say you take less tries before you actually get a good picture. If someone was taking the picture for you then it may take a while before you see one that you like.

People just generally look better in selfies and when you have things like animojis and Snapchat filters, it only makes it more addictive because it's always better or downright impossible to use these things without taking a selfie or at least using the selfie camera.

I hope this helps.

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That addiction to selfie has been termed a disorder by doctors and it is known as 'selfitis'. Taking one or two every now and then is okay. Addiction to it is clearly a symptoms of an underlying issue with how people perceive themselves, a clear indication of a problem with their self esteem.


I think the problem is either between some level of narcissm. They pay too much attention a to how they look and overestimate their appearance. Most of the people I know with Vain narcissistic behaviours like standing in front of the mirror for a long time are mostly selfie freak.

Low Self-esteem & Compliments Fishing

Also people low self esteem are naturally always fishing for compliments, these people take selfie and post on social media for likes and regular comment like "you are beautiful" to boost their low self-esteem.

Trend Followers

Ofcourse most of these people are also pertual trend followers, they want everyone to know they are "happening", which is why we see a lot of 'pout', dog face, pig face (and other animal faces I don't know) selfies all over the social media.

That is my take.


Longing for appreciation and Facebook has contributed a lot to this. I'm not saying taking selfies is a bad thing but uploading them day by day to different social media sites is. 

It's very easy to take a selfie and upload it to a social media site and get a bunch of likes but does that mean anything? Are those likes true and honest likes or there are just a habit of liking everything that comes your way in order to get likes when you upload something? 

I've seen people walking with a selfie stick and only paying attention to the screen. They could not see what's going on around them, one has fallen into a  pothole and broke his leg, other kids were hit by the train.

The worst is that these selfies are so fake, you see a big smile which many times is more like a grimace, just to show people how happy you are. What's the point? 


The word selfie is not an uncommon word among the youth in this generation. The word stems from the act of taking a photograph of oneself with a smart phone or a webcam and sharing it on the social media. A synonymous word for selfie taking is "selfitis".

Selfie taking is associated with self oriented action and personality traits. Narcissist individuals are categorized under this personality traits. It was discovered that most selfitis are individuals that are full of love for themselves. This trait in people trigger the act of selfits in them.  You see, this category of people takes pictures of themselves whenever they are well dressed or when they find themselves in a beautiful environment.

However, this act of selfie taking has become an obsessive habit for some people. They are tag as addicted selfitis. A post that once trend in 2014 on a website called the adobo chronicles, claimed that the author describe selfitis as  “the obsessive compulsive desire to take photos of one’s self and post them on social media as a way to make up for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy." This addiction can be chronic and this can cause an individual to uncontrollably take photos of one's self and posting it on social media round the clock. Let us examine some causes of this habit.

1. Environmental Enhancement

This is the act of taking selfies in specific locations to feel good and show off.

2. Social Competition

This is seen as the act of taking selfies to get more likes on social media.

3. Attention Seeking

People often do this, to attract the attention of others.

4. Mood Modification

This is seen as taking selfies to feel good.

5. Self Confidence

Taking selfies make some fellows feel more confident about themselves.

6. Subject Conformity

This means taking selfies to fit in with one's social group or pair.

In conclusion,  it was discovered from a research, that people with chronic levels of selfitis are seeking to fit in with those around them, and may display symptoms similar to other potentially addictive behaviors. 

Thanks for reading...