Do you think people who try to belittle others with violent criticism have low self-esteem?
I always believe how we treat others define our mentality.But some people have fun by undermining others with their violent criticism.I think they have fun doing so as they have no life. They feel inferior so they try to overcome that with undermining the other people.Do you think in the same way?

In some situations it is always so, but not always in all situations. I think people who belittles other by criticizing their actions definitely does so for so many reasons and not just low self esteem, in most cases people who try to belittle others actually does so because they do not like them either because the people who their criticising are better than them in most ramification or they are criticizing them rightfully so.

I do believe criticism have bases however I don't think belittling someone has any basis so I think these two are definitely different agendas to criticising someone and it can come without belittling them.

Belittling someone can come out of spite and baseless hatred for them however when you criticize someone criticism can be definitely for something not done right by the person you are criticizing which means this basis of criticism can actually be accepted or you are actually criticizing them without a reason which means this one can come out of pure hatred dislike which is definitely as a result of low self esteem like you suggested.

So believe me criticism of others doesn't necessarily mean you have low self-esteem but like I stated out criticism can be actually accepted on a basis because I do think people can criticize others rightfully that is when they are doing something wrong but also criticism can also be when you dislike someone or hate someone because they are better than you which is actually as a result of low self esteem so it comes in two ways this can be seen in companies when buses actually criticize the performance of people working under them because they are actually not doing well or we can see another source of criticism maybe by friends who criticize their other friend because he actually is self righteous or has virtues which makes them feel low self esteem so can you see the two way it goes?

So in my opinion criticism can be right it can also be wrong depending on how it is actually used or discharged as well but I get the basics where you are speaking from you're actually speaking from a point of view of people who actually hate someone because they are actually better than them


For some obscure reason, there are always people who project their negativity and insecurities by judging through criticism what others do or stop doing, say or stop saying ... People who spend their time transmitting and disseminate what they say is related only to flaws and bad examples of driving.

These are the main reasons why people abuse and harm others based on non-constructive judgments and criticisms:

1. Feelings of inferiority

Feelings of inferiority can be a motivation to criticize others. And, sometimes, it is the feelings of superiority that constitute this motivation. In this sense, for many people, the feeling of superiority is only a disguise for their feeling of inferiority, a place where they feel a little safer on their own.

Thus, these people try by all means to satisfy their need to feel powerful and superior, even if it means crushing someone or damaging their image by criticizing them.

2. Dissatisfaction with oneself

We criticize others so that our own faults are minimized against them and against ourselves. When we criticize them, we deceive ourselves into thinking that the problem is with them and not with us. In order not to feel bad, we try to convince ourselves that the others also have flaws and that they are larger than ours.

3. The need to be integrated into a community

Some people's social relationships are based on criticism of others. Studies tell us that to assert our membership in a group, we often tend to criticize people from other groups. Thus, criticism is concerned with reinforcing this feeling of belonging, whether it is to prove it to ourselves or to prove it to the other members of the group (ingroup).

4. Vengeance and cowardice

One of the reasons that may lead one to criticize another may be the desire for revenge. We can deal with situations that have not been assimilated, resolved or forgiven. In this case, criticism is used as an instrument of humiliation and revenge. When we have not had the courage to tell someone that they hurt us, we use criticism to hide our frustration, anger or dissatisfaction.

5. Narcissism and egocentrism

When we feel that we deserve special treatment or conditions, and feel that we do not receive them, we may feel that something is due to us. Sometimes, because of a narcissistic feeling, we are persuaded that others must be at our service. When we feel that this is not the case, we can use criticism to complain, belittle each other or make him feel bad.


To live together with this social (and toxic) epidemic of destructive criticism, one must respect a very important rule: to move away or to protect oneself from toxic people. These people are negative beings who only want to poison others.

The most sensible thing to do is to keep your distance, especially when trying to make us "complicit" critics. Let's not forget that interaction with this type of people, besides being poor, can hurt our emotional and social health.

Ultimately, the key is not to be contaminated and not to take criticism personally when you know they are unfounded. Keep in mind that criticism says more about the critic than about the critic and the personal problem of the other.


Criticism can be constructive or destructive. When it becomes violent, its destructive.

Yes, I do believe that those that criticize violently have an annoying low self esteem. This is because they don't just criticize, they are elements of hate in their criticisms.

A great man once said - you have no right to criticize anyone until you have done three times what he does.


Yes. This is inferiority complex at work. You put someone down to elevate your esteem up and to reduce feelings of anxiety related to inferiority. It has more to do with feeling of insecurity getting the best of you. They need to level or raise their standings up by showing acts that degrade value in others. That is why we can see some smug faces after the criticisms. Their sense of feeling good further justifies what they did was right well it's just a means to avoid being insecure.