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We don't always win, So how do we handle losses?

Everyone of us would want to achieve success or a win on every aspect of our lives.

>>>We hate loosing or being a failure.<<<

That's the problem right there, we hate it that's why it makes is feel bad.

I would say embrace it, charge it to your experience and learn from it. If we accept loosing as a failure then it will be very difficult to recover and learn from it. How about, let's accept the fact the we just didn't work on it enough that cause our failure and then think of the ways on how to prevent it and be better the next time around. Be optimistic about loosing. It's a good way to learn from it.


The best way to handle losses is understand the fact that we are not a perfect Being neither do losses become the end run to reaching out goals.

I have failed countless times in life and I got to understand that the strength as well as the knowledge I have today is a result of my past failures.

No doubt , failures hurt but it's also inevitable not to fail especially if you want to be successful in life because hard men in life are groom from past failures.

Some things to understand about failure

1.it educate one on what works and doesn't: especially for entrepreneur starting a new business , it becomes an indicator monitoring what doesn't work and work, giving you a higher chance to settle in your niche

2.failure makes ones strive harder to be better

3.people gain expertise and knowledge from failure

4.Failure build one for the coming future

5.strenthen ones weaknesses


By realizing that making a mistake, or losing, is not a bad thing. Not fixing your mistake, and not learning from your loss, that's a bad thing. 

When you learned to walk, or to ride a bike, you, like everybody else, fell. That's not a bad thing. It hurt at that moment, but it learned you that you need to try to stay upright. And when you tried staying upright by leaning forward, you fell again. So you learned that leaning too far forward is not a good way to stay upright.

If you would have fallen while trying to walk, and see it as a bad thing, no more, no less, then you wouldn't have gotten up, you wouldn't have tried again, and you would still be there, not being able to walk.

Most people are not in the incapabality to do something, they are just afraid to fail, to make mistakes. While actually, making mistakes is the best way to learn how to do something.

To end with a quote: When asked if he wasn't tired of failing to produce his lightbulb said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".


Winning and losing is how we walk through life. The losing is the failure and the winning is the success.

We will have more failures than success as we have to learn. It all depends on the character of the person on how they handle it. I am a positive person and look at failure as a learning part of life to gain success.

I have known people who get depressed and down when they don't win or succeed. This is the wrong attitude to have and these people wont ever learn from their mistakes and failures.

I think people who learn to be part of  a team handle failure better as it is  shared responsibility, This you learn when you are younger playing sports. No one likes to lose but it is  a good lesson to learn. This should drive you to win or succeed the next time.


Losing is just an indication that we have to try again. When we lose, we just have to accept it. Learn from it. Try again using a different approach. Life will always be full of setbacks but always remember that it doesn't matter how often we fall, it matters how we stand up after falling.


I believe failure and losses are part of life. You cannot win every time or there will be no lessons to learn. We fail because we are human; we fail because we do not know everything. Even the things we know we fail at them because life is unpredictable. It will never always go your way and so it's even safe to have failure/losses earlier in life so you're aware of the harsh reality staring everyone in the face.

Failure is inevitable just like death. We can neither prepare or prevent it. Some losses or traumatic event can hit you so hard that you lose your sanity. However, one must have it at the back of their mind that life moves on, on or without them, irrespective of their situation. So when faced with difficulties remember that fact. That will enable you to to pick yourself up and move on with life.


I heard a story of a man whose shop was in a fire and he jumped into the fire because he #100,000 Naira was in the shop. The pathetic thing about the story is that he died in that fire.

If only he knew that, as long as there is life , there is hope (win). He would not have allowed that temporary set back (loss of #100,000) take his life.


Handling losses is not easy. It requires tenacity. Not everybody can handle losses. Handling losses is a mind thing. The mindset is that mindset that believes that there will be several wins in future.