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How do you handle dishonest friends?

@Peyit, At first place true friends cannot be Dishonest because they showcase who they are if someone is calling themselve as friend but showcasing the essence of Dishonesty then in my opinion it's better to get rid of them because they are just for their own profit or motive. But yes, before that we can have conversation too regarding their actions because it's important to hear next person too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I don't. If they are my friends and are dishonest then I get rid of them. This tells me they can't be trusted and I don't want to hang around people that are a bad influence.

Normally my friends know my family and I don't want them starting to think I am like them as well. It happens that you get associated with the people you mix with. Your good name will be dragged down with them eventually.

I would get rid of them as fast as possible if I was you as how do you know if they are being honest and upfront with you. You will never know and therefore they can't be trusted. 


I have a rule that I follow. A friend is always telling the truth unless proven otherwise. Once I find out they are dishonest, I stop believing in them and start to think everything they say is a lie. In short, I stop being friends with them.


7 Ways to Face a Friend who Loves Liability!

1. Investigate it

You have to investigate whether what he says is honest or vice versa. You can explore it by asking that question to a close friend or the person in question he told you about.

2. Gathering Evidence

After you investigate, you find a fact that he is indeed lying. You better not directly reprimand him, girls. You collect the evidence first, because if there is no proof, you will be attacked by him, girls.

3. Trapping him

After you investigate and gather enough evidence, he doesn't want to admit it too? You can make a plan that can make him admit his lies and give up to lie again. Girls, by trapping it does not mean you are being a bad friend anyway, it is just so that he deterred and did not lie to you or anyone else.

4. Reprimand

If you are brave enough to rebuke your lying friends, you should just do it, girls. It is possible that you will reprimand him immediately, your lying friends will no longer repeat their bad habits.

5. Ask repeatedly

Well, for your friend who is still classified as a beginner liar, try to ask what you think he is lying with repeatedly. If he is confused when answering it and every answer he gives is different, there's no mistake it's a sign he's lying, girls. You have to diligently ask to make sure your friend is lying or not.

6. Talk Good

If you are the type of person who is meek and can't do the methods above, you can try to talk directly well, girls. You can act as his best friend, so he trusts you, after that you can ask him what his lies mean.

7. Forgive it or not

Well, finally he confessed and apologized for the lies he did. It's time for the decision to be in your hands, girls want to forgive or not? Even though he is lying, he is still your friend, girls. So that he doesn't repeat his vices, you can help him to be better,


You ought to characterize yourself the sorts of lie they tell .as you referenced everything then how might you say they are your companions 

A dishonest individual is never in true friendship with anybody … .genuine friendship requests truth,trust n regard . 

In the event that somebody deceives you without a doubt he doesn't regard you, how the person in question is your companion. 

Contemplate on every one of these things .Just watch their activities .Besides lies ,you will discover demonstration of self-centeredness as well . 

I recommend you to be not nitty gritty about your life to these sorts of individuals .Just be as worried as it is important really to you . 

In the event that you are excessively sincerely associated with them .Guard your feelings since they won't … .don't enable them to utilize you for their advantages… .. 

What's more, carry on with your life to full on the grounds that as you are a fair individual ,you will get new and great companions on time… .. Preferred to be separated from everyone else over having counterfeit ones…