What is the easiest way to get a lady laid?

Are you asking what the easiest way to get laid is if you're a guy? Simple. Find an escort, pay up and get it over with. For the average guy that might even be the cheapest option if you account for every type of direct and indirect cost including time spent. If you want to hook up with some girl on Tinder or something, remember that you will have massive competition. If you go to a club, you're probably going to end up spending a lot of time and drinking many overpriced drinks for each time you manage to pick some girl up and get her in the sack. When you do that, you will end up forking over considerable cash to a third party while the girls get their egos stroked and some of their drinks for free from guys hitting on them, possibly including you. When you employ an independent hooker, you are really just cutting out a bunch of middlemen and giving the cash directly to the girl. What you will be missing out on, however, is the thrill of the hunt. Only you know your priorities, so it's all up to you.


Go to a brothel with your money


It is all about money...

The difference is ladies have levels

We have the cheap ones and we also have the expensive ones.

The cheap ones are those in the brothel, some have a fixed price,while others dont but still the money isn't that much.

The expensive ones are the classy girls. It will take to lure them with money but they will eventually fall...

if you have your money, The back of the ladies you want will touch bed.....


Getting  woman laid has to be bout the easiest thing in the world. I can not even imagine a scenario where a woman could not get laid within about 5 minutes if she approached only a few men and told them she wanted to have sex. If it made it pst 3 guys I would be absolutely amazed. 


By Approaching The Parents And Asking For Their Daughters Hand In Marriage. Then Perform The Marriage As You Pay The Dowry.

You May Need To We'd Her Either In Church, Mosque or In Marriage Registy. After Which You Are At Liberty To "Lay" Her!!

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If you are interested in physical relationship with some one, just tell them from the start that you want a sexual relationship with no commitments.

But one advice my friend...never deceive a lady just because you want to get laid with her...I mean it is immoral and disgusting.

How would you feel if someone hide his/her intentions and takes advantage of you???


If you want to get laid the easiet, fastes and cheapest. Below are my three steps solution:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Think of the lady you like
  3. Get laid with her

Now you got laid with a lady inside your mind.


And be ready to face whatever consequences you encounter there


 There is no easy way to get a lady laid, because you're talking about a lady! A Lady don't get easy laid unless you do foul play, but Let's assume your not into foul play then ignore the easiest way to get her laid, and just conquer her heart.

But if you men some kind of ghetto, horny, one or two months playing around woman/girl then you should create the right circumstances, combined that with the fulfillment of her needs like drinks and food and feeling comfortable and then make sure she must get a smile on her face, until your body can take over the conversation!

But don't do this with a lady, forget about getting laid and just focus on her heart and then you can have her till the end of time!