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Is Islam really a religion of peace?
Over the past few days, I've been thinking. Islam prides itself as the religion of peace. Yet, more than half of the world's troubles is caused by Islamic faithfuls. How then can we justify that the religion is one of peace when so many killings are perpetrated by Islamic folks?

Although for those who hate Islam it is often considered by them (enemies of Islam) as a religion that carries radicalism and also terrorism or conflict and division. Moreover, there are also various understandings of Islamophobia which consider Islam to be a frightening teaching.

These are all assumptions and accusations that are not properly addressed to Islam. Because naturally, Islam is a religion that brings justice, peace and mercy to the universe (rahmatan lil'alamiin). But the Islamic image, sometimes damaged by those who hate and dislike Islam, develops.

So to answer this, of course Islam must show evidence that Islam is a religion that is rahmatan lil alamin, not bring about damage and division.

In this case, the Koran answers this in the verses in it.

How is the teachings of Islamic peace in Al-Qur'ran

In history, the Prophet did not always carry out war if it was not the only way and media to spread Islamic teachings. Peace and justice are also things that the Messenger of Allah does so that people will be better in the world.

Here are the verses in the Qur'an as proof that Islamic teachings are peaceful teachings.

1. Lean on Peace

This is as explained in QS Al-Anfal: 61, which means: "And if they are inclined to peace, then lean on him and put your trust in Allah. Lo! He is the Hearer, the Knower. "

In the verse above, it is explained that Islam is a teaching that is inclined to peace rather than just dividing and making prolonged conflicts. For this reason, the call leads to peace as a human part subject to God's rules and forms of devotion to Islamic teachings.

The teaching of peace can of course also be proven from how the Prophet Muhammad after the war did not necessarily consume all the infidels and innocent people. Instead, the Prophet built and provided prosperity to build justice for the people there, in order to achieve success in the world according to Islam, success according to Islam, success in the world and the hereafter according to Islam by way of success according to Islam.

2. Prohibition of Killing

This is as stated in QS. Al Maidah: 32, which means: "Whoever kills a human being, not because that person (kills) another person, or not because it causes damage to the earth, is as if he has killed a whole person".

In Islam, killing is not the action ordered. Killing in Islam has never been seen as good except in the context of enforcing rules because of crime or indeed in the context of war. But the rules of killing are also not arbitrary and very careful.

Besides that, Islam never taught to kill each other especially if only because of the emotional aspect. Killing, however, is taking the right to life for humans. While this life is what someone needs to account for God.

Islamic peace is certainly a priority rather than waging war or killing each other, as stated in the verse.

3. Unbelievers who hate Islam

This is as stated in QS. At Taubah: 32, which means: "They want to extinguish the light (religion) of Allah with their mouths (sayings), and Allah does not want to except perfect His light, even though those who disbelieve do not like.

In this verse we can clearly see that it is the infidels who pout and curse Islam. This means that this aspect of peace is not carried out by enemies of Islam. It is evident in this verse that Islam is not a mockery or utterances that provoke conflict, but infidels who do it.

We can also see that in ancient times war solicitation not only came from Islamic teachings. People outside of Islam and even developed nations in the past have also made war physically as a medium to rule and spread Islam.

In this era, of course, the form of war still exists, but it does not always use war physically, but gazhwul fikri (ideological / thought war). And also technology and information are things that have become the media of war in the present era which also has the potential and can divide the current peace.

4. Giving Trust in Each Human (tolerance)

This is often referred to as inter-religious tolerance. As explained in QS Al Kafiruun, which means: "Say: O unbelievers. I will not worship what you worship. And you are not a devotee of God that I worship. And I have never been a devotee of what you worshiped. And you have never (also) become a worshiper of the Lord whom I worship. For you your religion, and for me, my religion. "

From the above verse it is clear that Islam never taught to impose other people of a ather belief to embrace Islam. But that does not mean that Islam also justifies all religions. 

In this case Islam surrenders all beliefs and choices to humans themselves and each of them will account for Allah SWT individually.

For this reason, in maintaining Islamic peace does not allow confusion of pillars of faith, pillars of Islam, Faith in Islam, Relationship between Morals with Faith, Islam and Faith, and the Relationship of Morals with Faith with other religious aqeedahs or even insulting them. Then there is respect for each choice without having to follow the teachings.

Non-Muslim people are safe and comfortable living in Muslim places. Even in the concept of toleration which is the teachings in Islam, if there is a Muslim who interferes with the worship of other religious communities, then it is not permissible or even a major violation in Islam, in the sense that Muslims can be sanctioned for disturbing other religious groups.

So from that it is clear that Islam is the religion of rahmatan lil'alamin (a religion that brings peace to the whole universe).

Even in many end-time hadiths, in our study we found that there was an indication that Islam would become the new face of Europe.

In my city churches and other religious places of worship were also established and no one damaged other religious places of worship of non-Muslim . And that is also evidence that Islam is not a radical religion and terrorism. Indeed Islam is a religion of peace.


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don't they kill women if they get raped...? 

say a person is to be killed if they leave the faith...? 

shall we go on and on drawing on specific examples that exemplify the answer...?


Yes, Islam is a religion of peace, a religion full of tolerance, a religion that upholds human values ​​and opposes destruction or murder, whether done massively or against individuals.

There are 5 human rights which are highly respected and maintained by the Islamic religion, namely Religion, Life, Assets, Nasab and Honor.

Those who commit harassment and crimes against these five human rights are unacceptable, and Islam gives a very severe sentence to the perpetrators.

Allah SWT. say:

"Whoever kills a human is not because the person killed another person (not because of qishash), or not because it caused damage to the earth, it is as if he killed all humans; and whoever nourishes the life of a human being, it is as if he has preserved all human life. "Al-Maidah: 32

Islam forbids using all means to achieve goals. Even in an atmosphere of war rage, Islam provides signs and ethics for war: it is not permissible to kill people who have surrendered, cannot kill women, parents, small children, may not damage plants, or places of worship. Prisoners of war in Islam are also guarded and treated humanely.

Therefore, any act of violence, murder or bombing, then the action cannot be tolerated, cannot be accepted, whoever is the perpetrator, whatever the religion. And Islam is free from this action. Allahu a'lam


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Sincerely as for me i cannot consider islam as a religion of peace especially after educating myself about what the quran says about how to deal with non-believers....my stance is that islam is never a religion of peace....

let us look at the IRONY concerning those who still keep claiming that islam is a religion of peace..read this..

1.....Islam is peaceful to the point that Mohammad's own family need to flee from Islamist and take haven in a "Hindu Kingdom".

2....Islam is peaceful to the point that different religions who has a place with center eastern region are very nearly terminatated (Zoroastrians, Yazidis ) and many ended up wiped out. Judaism and Christianity are pushed out from their actual place of origin..

3....Islam is peaceful to the point that a mosque is bombarded in Medina (the second-holiest city of Muslims), since it has a place with Shias.

4...Islam is peaceful to the point that Shias, Sufis and Ahmadiyya are butchered and shelled , in light of the fact that they have somewhat unexpected convictions that is difterent to that of Sunnis.

Islam was really never actually peaceful, it's history is loaded up with blood, perceived conquest and also oppression... Islam obviously partitions the world into adherents and non-devotees and urges Muslims to wage a war against non-believers and build up a worldwide caliphate. Indeed the premise of establishing Islam was the actual conquest of all the non-believers and actually wanting to drive them into submission of Allah.

Also, the most sharp thing (or most noticeably awful thing ) that Mohammad did was that he proclaimed himself as actually the last messenger, and the Quran as the actual expression of Allah. It ruled out the reform of the religion, which occurred with different religions over time.


If I was not a Muslim, I would also say that Islam is a religion of peace. This is not a blind fanatic I try to explain. But Islam is a religion of peace and it is in accordance with the essence of Islam itself.

Islam (اسلام) comes from the Arabic language "سليما" which means "peace, peace and prosperity", transformed into the word "سلام". As for, from "سليما" to "أسلم" which means saving, reconciling, and prospering. Then, from the word "سلم" also appears some other derivative words, among them are the words 'سلام' and "سلامة" meaning salvation, peace, well-being, and honor. "تسلیم" means submission, acceptance, and confession, "سلم" means peace, peace. "سلام" means peace, peace, and respect, And the word "مسلم" means that men who are Muslim and "مسلمة" mean women who are Muslim.


Truth be told I believe any religion can be abused and manipulated by adherents to cause chaos. While there does seem to be some sort of prevalence among Muslims, I will not give the damming 'NO'verdict.

I believe there is a need to emphasize on those teachings that talk about peaceful coexistence with one another by Islamic teachers going forward as a way to curb Islamic extremism.

Islam is just like any other religion in my book and with the right ideological perspective can be manipulated into being a force for good



it isn't

The Quran encourages believers to kill infidels. It encourages subjugation of women. It doesn't allow for dissenting opinions.

Some try to ignore those areas but it doesn't change anything.

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Compare to other religions, maybe it's less peaceful


I think peace and religion are always two entirely different cups of tea. No religion is really peaceful as every religion and/or its followers tend to discriminate other people or even call for acts of hatred and violence to some degree based on their scriptures.