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How can I fight depression ?

First step: get 5-HTP and take twice a day. Should feel spirits lift slightly within a week.

Next: forget fighting/resistance and probe the emotions for the lessons, guidance, and wisdom in it.

OR... ignore the above advice, train your ass off in UFC fighting, track that bastard down, and beat his ass. 😈

I am a diagnosed minor mood disorder patient. That kind of sounds elaborate or made up right? It should because it's just another name for depression. I had to survive through the most depressing part of my life on my own. And I know what you are talking about. so I'll share you some advice solely as a victim, not as an expert(Which I'm not, I just have sufficient experience of my own). I hope this helps you.

At a very little age I was sent to a boarding school. I was most probably a second grader at that time. The reason my parents sent me there was because I was what they call A "Difficult child". So they thought it was best for me to study where I was separated from the real world. And when I was constantly being bullied and had to fight kids twice my size often which scarred Me. After five years of that torturous life and a lot of begging my parents decided to bring me back home. But the deed was done. I became a misfit here in public schools again. It took me over a year to make my first friend and only a couple of months later he decided to start ignoring me. I too moved on.

But I managed to somehow keep my self together for all those years. And as I was sinking in a lonely solitude of my own I became distressed and depressed. Had constant mood swings. So I decided to spend time on my own but by doing productive things. I made fishing gears slingshots. kites and went fishing or hunting on my own. It was for almost five to six years and in my free time, this is what I was doing. In high school, I changed school and my life started to change a little. I made a group of friends, but still, I found difficulties everywhere. And my older brother decided to take me to a therapist. I went through 7 or 8 sessions with him and I started to heed his advice and decided to lead a disciplined lifestyle.

Now I'm almost near graduating with a BSS degree and I still go through similar hardships. But I learned and managed to cope with my depression.

I wrote all this because I think I needed to show where I exactly stand. Now if you didn't understand how I coped with depression from the experience I shared then let me break it into smaller pieces. The things you should and shouldn't do to cope with depression are as follows.

Always keep yourself engaged in productive things, like start a garden, adopt a pet, or read books, hell start to write a book even, write diaries(might sound odd but it might help you), watch movies ,or do what I did , go hunting fishing or whatever but do something that is worth your time. You can even start a blog or a youtube channel.

Never, I repeat never keep remembering the bad experiences that might trigger a depressing phase. Try to learn from them, and find out what you are angry at.

Never isolate yourself from your family and friends. They are all you have. Talk with them if you can.

And the last one would be, seek professional help. Talk with a psychiatrist or a therapist(some might find both of those jobs to be same but in many countries, these are very different jobs.) who knows you might find some valuable life lessons that will help you throughout the rest of your life. Or I'd rather even say this that, scratch what I said, just seek professional help. That would be enough. And if you think your chosen therapist method isn't helping you then choose another one. You will be out of depression in no time. That was my advice for anyone who might be depressed or not. It might help anyone.

As graduate in counseling and through my own experience with depression, the best remedy, I find is to speak with a therapist and to be around family and friends. Plus all the other strategies listed by others on this thread. I think many of us want to lead a fulfilling life, regardless of what that may look like for each individual and sometimes the going gets tough. It's also hard to say out loud that yeah, you might be depressed because we naturally pride ourselves in being able to do it all, and handle it all, but it really is okay to ask for help. There are many different therapies out there. Some include: cognitive behavioral therapy, where you work with a therapist to accomplish things on an agreed upon agenda to help create new habits and pathways in the brain. it is also a solutions based therapy that focus on kicking "cognitive distortions" (rumination, catastrophizing, etc.) things that causes people to be stuck. There is Rogerian therapy, if you want a less structured approach. it is a person centered therapy where the therapist acts more like a guide to help you self actualize (find ways to unconditionally love yourself, accept yourself) Gestalt therapy is a role playing therapy that gets you to act out what you are feeling. It is less talk therapy and more getting you to learn by doing. The whole premise is to help you with personal responsibility and to get you in the present moment. There are also many many more therapies and it might take some time to find the right fit in both therapist and modality, but the journey is definitely worth it.

there are three real ways to fight depression without drugs.

1.Overcome problems that can be addressed. Not all problems have a straightforward solution. Depression can be aggravated by problems that are beyond your control, such as health problems, financial problems, and the death of your loved ones. To overcome the most difficult life problems, it will help if you practice by overcoming something you can change. What are some small challenges in your life that make you feel negative everyday? Practice overcoming this, and you will get the strength to deal with bigger problems.

2.Express yourself. Depression tends to make people withdraw from life and often avoid communication with other people, but depression will worsen if you keep emotions in your heart. Your feelings have value because they are part of you, so look for ways to express them.

3.Fertilize your spiritual side. Many people think that turning to spirituality can help them find peace when facing depression problems.


Exersise plays a huge role in your brains chemestry. I always go for a jog or lift some weights when I am feeling down. There are studies out there that show this also. 


Have you ever experienced feelings of sadness, anxiety, resentment, and emotions that all mixed into one in 2 weeks or more? If so, you have been depressed.

Like uninvited guests, depression can come to anyone with a variety of causes. This mental health disorder can attack the poor or rich. No exception to celebrities or commoners.

Of course, when depression has arisen it needs to be cured so that it is not prolonged. How to deal with depression is usually by taking antidepressant medication.

But, it's not a good thing when you're used to taking medication to deal with depression. There are still other ways to overcome depression without drugs. What are you? Please refer to the 9 ways below.

1. Meditation

The thing that is needed when you experience depression is to get peace of heart and soul. One way is to do meditation.

A number of research results prove that meditation can prevent the recurrence of depression. The power of this meditation is like you are taking antidepressant drugs. Being able to make you feel more calm.

But meditation must be done consistently. Don't just do it when you need it. Make meditation your daily routine.

For those of you who are Muslims, doing dhikr and wirid are forms of meditation that are in accordance with the teachings. Memory is to train the heart and mouth more in remembering God.

Remind zikr as long as you move, then the heart will feel calmer

2. Do Light Sports

Doing exercise regularly can not only make your body healthy. But it is also a way to deal with depression. Especially mild depression to moderate depression. Do this healthy routine every morning.

Why is it chosen morning? Because at that time the air was still quite fresh. The air has not been heavily contaminated with vehicle fumes.

Especially if you exercise in an area that still has lots of trees. There is a lot of fresh oxygen that can be breathed while exercising.

Sports do not have to be heavy. Walking around the residential complex is also quite helpful. If indeed your house is close to the park, you can also do a light jog there.

3. Manage Food Intake

Consuming food can also reduce the level of someone's depression. Of course not just any food, but foods that contain selenium and high magnesium. Both of these ingredients have a useful effect to cure depression.

Selenium-containing foods include nuts, wheat, and tuna. While many foods that contain magnesium are chocolate, sunflower seeds, shellfish, and pumpkin seeds.

So, rutinkan eating foods that contain two types of minerals so that your depression level can decrease.

4. Eager with Storytelling
Whatever things are weighing on your mind, lighten up by telling a story. Depression can occur because you keep the burden of the mind alone.

Share with your friends or friends. Thus, the existing burden can begin to decrease.

Storytelling is also a way to expel the negative aura and energy due to depression. You can tell the load that is in mind step by step.

Tell me what you really want to tell. If something still wants to be saved, please save it first.
When you are ready to release everything, just do it. Because keeping the load for too long is obviously not healthy for your soul.

But remember, tell someone who you really trust. Those who can lock and save your entire story are only for themselves.

5. Consumption of Fish Oil

In addition to foods that contain selenium and magnesium, people with depression are also encouraged to eat foods with omega-3 fatty acids.

A number of studies have shown that a lack of a certain amount of fatty acid intake can trigger depression.

Salmon meat is a significant contributor to omega-3 fatty acids. You can also get the same kind of content in tuna albacore and herring. But the last two types of fish seem to be quite difficult for you to get in Indonesia.

6. Vacation

For those of you who are active on social media, you must know the term "less picnic".

The term raised by the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, refers to those who often think too much so that the comments that appear often are strange and not in context.

Looking at things in a heavy and complicated way is a characteristic of the emergence of depression.

Therefore, how to overcome the symptoms of depression as above is to walk more often, aka on vacation. With a vacation, the heart and mind will usually be calmer and happier.

No wonder in every long holiday, many people in Jakarta choose to go out of town. They go to places that can be used as a means of reducing stress levels while working.

Stress that is allowed to go on will turn into acute depression. Avoid more on vacation.

7. Writing Journal

Writing is an activity that has various benefits. Especially to be a therapy for those whose hearts and minds are upset and depressed.

Write the mood you feel in a diary. Try to write it every day so that the atmosphere can still be recorded properly.

How to overcome depression through writing this much recommended by experts. No need to be able to write well in doing this therapy. Because your writing is not for other people to read.

Just write down what is in your mind and heart, then save it well. Simple, right?

However, write when you are free. Do not force writing a journal when you are preoccupied with work. Because your mind and heart are definitely not maximally shed when writing.

8. Consumption of Turmeric

Indonesia which is rich in natural resources turns out to store food sources that can reduce levels of depression. Precisely is turmeric.

The cooking ingredients that produce this yellow color according to the results of the study have high benefits for reducing the symptoms of depression.

9. Trying to Tawaqal

There is no place to lean the best besides God. Send all the life you live to only the One True God. Make sure that God always gives the best to all of his servants.

By surrendering everything to the provisions that have been outlined, your mind will not be burdened by life's problems. Even the heart will be more peaceful and calm.

Depression is something I've fought all my life. There is some good day where I feel motivated and there are other days where I feel suicidal .its a constant battle for your mind.

What has worked for me is writing? I share my deeper and darkest thoughts and sometimes it feels awkward and scary but I don't know, every time I unmask my demons I feel strengthened in a way even though it is just for a while. So for you, it might not be writing, you might need to talk to someone or seek professional help. Don't hide your pain--feel it and then let go as many times as possible. It's not something you can get rid of in a day or two. Time is the real healer. So be patient with yourself, love yourself, and just try because that is what truly counts


It Totally depend upon you whether you want to fight or not.

There could be many reasons for you to get into depression,

first you need to find that one reason that is effecting you the most.

You need to start telling yourself that, The reason that is making you depressed is small and It can't control your mind,

It is all about the mind control,

Depression is the duration of our mind fighting with the reason,

and when we let our mind understand, the reason is no a big reason and we start coming out from depression,

on the other hand, you need to keep your self busy in other work, you need to go out with friend, in other words, you need to keep yourself, 

The less you think about the problem, the less you will get depressed,

Hope the answer is cleared.

Firstly, Depression is a serious medical condition and can require medical attention. If you suffer from depression, please call your doctor for diagnosis and a treatment plan that works for you.

However, There are some ways to improve a state of mind when being depressed.

1. Engaging in your favorite activities.
2. Exercising.
3. Outing with friends and family.
4. Reading more about depression can also help.
not something good when you are used to taking medication to deal with depression. There are still other ways to overcome depression without drugs. What are you? Please refer to the 9 ways below.

1. Meditation

The thing that is needed when you experience depression is to get peace of heart and soul. One way is to do meditation.

A number of research results prove that meditation can prevent the recurrence of depression. The power of this meditation is like you are taking antidepressant drugs. Being able to make you feel more calm. Do Light Sports

Doing exercise regularly can not only make your body healthy. But it is also a way to deal with depression. Especially mild depression to moderate depression. Do this healthy routine every morning.

Why is it chosen morning? Because at that time the air was still quite fresh. The air has not been heavily contaminated with vehicle fumes.

Especially if you exercise in an area that still has lots of trees. There is a lot of fresh oxygen that can be breathed while exercising.

Sports do not have to be heavy. Walking around the residential complex is also quite helpful. If indeed your house is close to the park, you can also do a light jog there.
In today's mechanical life, we do not have to worry about ourselves for two minutes and think about it. But where is this busyness taking us? Depression, ie towards depression The WHO report on World Health Day confirms this, according to which there has been an increase of 18% in cases of depression over the past decade. The most shocking thing about that report is that 25% of Indian teenagers are victims of depression. Do not go on those figures, let's talk about depression symptoms and some ways to deal with this mental illness.
Identify Depression Symptoms

Let's take a look at the changes in our behaviour, which show that we are becoming a victim of depression. To overcome depression it is very important to understand its symptoms and signs. Because we can only ask for help if we can know at the right time that everything in our life is not going well. Here are some symptoms of depression:
* Do not sleep properly
* Less hungry
* Guilt
* Be sad all the time
* Decrease in confidence
* Feeling tired and lethargic
* Stimulation or physical anxiety
* Drugs consumed
* Decrease in concentration
* Thinking of self-indulgence
* Do not take interest in any work, avoid measures to avoid the depression;

If you want to avoid depression, talk openly about this. Organize yourself by bringing small changes in everyday life. Give yourself time and your body too
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Firstly, depression is a state or condition in which one feels sad/unhappy.it is a serious medical condition of hopelessness and unimportant which leads to inability to live a normal life. Depression a serious thing that most people does not really understand the extent of its effects in one's life. Many things can lead to a state of being depressed e.g lost of job especially a very good one/unemployment, lost of love one e.g a child, husband, wife or a very close relative, a betrayal in a relationship or in marriage etc. Effects of depression includes lack of interest in activities normally enjoyed, fatigue, starving of one's self which can lead to lost of weight, inadequate sleep, feeling worthless and guilt, lack of concentration, thought of suicide/death etc. Depression can be fought via Encouragement to seek a medical advice/councelling. Should be advised t see a psychologist, make him feel loved, give strengthening advice e.g spiritually, give physical support, give a hope and feeling that it's a temporal situation, avoid blames and don't be judgemental because it can worsen the situation, and assure him or her of help when you are needed. Via these ways one can be helped to fight depression.
Depression, many consider as a permanent disease, but it is not very serious. This is a very common sickness, and every person can be depressed, but it can be easily cured. So let's take a look at ways to eliminate depression forever.
**Sufficient sleep:** The first and main cause of depression is the lack of sleep, you have to take enough sleep. Sleep disorders do not just hurt us physically, it creates mental depression. Sleeping at least 8 hours every day becomes easier to remove sadness.
**Correct diet:** Dieting properly reduces this disease a lot. Experts say that due to lack of proper nutritious food, depression can occur. And so that they suggest to eat food contain Vitamin B.
**Laughter:** This is one of the ways I can overcome depression in my opinion. Keep smiling whatever the situation is. People will have trouble in life, there's no one who has zero trouble in his life. So smile, remove depression.
**Avoid messy environment:** Those who are messy, they become more sad, it may be at work place, maybe at home. So try to keep everything organized.
**Take a deep breath:** It is able to eliminate depression in most. Relax slowly, shake all the thoughts.
**Meditate:** Meditation reduces sadness. Researchers say that meditation enhances the efficiency of the brain, removes all bad thoughts.
**Think long-term:** Plan your future, and it must be long-term. Think of yourself where you want to see yourself after five years from now, and what you should do to reach that goal.
**Sports:** You can play with children at some time in the working hours, or spend time with your pet, depression will not come to you.
**Think positively:** Think positive all the time, never let the negatives come close to you.
**Increase social activities:** We need to be social organisms to survive, if we want to survive. Those who are laughing, chatting with friends, traveling around the family, their depression level is low.
Then there is no depression, let's start a normal life .
Initially heavy to write this story. Depression for some people is precisely the kind of disgrace that is covered. I talked for a long time with my wife before writing this and in the end the decision to publish this paper was because we wanted to share experiences about how to deal with and fight depression.

My wife is a cheerful, independent and smiling person. It is impossible for some people who know him that he will experience depression.

But depression can indeed manifest in various forms, it will not be recognized and can slip in various forms. Depression is a dark shadow that plunges all colors into darkness.

When my wife was depressed I even realized for a long time that it was actually depressed, I thought it was just a normal mood change because my wife was a bit moody. Until finally some time I realized that my wife had actually been depressed.

About depression, I'm not too foreign. There is a history of the closest person and my family has depression. When I was in elementary school, my late grandfather was seriously depressed until he left himself in a mental hospital. He recovered completely and escaped sedatives after returning to the pilgrimage. When I worked, my sister, who was experiencing pressure in SM and ended in depression, had an effect on her health problems.
If you are religious, you could try praying, it works for me all the time.

If you are not, then these other remedies should work for you:

1. Talk to a Trusted Friend
Most times, sharing a problem or bad feeding halves it. There is that weight that gets gradually lifted off your shoulders as you talk.

Also, most friends want our good and your friend might get committed to helping you overcome your feeling of depression completely.

2. Exercise
You don't have to involve yourself in strenuous exercises. Any form of exercise at all will lift some of your depression off.

When you exercise, your brain gets rewired as your body releases a feel-good hormone which helps improve your mood. So get exercising to be happy once again.

3. Try Not To Be Alone
Being alone when you are depressed fuels the depression, so avoid being alone.

Seek out other people's company, even if you don't say a word while with them. Just being around others will make you feel better.

4. Control Your Thought-Pattern
Depression comes from having negative thoughts that you let linger. You should make a conscious effort to control the thoughts, hard as that might seem.
7 tips and healthy ways to fight depression.

1. Spend Time with Friends

No need to spill all your heart into that friend, Enough with quality time and a cup of coffee with a beloved friend, and you will feel better.

2. Out to Nature

Breathe fresh air in a nearby park and feel the sun on your skin. Your body will absorb sunlight and produce vitamin D which helps fight depression.

3. Playing with animals

Lower your stress by spending time with cute animals in cat / dog cafe. If you have a lot of free time, maybe it's time to consider a pet!

4. Body Activity

Exercise will activate the production of endorphin substances that increase mood - just by doing simple activities such as riding a bicycle, swimming, or jog with your favorite playlist.

5. Healthy Eating

Remember to nourish the body from within as well, ladies. Avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol and increase intake of vitamins B, C and D from vegetables and fruit.

6. Open to Humor

Don't let you immerse yourself in melancholy - visit humor sites like 9GAG and watch funny videos on Instagram or YouTube that will make you laugh.

7. Make a hobby

Do your favorite feel-good film marathon. Learn an easy recipe. Buy a book that interests you. Join a community. Free your mind!

superb question. My answer is to remain positive, at all costs.  Train your mind to always focus on the upside of what is there.  Train yourself to come up with the best case scenario you can think of every time worry or any negative thought comes to mind.  Think of how you can execute a plan to strive towards what you want versus avoiding what you fear/dread.  Always keep positivity on the brain inwardly and outwardly until it hurts, and then do it some more.  Remind yourself to smile and laugh at times when you may not feel like it, this changes behavior over time.  Always remember to breathe, keep your breathing as normal as possible this has a lot to do with it.  A trick I learned is to plug your right nostril and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  It actually loads your logical portion of your brain with oxygen and gets you more rational and less anxious.  Sounds ridiculous but it actually works.


Try exercise. It will give you a routine and there is a high from the endorphins produced.