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how to improve reputation in steemit?
<br>in terms of raising my reputation in steemit very difficult, then please provide input to me as a beginner

If you are talking about the numerical value beside your username. Then it's actually easy but it becomes tougher as go up to a higher number. So let me suggest few things on how to help on your goal. Take note, this is not say I'm expert on it, in fact I'm just speaking based on my whole year experience to this platform.

1. Create upvote-able contents

It doesn't need to be a really long write-up because the important thing is the content and that value that the reader will acquire after reading or viewing your post.  If other users like it and it's something that they relate to, then they will support and upvote as well. The upvotes will actually remunerate you a with tokens and reputation score.

2. Promote your post

It's not bad to promote your post through the use of promotional service from a bid-bots, in fact even the so-called high profile Steemit users are using it. The upvotes from bots who have a really high stake will actually boost your reputation score by a big leap. However, it isn't something that you can easily abuse, since it will bring your post to the trending page, it will also invite other users to vet for your content. Promote a good content and you will also acquire more upvotes while promoting a bad quality post will get you flags ( a negative reputation).

3. Lastly, utilize DApps

This may sound obvious, but I just want to highlight the use of DApps who are actually upvoting contents. There a lot of new DApps nowadays, however there are only few who seemed to have the power of a huge Whale. Since most DApps target a certain niche, so if it's something that enjoy doing then use the DApp and post a content that they value. Note, even a 1% vote from let's say @musing will actually add a number to your reputation score.

I hope it will help on you on your goal of achieving a higher reputation score. If you know other ways to do it, feel free to reply on my answer and I would gladly expand my answer for others to refer to. Cheers!


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First you need to understand how reputation works:

Your reputation on Steemit is increased by other users upvoting your posts. (also note that downvotes decrease your reputation).

For each of your posts the reward shares of the votes made (i.e. your share of the reward pool) is added to your reputation so that it increases. (the rshares from flags are deducted from your reputation).

Reputation level for a new user is 25. It is more difficult to move from one reputation level to the next as your reputation increases as it is a logarithmic scale.

Now how to improve your reputation:

The normal approach is to create good posts for which you obtain lots of upvotes. Easier said than done! However there are some platforms such as DTube and DLive with large delegations on which even new Steemians can be rewarded with high upvotes if they produce good quality and original posts.

The short cut approach is to use bid-bots. Just make sure that your post is of sufficient quality and not plagiarised so that you do not join the blacklist. When you pay for a bid-bot you receive upvotes which also increase your reputation. So you can in fact pay for a higher reputation by churning your rewards through the bid-bots, using the rewards from each post to pay for the next set of bid-bots.

Reputation is not a great system on the Steem blockchain and there have been many approaches proposed to improve it. I would recommend that if you are running a project, reputation is not the best measure on which to found any conclusions.
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Reputation is a plugin in the steem blockchain that measures how much you've been upvoted and by what kind of people.

The more you get upvoted by people, the faster your reputation rises. but an upvote by a high reputation account bumps you way faster than a low rep account. The variety of accounts also matter. if only the same people keep upvoting your stuff, you're rep increase rate flatlines.

There's only one way to legitimately improve your reputation.. Do it like how you would do it in real life..

Know people, provide value, make people like you, engage with various communities, make yourself known as someone solid by being someone solid.

That's how you improve your reputation..

*I'm an alt-account for @awesomianist, a rep 61 steemian*
There is no short cut to improve the reputation of Steemit account. One have to be consistent and patience.
There are few tips while implementing on that reputation can be increased.
First of all you have to produce quality posts.
Secondly, participate by up voting the others in form of comments.
Increase your social network by adding people having common interest areas.
By getting more and more up votes
By participating in different bots.
You can also join dicord channels and earn up vote from there.
Reputation is your rank on steemit. So if you improve your reputation there is no profit or loss. But if some one saw that you had huge reputation so everyone will think he is very famous.

To improve reputation:
1. Write a quality content and get upvotes. If you get upvotes with a valuable SP it will increase your reputation.
2.If no one upvote in your quality post use bots to improve reputation.
3.When your post payout was given it also increases your reputation.
4. Create valuable comments to others that will helps you most.
Reputation is a thing if we invest huge amount and give to upvote then reputation can be increased in 1 day also but if you don't have money you better takes upvotes from different community and work atleast 3 hours a day in steemit and automatically your steemit account will grow and you will increase your reputation.
to improve your reputation in steemit you have to add very good content , increase your steem power and use bots to upvote in start , your repo starts increasing,
First things first you have to understand what improves reputation on steemit so that you will now know what to do to increase your reputation

score on steemit...the more upvotes a user gets the better their chances of getting their

reputation score increased,the reputation score of the users upvoting your contents also plays a

very huge role in determining how much your

reputation score will increase,also the
Steempowers of the people upvoting you also
matters when trying to increase your reputation

score..and another very important thing is that
please and please ensure that you avoid creating

bad contents so that you will not be downvoted because the more your contents get downvoted

the more your reputation score keeps decreasing so that is why you have to create contents that are good in order to prevent downvotes..
Reputation is obtained from the number of votes we get. That is the total rewards earned. The bigger the reward you get then the greater your potential reputation will go up.
Basically there are two ways to increase you reputation in steemit
1) Write posts that have quality content . Your repo will automatically rise once people show love towards your posts as upvotes. You require a bit of patience here.
2) If you have enough money and you wanted to increase your reputation faster start using bots. Buy SBD/STEEM with your fiat and send it to your wallet, then start using bots. Bots are the steemit accounts which upvote your posts by taking money from you.
To improve reputation in steemit, we can do it by making a post regularly. At least four post a day. And when we get some upvote for every post that we have posted, it also increase our reward and our reputation. And if we make a very interesting post, and we some upvote from a whale, its mean that our reputation has improve.

There are 2 ways to increaee your reputation on Steemit - the easy way and the hard way.

The easy way - the easy way to increase your reputation on Steemit is to buy upvotes. This is because the reputation score doesnt differentiate if the votes are paid for or not. So even though bots arent highly profitable anymore, they are a great way to quickly increase your reputation (if thats what you want). This is how some new users have a high rep after only being active on the platform for a few weeks.

The hard way - The hard way is to slog away on your blog day in, day out, producing content, and not buying upvotes. This way will take alot longer becuase your rep is based on how many upvotes you get, their value, and who they come from.

I have generally stuck to 'the hard way' because I know that rep score doesnt really matter to much (to me anyway), and is not really a true measure of quality content.