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If I lose my steemit password, will I be able to recover it?
Yes, my friend you can recover your steemit id. So, you don't have to tension.

Steemit is a platform where if you can invest more then you can earn more. Everyone who are working on steemit, want to be a successful steemian. So, we all have to do good work. You should make good or quality content. There are some works that you should not to do. Such as you should do copy anyones post or from any site, you should not do spamming and so on. If you use any picture which is not yours then you have to give the picture link in the post.

When we all first join on steemit then we all get a password which we should have to save in any other place. So that you can use it at any time for their need. If you also forget that password then you should contact in this (https://steemit.com/recover_account_step_1). After contact with them they will sent you a mail in your email address that you used to verify your steemit account. When you will get mail, ho to the link and set up your account.

So it can be said that if you lose yoir steemit account password then you can recover it.
It is very difficult for you to recover your password after loosing your password.

When I registered for Steemit, I was warned about the issue of misplacing my password. A great warning about misplacing your password will be sent to you.

Always make sure you save your password very secured and avoid exposing your password to strangers.

Once you loose your password, try to message the team maybe they can help you recover it.

You can't recover it. Just send steemit support a mail. They will get back to you with a new key for the lost password.
a bit of mixed answers here, as far as i know, it might be possible te get your original but i dont think they store that for you (if they did i gave a wrong part in an answer and then its definitely dangerous if steemit gets (w)hacked , although i'm sure they're smart enough to store it encrypted if they do

@blocktrades offers and option to store your ORIGINAL key with them when you create an account there

but i'm both cases , i'm pretty sure once you CHANGE the password, no one can recover it for you if you lose it afterwards, you have to keep them offline somewhere, preferably ALL keys, and separate, that way if you lose one you might be able to still get your dollars and steem out even without the master password, but without the master key you can't ever change any of the others again.



*Steemit is proud to announce that account recovery is now available for community members whose accounts were compromised during the July 14 hack.*

so now im slightly confused there :) and it also says "enter your old password" , so ...

looks like my first answer was correct :/ im gonna google some if i find something to the contrary i'll edit it here

so :


perhaps, under set conditions :) steemit really doesnt come with a manual does it ?

well ... this one should be the final edit :


*If you created your account via Steemit.com and have your last known master password you can attempt to recover your account. If you have completely lost your master key then unfortunately there is no way to recover.*

if i understand correctly , for free accounts its possible since they're linked to an email address ? but only within a 30day window, so if you change your own password and you lose the new one you have 30 days, if your key gets stolen , you have 30 days

if i understand correctly . . .

which makes my first answer not wrong but incomplete (whew)
sorry my friend. Tough luck.

Like any other passwords, DONT LOSE THEM in the first place!!!!!!


due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain, there is no one single entity you can look to when things went wrong. Steemit.com does not store your password, no one will have your password unless you give them or it was hacked from you.

There is however a recovery procedure as @sheikhsayem described, but that is only in the case of an account hack (where your password got changed by the hacker) or if you opt to a 3rd party service that stores your password for you (highly dangerous, dont do that).

What people need to know about Steem is that it's not just a writing platform that gives you money. It's literally a bank on your laptop and phone, you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your cash and have to bear the responsibility that comes with the freedom. a Steem account is WAY more powerful than most average users realise.

Steemit made it very clear that you are responsible to your own password, you need to make sure to make multiple backups including offline and encrypted files on the cloud in somewhere safe.

unlike banks, with steemit. You are entirely responsible with your account. because unless you explicitly allows it, no one else can touch your account.