What's the best way to get extra income?

 Life can provide us lots of opportunities to get extra income. We have to look for the right opportunity and make use of it well. Even if you are a full time worker, you can spare some time outside your work to explore new earning opportunities. The best way to look for nice earning opportunity is to identify things that you are good at and try to make money out of it. 

There is a famous saying that "If you are good at doing something, don't do it for free." That is the best way to make use of opportunities. I have explore so many earning opportunities in my life. Right from my school days till I joined my full time job, I have been able to try so many things to get some extra income. Some of the trails that I made was really successful and some were just an experience for me. I was able to meet so many people and learn so many things. I would like to give a glimpse on my learning experience. 

Use your skill to earn extra income

If you are good at doing something, you can improve it further and always look for opportunities to make money out of your skills. If you are good at comprehending and writing technical articles, there are many people everywhere for whom it is not a strength. You can give them a helping hand to complete their technical work and at the same time you can earn from it. If you are skilled in doing multiple things, I would say that we can primarily focus on one particular task and try to improve in that particular task alone to get more focus towards extra income. If we diversify our skills and area of interest, grabbing the opportunities can be really challenging. 

Don't do it because others are doing it

Income can come from any sources. If you are attracted by someone who is really earning so much by doing a particular task. You don't really have to do the same thing to see if you will be successful. If the task is something that you really hate to do, you will not be adding any value to it and ultimately your earning potential will be very less in that particular task. Choose only the tasks that you are good at. Not for the sake of others or not just because someone else did it and they were successful because of that. It might work for them but it is not mandatory that everything should work for you. 

Dedication and perfection in the work we do

Of course you have to be perfect in all the tasks that you are doing. Without proper dedication any task that you do may not give you the fruit that you are looking for. In order to see more earning opportunities, it is not only enough that you should be a man/woman with skills. It is also important to be with more dedication and perfection in the work that you do. From my experience in corporate job, I have seen many people earning lots of extra income just because they show more dedication and perfection in the work they do. I even received an appraisal once just for my extra efforts and dedication on a particular task. 

Chase your dreams

You might be someone who really like teaching but you would have ended up becoming a software developer. (I'm talking about myself here) In such cases you can always look forward to use your teaching skills inside your job. You can very well be a mentor to someone in your day to day job and fulfil your dreams. When you focus more towards the things that you love the most, it will automatically fetch you more extra income. The extra income can reach you in a way where you would be given opportunities to give guest lectures or public speeches. Even if there are no opportunities right in front of your eyes, you can create one by sharing your knowledge online and earn money from it. 

Savings is the best income

Savings is considered to be the best income one can get. People might look for various opportunities to earn some extra income but at the same time they forget about the importance of saving what we have earned today. People are also used to more spending. If spending is going to continue then we will not have any benefit even though we earn extra income. A part of what we earn should always go to the savings. That can really save us when we are stuck in the future without any income. The basic necessities should be satisfied before we look forward to get some extra income. If we don't really have a control over what we earn today, we will not be able to sustain how much ever we earn. 

Other extra income opportunities

There are many methods in which you can earn some extra income apart from the regular work that you do. Of course certification might be required on certain tasks. I would like to list out few opportunities for extra income:

  • Becoming a blogger and earning through ads in your website and affiliate marketing. 
  • Contribute to some community websites to earn rewards from the websites. 
  • Online surveys are a great way to earn some extra income. It may not be of high value all the time but they are really good. 
  • Part time teaching work can give you good income if you are really good at teaching. 
  • Content writing and technical writing opportunities.
  • Join websites like Upwork and Freelancer to get more jobs based on your skills set and get income from it. 
  • Investments are best way to earn. The investments that we do today is going to become a passive income for us in the future. Savings is very important and especially the ones that will give you good returns.  

Fortune should also favour. Even though we make lots of plans to earn extra income for us, there are also factors that are controlled by fortune and luck. If we have a good time an ordinary person can also become a millionaire in a single day. What whatever we do, we have to do it with full heart and full commitment. That will only help in the path of success. 

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Create a ebook with Steemit, make a post for every chapter and when your done, bundle them together and sell them on Amazone kindle! On this way you can earn money with Steemit on two ways! Goodluck!


Nowadays, with the great internet age, there are unlimited ways to make extra money which were not possible in the past. I will list a few. Usually, it takes some work.

1. Youtube

Built an online video channel on a topic that you love. I bet lots of people would love watching it. If you love to cook, show off your cooking skills. For YouTube videos to work, I guess it is more luck based. Well, that is a skill I don't have. There are many full time you tubers out there.

2. Steem and it's dapp

Currently, as a steemian who regularly contributes to the community. It would take lots of patient and time to make alot but I guess the journey there would be worth it. At the moment, all crypto currencies are at its lowest so when Steem goes up again maybe in the short term future, it will be well worth it as the amount of work would be increases.

3. Be an online personal shopper

Many of today's people are busy working and have little time even to do their own shopping and usually would and gladly pay someone to help them do their shopping and pay some fee for that work. Imagine you are a personal shopper for ten people.

4. Sell of second hand stuff

I bet that in everyones home are tons of second hand stuff that could go into other people's house which could really help others in need. You don't need those things yet others want to buy it for a lower than market price. You could take the money and invest it.

5. Invest your cash

Investing is one of the wonders of the world. However, for this to work, you need to set aside month savings of 10 percent of your total earnings and invest it. Read books about investing and just do it. Navigate through the path of unknown. It takes alot of experience to one day be a good investor.

6. E hailing

I am sure with the start of Uber, there are many copy cats who have set up e hailing business. If you have a car, just drive. Extra income is going to come.

Welll, these are just a few and I am sure there are still lots more than have worked. Just go online and search for many other alternatives.


There a re a lot of ways to earn money as extra, and you can even do them at the comfort of your home! Here are some of them:

* Freelancing

One of the ways to earn money online is offering your skills and services in freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer.com, PeoplePerHour, Guru.com, etc. You can also offer a gig in Fiverr, and here on Steem blockchain, you can try Steemgigs.

* Online selling

You can sell products online through social media, and platforms where you can post the products you are selling like Etsy, etc.

* Transcribing

Transcribing audio files is another way of earning. You can try Transcribeme, Scribie, and a lot more.

* Call Reviewing

There's a website called Humanatic where you will review and tag audio calls. You can earn different rates from different categories.

* Forum sites

There are forum sites which can be a good place to earn some money like The Forum Wheel, Postloop, Beer Money Forum, Bitcoin Talk, and others.

* Blogging

You can set up your own blog site (i.e. Blogger or WordPress) and create an account on Google Adsense.

* Vlogging

You can create your vlogging channel on YouTube. It depends on you what niche you are willing to showcase.

* Airdrop and Bounty

Hunt for airdrops and bounties, and wait until those tokens will have its value.

Of course..

* Social Media dApps

I am talking about Steemit where you can earn from posting, and getting upvotes. There are dApps like Musing, Tasteem, Dlike, Steemhunt, Steem Monsters and a lot more where you can earn SMTs which will launch its mainnet by first quarter of 2019.

Other websites such as Whaleshares, Kblog, Weku, Scorum, Lit, ONO, and a lot more can be great platforms to earn from too.


Oh a very good question! We, filipino people are very industrious when it comes on "finding money to earn", if you're not a filipino or you are a traveller that visited my little country Philippines, you'll found out that some pinoys are on the streets selling different stuffs and all. Then here it is the most helpful easy way to earn extra money is by "blogging" on Steemit and other social flatforms that rewards digital tokens that can be exchange into real money. Well, on my experience, i received a lot of money from this awesome site, that is more than 10 times of my monthly salary on daily hardwork as a warehouse man. All we need to do is just make a good or much better make a quality post, so people will like/love your sharing of good vibes to them. Definitely steemit is the best way to get a big extra income. Cheers!


The best way is you already know about it....

It's Steemit....no better way to make some extra buck. And the most cool thing is that extra buck is cryptocurrency(Steem/ SBD).

What you have got to say about it...

You can also use Presearch search engine to make some Pre tokens !!!


Hello, firstof all, thanks for asking this question.

Earning an extra income has always been the focus now as resources for living have actually been hard to procure in recent days, advancement in technology and in life has made it a requirement to earn more. So, mans need to earn more has increased. I do not blame man for this. So to begin, earning an extra income can be dependent on your location and can be independent of it. But generally, earning an extra income nowadays is through online working. This includes freelacing a service of yours that you are good at. Freelancing in sites such as fiverr, upwork, freelancer.com are online sources of earning an extra income. And the biggest and best for sometimes now is steemit.com. since my arrivalue from the beginning of this year, I have earned a lot of extra cash and have stopped depending on parents for money. I even give them at home. And to make it more beautiful, initiative ls like @hede, @tasteem, @actifit and especially @musing, has been put in place to help earn extra income. This have all been of great help to users around the world. Offline sources of earning an extra income is by getting an extra job in a small bar or store as a partime staff to them, running errands, cleaning the places, and all other forms of little works. Mans physiological needs is insatiable so I give you a kudos for finding other sources for an extra income.

And in light of this, I wish us all more wins and greater heights. And to the steemit team, the @musing team, I thank us on behalf of all that have fed themselves and their families through your initiative. And I pray that you read the fruit of your labour.


In the event that you could profit while you are resting or you are on Holiday trip at that point trust me you have effectively discovered the most ideal approach to profit. 

For the individuals who are as yet battling, I will examine some of best aloof approaches to win cash. As a matter of first importance ask yourself what is your obsession? What is something that energizes you the most? And after that pursue the beneath lines. 

Enterprise : If working together is your obsession at that point trust me you are amazing. You simply need to recognize the most concerning issue of this age and discover answer for it. Much the same as ola, Uber,zomato, Flipkart, Google are doing. Your thought ought to be imaginative and must spotlight for the most part on item. The place, cost and advancement ought to likewise be considered.Once you begin getting tolerable salary Hire Technician and directors to deal with. You begin concentrating on item again to make it more inventive and straightforward. Your work will be just to sit some place, Have an espresso and envision. Isn't that great? 

From Money Itself : The most ideal approach to Multiply your cash is from cash itself. Begin putting resources into Mutual Funds and Real Estate. Again you are acquiring without doing much. Isnt that astonishing? 

Less dangerous wagering and securities exchange exchanging. In the event that you like cricket or offer market exceptionally well, wagering/securities exchanges can make wonders for you. Alert : It is at times unsafe too. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you play with less eagerness, you can win. Attempt this just in the event that you need to do some fervor with your cash. 

Site/Blog is an incredible method to make easy revenue. Make a blog dependent on your territory of intrigue and begin composing on it. At that point Use Google adsense to adapt it. You won't work much since you are doing what you like. 

YouTube : Create and YouTube channel on the subject about which you are enthusiastic about. 

System advertising. : It is a standout amongst other approaches to make easy revenue. You should simply to join two three part under you and after that additionally request that they do likewise. Organizations like Herbalife, Amway or Ebizz. 

Application : If you have some thought that can make life less demanding at that point procure a designer and make that application. Later on such adapt that application. 

Land : Brokers procure ponders by offering pads. On the off chance that you can stand to give some time effectively, must attempt this. 

Online Survey : I don't know about this. Since I haven't seen somebody gaining great from online overviews. 

Consultancy : Just recognize bundle of individuals who gives brilliant support of less cost and moved toward becoming advisor for them. Approach them to give you Commision for every single deals you make. 

Affiliate : it doesn't pay you yet at the same time can give you take cash. You should simply offer a few items benefit in your system or through some promoting


You can earn extra income in different ways. It depends on you that you work. If you work online, you should have a good knowledge of online. I am discussing some of the additional income below:

Earn additional income using affiliate marketing

You can sell the internet blocks of stone ... In my opinion, when you knew how to remember the NR, when your web page or even blog will remain in the top Google Research results with your original statement, you will definitely get the audience tone. Keep in mind that 1 online rules will earn traffic rules on your internet site to earn traffic = money

Right market selection

First of all, did you become a member of an environmental group? I have a great way to help close groups around Saturday and Monday each week and actually show new people, there are plenty of exercises and help in the world helps it create a comfortable environment.

Targeted traffic can earn more money!

So remember your number one rule if you want to make extra funds! Traffic = money

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“Best” is completely subjective.

YOUR best is completely different from someone else’s.

There are a million different ways to generate income. “Better/worse” completely depends upon CONTEXT.