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She insist on sex without condoms,how do I stop this?

why would you want to...? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


ย Just tell her, ok lets do this after we visit the docter because im not really sure about my last ex, and i don't want to give something to you. And while we are there, then you can do the same as well. Then both of us can check all out and when all is free, then you can do what ever the hell you want.It will be game over before you even finished your sentence!ย 

But hey, you should ask yourself why is she asking that? Chance might be big that she ask that because she likes it, that means she is used to doing those things. And that can be a huge problem then, so better safe then sorrow, then not safe and stupid on the end!ย 


Is she your:

1' Girlfriend

2' Wife

3' Sister or female relative?

Why does she insists on having sex without condom?

Why do you want to stop her from doing so?


This is the first time I answer such a more personal question here on musing, Its quite surprising that a girl would be the one who ask for no condoms.

Usually it's the guy who request it.

Well, I am not sure what type of girl this is that your referring to. If it's your girl friend, it depends also on if you want to be her husband in the future. She may get pregnant and she would request for you to get married with her in the distant future. If is on the pleasure side, I guess without a CD feels a bit more different than when there's a thin layer of rubber. Well, for a girl to allow you to do that, she trust you that's why she would let you do that as it increases the chances of getting pregnant due to load input inwards.

However, if it's not someone close, I advise you to not have this kind of intimate type of relationship with the person as it is unusual. Something strange is going on.

You can suggest the girl to first let you use a thinner condom to see if it is more pleasurable. Always stay safe and use a plastic as you won't want any unwanted diseases or even unplanned pregnancies.


Simple. ย Don't have sex with her. ย It's your choice as much as hers. ย If you want to use a condom, you can stand up to her and say you're using a condom.


You can't stop it yourself except you communicate to her your dislike for not usimg condoms whenever having sex.

There is no relationship issue that cannot be settled with proper communication, however your approach to communicating the said issue to your spouse matters a lot.

I can't boast of my vast experience in relationship and sexual matters but I can say that I have had quite a few experience with ladies who love it raw without any form of protection and along the line I asked why because I prefer to use Condoms to prevent pregnancy since we ain't married yet and her response shocked me. She said whenever I use condoms, she doesn't enjoy the sex because it becomes extremely painful and moreover she enjoys it more without condoms and get to her climax.

If your girl as well feels the same way with what my fiance told me, then it's quite impossible to talk her out of it. However, there are other ways you can adopt to prevent unwanted pregnancies and that's for her to use birth control pills so you'd be both on a safe side.

But let me warn, communicating your concerns to your spouse can be either positive or disastrous and defeat it's purpose if you don't go about it the right way.

First of try to understand her reason by asking her questions pertaining to why she doesn't like using condoms and prefer flesh on flesh sex, then you can know what your next action would be.

Furthermore, try to communicate your thoughts and concerns to her in a Much more liberal manner for her to understand and not take offence or read meaning into your words. The emphasis is on the kind of words you use because she can probably link it to you not trusting her or she not trusting to be sleeping around or even have an STD.

I'm addition, do not try to control her or make a demand, but try to convince her and make her see reasons with you.

Finally, you've got to come to a compromise if she refuses tto see to your reasons, you've got to abide with what she wants and exploit other options. This shouldn't be a reason for a break up or misunderstanding. If anything it should bring you closer to her. I wish you best of luck in your relationship


If she's on the pill, you could put away the winter cloth for another season.ย 

Safety first, be careful.