At 27 is it okay to be staying with your parent?

This definitely depends on the achievements the status and the mentality of a person I don't think age should be a yardstick to measure when a person should leave the house of his or her parents some 23 year olds male and female are already married and even had children why some 30 year olds have not even started thinking of even having a wife not to talk of staying in their parents house I think things like this should be based on how far you have reached in life if at 27 you are still struggling to fulfill your dreams and still looking for means to survive then I don't think leaving your parents house makes a difference on your personality because you are not definitely prepared.

Although I'm not saying it is ok to stay with your parents at 27 but I definitely think it is not outrageous or out of this world it depends on when you are fully prepared mentally financially psychologically or otherwise staying alone without your parents doesn't actually show that you are matured or that you are old enough I think experience in being able to stay alone or even handle what it means to be independent without your parents support a better factor to consider experiences or establishment in the ramifications I mentioned earlier.

So if you are staying in your parents house at 27 there is definitely nothing wrong with it in fact it is ok by me because you are in your late 20s and you are still allowed to make a few mistakes in life if you find it difficult paying house rent and your mum definitely has a home you'll be stupid for you to say you don't want to stay with your parents simply because you think you are 27 it shouldn't be a factor to consider when you are in desperation so if you feel you have prospects and are yet to achieve some certain goals please you can still keep staying with your parents however I think when you get to 30 this elasticity elapse


In my culture , and Tanzania as a whole, its okay to live in your parents house at whatever age, as long as you are staying in the same city and are not yet married. Infact they make it quite a big deal when you are moving out (getting married) because the man has to come to your house with his people and respectfully ask to "remove"you from the house and take you to his

So in this case, there wil be quite a big ceremony, celebrating this milestone.

Single women living on their own are in fact scrutinized and alway Been identified as promiscuous just because there is no man to manage and out things in order in the house.

Please put in mind that this is a non millennial type of thinking and unfortunately os how most people in my country reason, a woman without the supervision of a man cannot live on her own.

For a Man, if he is financially stable and to cater for him self but still chooses to stay home is in my opinion okay, as long as he is not being a burden(big baby). His reason could be as simple as saving money on rent, and other expenses. Understable and also depends on how the parents view this.

But for a man, still hustling and trying to find his path, i think staying at home is further crippling.

The comfort of being provided with everything might weaken the sense to see the need and urgency of being self sufficient. This may be harsh but i think its true.

And arguing as a millennial, i think women of this age, we want independence, and one way to achieve that is not staying at home. Being on your own and survive, making ends meet.


In the country I live in, it is a common scenario. The only time that children leave their their parents is when they are going to have their own family. Living with one's parents is okay as long as the 27 year old is the one providing for the parents, not the other way around.


I don't think that it's fine to be staying / living with your parents at that age.

Maybe yes, if the situation is that they are already weak or sick that you have to stay and take care of them.

If the reason is because you can't afford to be independent, then I would say that it's not right anymore. In fact, we should be independent by age younger than 27 years old, preferably.