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What kind of people should we consider as an active member of steemit?

Those who are actively posting content, reading/viewing content, commenting, and/or manually curating.



I would say active Steem users are those who are seen consistently, contributing on the blockchain irrespective of the price of Steem. They are loyalist. They don't care if Steem is $1 or $0.1, they'll be here-for the community.

Active Steem users are

The consistent Steem bloggers

The consistent commenters

The ones consistently using the Dapps

ANd generally, the ones who are simply CONSISTENT. It takes a lot to be consistent and if you are, then you are an active Steem user.


I will say he or she have great thought about steemit.

One active user cant leave steemit because of low price.Also they always comment and make blog. Thats most important matter here.They try to suport people or they give advice people for working here..As example I will say from few months although steem whom are giving there lots of hard work there they are real active member here.Because they did not lose hope for low price Theu working with their full afford.So we can who always try to active and tryy to encourage people for working here they are actjve member in steemit.

Thanks a lot or your question. .


There are many ways to be productive for the Steem ecosystem. Bot managers actually do serve a value whether people want to acknowledge it or not. Now, that value may not be liked by a segment of the community, but if it didn't hold value to someone than no one would use them. 

Developers are active participants and matter. 

Investors may be passive or manage bots, but their investment in SP does serve the Steem community and makes rewards more profitable. 

Content producers are the most valuable, while they tend to be undervalued, this is nonsense. The talent is what will draw in the large numbers, not investors and developers. But right now, the small rewards draw in fast-food quality content simply because there is not enough incentive for big players to devote time with Steem yet. 


Everyone can't be equally active due to schedules and that's why definition may varies. For me , being active requires a regular participation either through voting, posting , commenting or reposting. All these are activities that are carried out in the steemit blockchain. So what difference active and inactive users is "how regular" they do one of the following.

One can not be seen as an active user when he login and do non of the above, so to be active, one must regularly do one of the above, comment, post, vote or resteem. Through any one of these, the block chain experience a constant growth .