What do I need to know to success on steemit?
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if by success you mean money then forget all you know

money makes money, just like in "the real world", if you go by content alone, the chances of being noticed in the middle of one million hundred thousand accounts are very small, you will need to lurk in discord channels endlessly and find sponsors, but as the market is slightly saturated and most people form conglomerates where they sit in a circular voting system it can be quite hard

unless you come in with money, in which case its not very hard, if you have money you will attract people like a magnet, regardless the content , as recently demonstrated by @berniesanders in the hilarious do you like fish post :)

(dont get me wrong bernie, i think its great if you can do that, it says more about the crowd than it says about you)

there's probably a few thousand tutorials on how to do it but i can give only one advice :

be you , if you're not, then you will burnout fast if you don't succeed fast enough but if you just do what you do then you're already doing it every day anyway :)

it sounds harsh, but a lot of people have the wrong notion about this place : this is NOT free money, unless you already have money

if you're warren buffet you can put a billion on the table and you'll have an extra million by tomorrow

if you're not, it will take some blood, sweat and tears, and there's no guarantees

best to keep your head level to prevent frustration (but frustration there will be anyway)

price fluctuations, auto-trollbots, nazicleaners and their cronies who think they get to dictate what people get to say or not ... all of that doesnt make it a walk in the park really

but people DO succeed ... i always like to mention @papa-pepper who did "this thing" to get a $1000 greenhouse and he did

and since then he hasnt been doing bad, not whalesized but not everyone is interested in the smut of top-level politics

just be you, and explore i think thats the best start, if you go for what everyone says you should go for then you have to understand there's a few thousand, maybe ten or hundred who will do exactly the same because they told them exactly the same, which saturates the subject and topic

or find a niche , some community where you feel at home and interact there, i got more from comments than posts at the start and now i have a lot more comments than posts but the comments barely get me anything (barring a few and ofcourse musing, musing has been very nice :))
To become successful on Steemit is still possible. The issue here is do you have money to invest or not.

If you have money to invest, then, you'd want to buy enough steem and convert to steem power. Apart from being able to curate posts and gain curation reward, you'd gain massive following and this could lead to more votes coming in.

However, if you, like me, don't have money for investment. You'd have to do it there hard way.

-First, you'd have to comment as much as possible. Follow accounts that post stuffs you can relate it.

I've advised people in the pastors to comment on at least 50 posts a day. This will make people know you and also give you following. I've tried it and it works wonders.

-Next, you'd have to post quality content and be consistent with it. Consistency pays on Steemit. When people discover you put your business heart into what you write and see you're being relevant to the platform, they'll come for your blog.
I'd also advise here that you stick to one niche and stop croas-carpetting. Be known for one stuff.

-Use the right tags. There are curators who search particular tags to reward them. Make sure you use tags that are relevant to your post. You don't want to be writing about cryptocurrency and you have cat as your tag.

-Make friends /join a project - This is, perhaps, the most profound of them all. It is the essence of Steemit; community building.

Don't just write a post and go away. Engage, chat, be affable.

Join discord servers and get to meet new people. You could meet nice people who will be supportive of you and your Steemit endeavors.

Wish you a successful steemit journey!
To become successful on steemit there should know a proper details about a steemit and in FAQ you can get the answer what you want so you can go to FAQ section and solve the question which you are having in your mind.

1) Investment: I tell you to invest in today's market because the price of steem coin is so much low due to whole market is down and also you can earn by upvoting votes,delegate sp,and so you can earn also by increasing the steem power.

2)write a blog:if you have a family problem that which don't help you to invest your money in such a big name platform so you can work on it without any investment also by simply writing the blog on steemit on your topic.you should have to write proper answer without copying from any website other wise your post will be plagiarized and your reputation score will decrease as you are copying the blog from website.

So to become popular above both procedure can make you richer in net year because the price of steemit will increase day by day and you will able to earn good amount of money.

Thanks for Reading
You have two option to success in steemit easily.

1) Invest: This is the easy way to earn from steemit. If you would like to invest here you can earn in many ways like selling votes, delegate SP, by upvoting etc. It is the easy system for you. I suggest it for you because now the price of steem is now low. It is a golden chance for you to increase your SP.

2) Create Post: This is also easy but here you must struggle enough for to be succeed. Daily create minimum 3-4 quality post without plagiarism and copy paste. If one day a whale see your post it would be your luckiest day ever.
For creating good content post and for create your post more amazing you can get some questions in Welcome option.
To succeed on Steemit, you need to know the basic first. You can go and visit FAQ section. That answers a lot of things that you need to know as a beginner.

There are similar questions on musing. I already answered that question in another post. To know more, you can take look at this.
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There is no short cut to be successful on Steemit platform. One have to be consistent and patience.
There are few tips while implementing on that one can be grow on this platform.
First of all you have to produce quality posts.
Secondly, participate by up voting the others in form of comments.
Increase your social network by adding people having common interest areas.
By getting more and more up votes
By participating in different bots.
You can also join discord channels and earn up vote from there.
There's just one basic tip you need to succeed on steemit. Steemit works on the 'family' principle.

What I mean is that you have to belong to at least one community (the more, the merrier) or your posts, no matter how good they are, would get lost in the sea of invincibility.

Communities help in a lot of ways; they look out for their members, giving you helpful tips to succeed, and also upvote quality posts.

There are lots of communities you can belong to to start maximizing your earnings and succeed. You need only search out the Ines that interest you and join them.
Steemit is a platform where you can share you Mr daily activities, give information about you and you family or country, your emotions, your feelings and so. Steemit is a site where you can easily make your li prosperous. If you want to earn money online then I will advised you to work on steemit because steemit is a real online earning site not a ptc site. So, to success on steemit you should follow this things. They are : -

1. Firstly, we should not do copy any others article from anywhere. If you do that then you can not success on steemit.

2. Secondly, we all use photos in pictures in our article to make it gorgeous and beautiful. But if we don't use our own photos or pictures then you have to give photo link in your post.

3. Finally, the most important thing is this you should not do spamming on steemit. It is a very bad work.

To success on steemit is as easy as that.
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the truth time and dedication to the platform, if you realize the majority of people who had success in steemit have been more than 1 year and are constant as far as publications are concerned, and if we talk about publications it is better to write about topics that you know and you are passionate so that you do not run out of words when writing.