Can a lady be disflowered without blood shed??

Yes she most certainly can and the because to deflower a woman means to have penetrative sex with her for the first time. Once a girl has had penetrative sex or engaged in coitus, then she can be said to have been deflowered.

Now I know there's alot of confusion about the nature of a woman's hymen and why she bleeds when she has sex for the first time. A lot of people believe that a woman's hymen only breaks when she has sex for the first time but that isn't true. Some women break their hymens long before they have any sexual encounter and that's because the hymen is just a thin piece of skin that covers the inside of the vagina and with time it actually gets weaker and falls off.

Women who use tampons can also indirectly break their hymen and not even know about it so if you're the type of guy that wants to marry a virgin and on your wedding night you don't see any blood then don't hold it against your wife, her hymen may have broken a long time ago as a result of something else.

Things like horse back riding, gymnastics or any form of rough housing or playing could cause the hymen to break and if it breaks around the time that a woman is having her period then she may have no idea that her hymen has broken in the first place, it's perfectly normal.

Let me also add that some women are actually born without hymens so the concept of bleeding when they have sex for the first time may be alien to them. There are numerous reasons why a girl wouldn't bleed when she's being deflowered and it doesn't always mean that she's slept with someone else.

Some women may have their hymens still in place but it might already be so weak and on the verge of breaking that even when they have penetrative sex, they won't notice anything and there won't be any blood whatsoever.

I can keep on listing out the reasons but I'm sure you already catch my drift. Women can indeed be deflowered without having any blood show up. The belief that all girls who don't bleed when they have sex for the first time is ridiculous and baseless. Hopefully anyone reading this who suspects someone of having sex before marriage or being deflowered by someone else will have a rethink.

I hope this helps.


I don't think so. When the hymen breaks there's a flow of blood.

Some urban legends exist of guys who can deflower women without breaking the hymen.

Those are most likely just fairy tales.