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It's funny the way the world categories people that go to school and people that don't, it's like if you are not educated to don't belong, from your own perspective is education over rated ?

I think this question bothers on the fact that people lack the true meaning of education. So, I'd begin by establishing the meaning of education.

Is education a bag of degree or certificate? Is it a class? Is it an attitude? If I'm not educated, am I disadvantaged in any way?

What really Is education?

Education according to Wikipedia is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

Any activity or experience that is capable of adding value to your life, informing you and influencing the way you think, feel or act is education. That's to say that you don't necessarily have to go through a school to be educated.

Education can be classified as formal or informal. Formal education is the one received in a school through the walls of a class room. It is usually in several stages beginning with preschool to primary school, secondary school and then college or university.

Informal education on the other hand is not confined to a classroom. It includes vocational and entrepreneurial skills acquired by learning as an apprentice from someone who already have experience in a particular field.

Educational methods right from old started as storytelling. Today, methods such as discussion, teaching, training, and directed research now play a major role in education.

Education usually takes place under the guidance of teachers or tutors. But these days with access to internet, you can learn virtually anything you want to with a good android device within the comfort of your home, anywhere around the world.

I know the world categorizes people based on the level of formal education received. The fact that one didn't go to school shouldn't be a disadvantage to the man who didn't attain formal education because he or she couldn't afford it.

*** If we concentrate on delivering our best and focus on improving on it, I believe we would make it to the top pages of history.

It is the mindset of people that make them think the way they do towards people who didn't attain their level academically. Every formally educated man or woman out there needs the services of an informally educated mechanic, carpenter, brick layer, gardener and so on. We all need each other.

I wouldn't say education is overrated. I only think that formal education is what is overrated.  There are lots of graduates who cannot defend their results.

We live in the days where certificates and degrees don't speak anymore. Anybody can buy a certificate. People want to know how much you can deliver if they hire you. Companies have become more interested in how far they can go if you become a part of their work force.

I encourage everyone, especially young people go to school because formal education has a way of imparting on the way you think, act and speak. There is an excellence that comes with going through the walls of a classroom and allowing yourself truly learn. In summary, it would make you stand out...

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I do agree that many people overrate education. Speaking in terms of my country, people and the majority believe that education got from high priced institutions offer better education.  Parents send their kids to schools which demand high fees. Also, they send kids to training institutes which offer entrance coaching for the IIT's. Most parents do not even bother to ask if their wards are interested in technical education and literally force kids to pursue science. 

Those who do not learn science are not looked on with respect. For example, I am a sociology graduate and have been looked down with disrespect because I am not an engineer, doctor or banker. Teachers are not respected very much and are often blamed if the students do not perform well. 

Education however is very necessary. students can be home-schooled but the parents should make sure that the kids also receive some exposure to community interaction as well, if possible. 

In my opinion, people should be trained in some basic skills before they are given the option to pursue skills in colleges. Also, if a student is taught to cook, clean and look after oneself and respect others, he or she will not look down on workers who do these jobs on a daily basis. 


Oh no, education cannot be over rated. This is why.

A close look at the meaning of education beds the essential need of it. Education, a relevant tool for a worthwhile life. In line with the asked question, one is forced to re-ask, what is education? And how can it be over-rated? So, what is education?

Education as a phenomenon has enjoyed different definitions and consequently, one definition cannot be said to be Superior. However, world wide acceptable definitions are commonly identified with unified trend. Let us consider these,

"Education is the process of acquiring the body of knowledge and skills that people are expected to have in your society. A good education develops a critical thought process in addition to learning accepted facts. It also encourages intellectual curiosity, which will lead to lifelong learning." https://www.quora.com/What-do-you-mean-by-education-and goodeducation. According Oyekan (2000), education is the aggregate of learning processes. Ngada Audu James says, "Education is the only instrument that when wisely and effectively utilized can develop the entire society. It is expected to prepare the medical doctor for his profession, the engineer, architect, teacher, politician and all other professional towards the full development of their society. Education is the single largest industry that is expected to attract the lion's share of a nation's budget if meaningful development is to take place as it affects all spheres of life of the totality of any society."

From the foregoing, education is simply the clothes one must wear to avoid being called mad or immoral. It is a basic necessity for basic human existence.

Therefore can we overemphasize the importance of education? Oh no! No education, no life.

Meanwhile, people often confuse school with getting education. Succinct difference is ostensibly created. Education could be formal, non-formal or semi-formal.

While formal education is classroom-based carried out by trained teachers. Or we say, formal education is a planned learning content that is carried out in a structure by trained personnel. On the other hand, non-formal education doesn't have a designed learning content and it doesn't take place in classroom. Or we simply put, Organised and systematic learning activity conducted outside the formal education system.

Non-formal education and training is understood as education and training leading to qualifications which are not directly recognised as such by relevant national education authorities (or equivalent authorities) or not leading to any qualifications at all (although recognition and validation of learning outcomes could then be used and indirectly lead to formal qualifications). This concept is therefore distinguished from formal education and training, which: (a) typically takes place in (or, in the case of formal apprenticeships, dually involve) the system of schools, colleges and universities and other formal education institutions; (b) normally, although not necessarily, constitutes a continuous ladder of education for children and young people; (c) is directly relevant for the determination of the highest level of formal education attained. It is also distinguished from random and informal learning which are not intentional and/or not institutionalised. (https://unevoc.unesco.org/go.php?q=TVETipedia+Glossary+A-Z&id=185)

From the disparity above, can one establish that either of the two major forms of education can be overemphasized? In both ends, education commands the living of a person.

Actually, if one is not educated (formal and/or informal), one is simply 'dead'. However, schooling can be over rated in the sense that one needs more than going to school to become 'useful' and at times the best in one can be discovered outside school. Just like the footballers, sweemers and so on. They don't teach these and some other talented skills in school but can be grabbed outside school yet, the ones that don't attend school but maximize their innate potentials are individuals that outstanding and can compete with their counterparts that have attended school.