How do you control pre ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a truly embarrassing problem for quite a lot of men. Although you won't find them talking about or admitting it as most men are too embarrassed.

There are quite a number of different ways and methods to tackle this problem ranging from exercises to medications, I'll list a few and talk about them briefly.

1. There's the start and stop method, although this can be tedious and unsatisfactory but it'll definitely make you last longer. It works in the simple way, whenever you're engaged in intercourse and you feel like ejaculating all you need to do is to stop and wait awhile till the sensation passes then you continue again.

2. You could take antidepressants, some antidepressants have a side effect that causes delayed orgasms. The down side is these drugs usually have side effects that'll make you consider not taking them as the risk outweighs the reward.

3. Tramadol is one drug that has gained popularity over the years for its benefits in delayed ejaculations, this drug is primarily a pain killer, so using it for this purpose isn't really advisable.

4. There are so many sex enhancing drugs you could get that'll improve your time in bed, example if such drug is viagra drugs that have been made for the purpose of delayed ejaculation.

5. Last but not least, you could try numbing creams or use condoms, these help to reduce the sensation you feel during intercourse which prevents you from having premature ejaculation.


Wear Condom 

Sounds silly yet is especially incredible to view early release in men as it reduces the prompting in by far most of the men and hauls out the time term. Additionally, especially a couple of condoms with benzocaine gives the prominent results as its soothing properties give some desensitizing effect and pass on greater chance to the release methodology. Results may vacillate from composed yet crest control can be refined with these condoms and can have extended lovemaking may augmentation to more than five minutes. 

2. Stop framework 

This is a framework to lessen the early release which goes with some execution exercise of a male. At whatever direct male feels toward get climax immediately need to stop and loosen up for couple of minutes and can in like manner use a squeezing technique to stop climax. By loosening up or redirecting for couple of minutes can restart the method this gives the more drawn out time hold and besides urges both the associates to satisfy meanwhile. 

3. Use Cream or Spray 

Using some desensitizing creams or sprinkles also gives the required results yet need to pick the things without any responses. This creams or sprinkles are planned for feeling less sensation which ordinarily delays the release. In any case, a couple of cases the associate similarly feels the deadness which may impact your satisfaction levels. Pick those latest things which simply numb the outside skin of the male organs by rapid ingestion and reduces the transference to the accessories. 

4. Endeavor Passive 

Changing positions is another decision for treating early release with no use of engineered mixes or showers causing responses. Take confined positions as opposed to dynamic and push your female accessory to take the dynamic part. Endeavoring some remarkable position like spooning positions or others may similarly give obvious results. However, the assistants' assistance is especially required for this methodology accomplishment rate.


Being exceptionally energized, dread and tension about sex, liquor and medication utilize, and sadness may cause early discharge. Open correspondence with an accomplice about preferences, and focusing on sensation — to back off the way toward coming to the heart of the matter of ejaculatory certainty — can help folks defer discharge. 

Men who look for sex treatment for early discharge are educated the "crush procedure." The accomplice conveys the man to erection, however presses the penis just beneath the glans with thumb and pointer just before the time when discharge would wind up inescapable. The accomplice applies weight until the point when the erection is lessened by 10– 30 percent. The penis is discharged for around 30 seconds before it is conveyed to erection once more. This strategy is rehashed until the point when the man can go for 15– 20 minutes before discharging. 

Wearing condoms can likewise lessen early discharge. A few men have attempted Extended Pleasure condoms by Trojan or Permorax condoms by Durex. These condoms are covered with a gentle analgesic within that desensitizes the penis and enables a person to last more