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Do you support the decision of people leaving their own country for a country with better economic opportunity,instead of trying to change the condition of their country?
The 35th President of the United States,John F. Kennedy, once said: "ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” I understand the decision of the people who choose to leave their country because of extreme situations such as war,famine,natural disasters,political instability and other kinds of life threatening situation.I support them,as I know survival is the basic instinct of every human being and animals. But I can't support the decision of those people who choose to leave their own country for a developed one.I have seen people choose to settle in a foreign land as a refugee by showing some fake excuses. When asked they say that they wanted a place that is well developed and offers all the nicest facilities for its residents.It is when I ask: "Why don't you then work for making your country a better place for everyone?"

It's a pretty though subject to discuss so I will tell you my story or how I was in this situation a few years ago and how it worked for me. I will state though that if you are living in a country where you can have a  decent life is definitely no reason to leave it. In my case though it was quite different. I am born in Romania, which is a developing country for almost 30 years after the communism was taken down. In such a country where corruption is at high rates and the state doesn't care that much about its citizens it's pretty hard to have a good life. 

Before I left my country for the first time I was earning about 400 euros a month and had not many opportunities to earn more. Plus living in a developing country you lack many benefits that other have, but I won't make this answer boring by talking about them. So, when I decided that I should leave the country and try to make my life better I didn't know where am I going to go and what I will do, but I was 100% sure that I don't want to stay in Romania anymore. Thus I started learning German language as I already spoke English pretty good and a bit of French so by learning German I could increase my chances of finding a good country to move in Europe a lot. 

I sent my resume to at least 400 companies on a period of about ten months in which I still worked on learning German and try not forget the French that I knew and of course English. I applied through Eures that many CVs that I think I broke some record or something. I have had a lot of rejections also, especially from Germany and Austria where I couldn't get that easy with my German. I didn't gave up though. I was too determined to move out of the country. One day I found an add of Deutsche Post(The German Post) and applied. 

They sent me an e-mail for an interview, I went for the interview in the capital of the country, Bucharest, got it and moved to Germany. When I got there I was amazed how different it was when comparing it to Romania and also how hard was for me at the beginning in a new country, speaking a new language and learning a new job, but that's what I wanted and that's what I did for more than a year. That's how much I stayed there. I never felt like home there, but I wanted to live on a better country and that's what I did. 

After that I moved to Norway and from Norway back to Romania. BUT I truly understand the ones wanting to move to a better country and willing to leave their own behind. If your country doesn't care that much about you then you should search for another that does. If you can do something to change things there and make it better and make your life better it's great, but if not I don't see any problem in trying to make it in another country. Feel free to try. A matter of fact I might move to Austria from next year. I am not tied to any place. I will never forget my country though wherever I go. It is my blood. I don't like the way politicians are working for it but I am not denying it either. Wherever I go I always come back home once in a while. 

That's my experience of leaving my country for a better life. Hope you will find it interesting and wish you a great day!


"But I can't support the decision of those people who choose to leave their own country for a developed one.I have seen people choose to settle in a foreign land as a refugee by showing some fake excuses."

I'll have to respectfully disagree with this. It sounds swell at first and patriotic and everything when you put it like that. Let's all stay in our country and work work work to build it! But you see, in reality it isn't like that at all.

Take, for example, my own country. A lot of people has made that decision you talked about in the past--they decided to stick with the country and fight for it and work for it, and you know what happened? They got paid with betrayal, and more suffering and starvation.

They fought for their country and decided to help save it, but the corruption runs deeper than what just one man can get up and day I will defeat this. The evil would sooner eat you all up than let you defeat it.

Now don't get me wrong.

You can very well decide to stay in your country and do the little you can to make it better. It probably doesn't amount to much but you know you're making a conscious effort. That's fine. You're doing what you think is best.

But everyone has a choice. And you must respect people's abilities to make their decisions. And not only that, you must choose to RESPECT it and not judge too harshly. Hell don't judge at all.

Imagine someone who has been shifted on and shed blood and swear and tears only to have the country spit in his or her face. Or one who has lota everything he or she cares about all due to tue corruption and injustice of a country.

What right do we have then to judge that person once or if that person decided to leave that country and seek greener pastures abroad, or even just to escape the harsh memories of the past? Of course we dont know the person's pain and so we shouldn't judge.

And what of someone who leaves his or her country and go to a more advanced one JUST to make the country better? What about that? And of course there are a lot of them.

Most of the revolutionary leaders of small countries you hear about mostly got their educations and training abroad. That way they got to amass the wealth of knowledge that isn't available in their place and accumulate it so they can use it and share it and employ it to make their country greater when they return.

And the list goes on as to reasons one shouldn't judge people who choose to leave their countries for a better economic condition. So yes, I totally support their decision.

Cheers and have a nice day.


Yes i do support this.

In as much as we Love Our countriee, therr. Are some things that you can't just change, such as low income wages. I have been in the Philippines for over 8 years and i will tell you for a fact that many Filipinos who choose to go and work abroad is not because they want too but because they have too. Most of them hate leavibg their loved one's for long but they have too because they need to provide a better kife for them, here in the Philippines, a thing they would not be able to do while working here, unless they survive on credit.

I have a dear friend who is a doctor, and i was talking to him about this just few days ago. He moved from our country Tanzania to another. He told me the salary he is getting in that country is 4* more than the one specialist Doctors get in Tanzania, can you imagine? That means he is earning more in this country as a General Doctor than he would have earned in Tanzania as a specialist.

I am a Product of this type of migration, my mom is a nurse and she really wanted the best for us. Growing up, i saw her working long shifts during the day, then coming home and bake all night and vise versa, just to get an extra income to give us the best life. This was taking a toll on her health. She Nade a very tough decision to move to a better country. As this was hard for her, she has managed to see i and my sibkings though school. This wasn't her will but she had too.

Now how can those workers change their low wages from their countries? And even if they try, how long will it take untill they are heard and the issue ammended?

Two years ago, in Kenya, Doctors. Protested against low Salaries, they were threatened that they will have their licenses evoked. They pushed on to protest, peacefully and they ended up being thrown to Jail, for some good days, why? Because they dared to stand up against the government. These are only a few that had guts to do so, and they had to go through those hardships in order to be heard, but how many people have the courage to stand up against the cruelty of our corrupt African governments in order To pass a message across? In some countries they will make you dissapear before you even say P.


I live in the Philippines, a third world country. Due to unemployment rate and low income wages, many of my fellow countrymen leave to work overseas. Their main purpose of leaving is to support their family and be out of poverty. That's why I don't want to judge those people living the country. In fact, these OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers), as they were called, are contributing a lot for the economy of the country, by which their remittances sent to their families in the country play a huge part to lift the value of Peso (the country's currency). These OFWs are enduring their distance from their loved ones so they are able to support them.

There are people or families who are migrating to first world countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc. For what? For greener pastures. They cannot be blamed. They just want a better life for their family. At least such parents care about their family, and they're concern about their welfare.

Some people live their country for different reasons. People transfer because of dissatisfaction how a country was ruled. Some people just want to explore. They don't deserve to be judge because we all have the prerogative to choose where to live as long as we don't cause harm. Besides, we're all humans living in the same world. It would be better to think about the unified people instead of divisions due to nationalities.


Yes, I fully support people's right to find their luck in other countries. It pften happens that people are forced to leave their homeland, not because they want to, but because they are forced to do that, as they can not change anything as individual in their home country. 


I fully support to brave people who sacrifice to leave their homeland for their bright feature. I can understand the love of homeland, every one love to live own country but if you don't have resources, don't have economic growth, don't have stable governments, corrupt system than it's better to migrate from the place. Migration from your place to another country doesn't show your low love with your country. It show only that you want to excel in life. Man gets what he tries for. Living a good life is the right of every citizen. Hats off to the people who are brave enough who leave their comfort zone for their family and loved ones. 

In my opinion you can show love with your country by sending foreign exchange to your loved ones. Unfortunately majority of countries which have poor economical growth are due to corrupt practice, notorious leadership. You can't alone change the system. so, let's make a difference by earning something for your country. 


I have not immigrated yet. I have not made a reconnaissance trip, and do not intend to do so. It's deciding: I'm leaving, and I know (because I'm very stubborn !!) that a trip of recognition will not make me change my mind.

But the advice to the right, to the left all go in the same direction: to take the temperature (physical and metaphorical) of the new country not to fall from the top to the finish. I do not deny these counsels which seem to me by their arguments well imbued with wisdom.

For my part, the reasons for my efforts are neither looking for an Eldorado, perfection, paradise lost (it does not exist!), Nor love, nor other particular expectations ......

My goal is to feel like a citizen of the world, without attachment, an initiatory journey where the beginning and the end are of little importance, just the goal of being richer thanks to the others, the different ways of seeing the things, to the new frame of life, and thus be able to transmit this openness to the following generations .... and today it is Canada, tomorrow South Africa, Australia, or elsewhere ... .I do not care, if I have the means, the opportunity, the health.

This is why tourist trips, although very enriching as well, do not correspond to what I am looking for: the tourist lives in a world apart, the immigrant lives with everyone. The tourist is welcome for everyone, the immigrant is too much for many people ...... that's where I see the adventure ...

Yes, an immigration costs DEAR: a lot of money, the loss of the proximity of its friendly and family network, the loss of its bearings, the loss of an acquired social level.

It goes also (I am convinced) to ask a lot of energy, perseverance, patience, questioning ... ..

And, no adventure is not luxury ... it's for everyone, who knows how to prepare, manage stress and money, think about the consequences.

For me it is a question of priority and choice: choose to invest in a socially defined life (home, car, dog, many leisure equipment, ect ...) or choose to live with perhaps less equipment but invest in the discovery of another hand ......

Whatever the decision, you just have to know what you are doing and why, the risks taken, and the means to give yourself (the plans for a return e-anticipated, contacts on the spot, ect ...).


Well this is something a deep matter to think about and it basically depends on the country that you live in.

For instance the place there are countries where the low level Salary for a person for a whole Month is less than 100 USD but when you compare the lifestyle to actually survive with the needs of Food,Shelter,Health this is not enough let alone education as a matter of fact.

So even if that person works hard his entire life in here with the things that he is good at he will never be able to improve his living standard let alone survive at some point.

So in search of making the life style of his and the family that he has if he get a better chance abroad than he might take it at some point of the life.

Speaking of reality when comes in front of us it is quite hard to be who you are. 

Yeah we all have our different aspects of seeing things, just a hunch on this matter and my feelings is shared above. 


I think that if people want to leave there own country in search of better opportunities then they should be able to. It is up to each specific countries immigration policy to define whether people are aloud in to the county and under what circumstances.

If we don't allow this then I think there will become a widening gap between developed and undeveloped nations. I believe in equality and equal choices for everyone, and thus allowing people to move around in search of different opportunities. People from different nations also have a different skill set, and can add value to other nations, while also creating a more diverse and rich social and work environment.

Not everyone is going to want to move around the globe - some people live in famine, and choose to stay because of their family, or economic situation.


It has been happening constantly in our country, Philippines.

They leave our country to seek opportunities other country provides that ours can't. Job opportunities that are really good paying and if converted to our own currency, it is highly valuable.

That's why most of our countrymen travel abroad for this reason. Seeing how our country is very poor in economic performance seeking for the chance to live a good life for themselves and for their families.

We have almost a lot of Filipinos present working abroad. In fact it constitute a big amount of net domestic earnings and is contributing a lot to our country.

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I don't agree with the economic migrants. 

We are experiencing this in South Africa for the last 10 - 15 years. We have an open border policy which doesn't help matters.

If you move countries for political ,safety or a natural disaster etc I am fully behind it. This is understandable and many people have been forced into these situations.

Moving for better work opportunities on mass is not fantastic. I can understand the breadwinner applying for a job etc and being accepted and moving. I don't understand it when migrants move with nothing and use the political upheaval in order to get a job though.

We have Zimbabweans,Malawians,Angolans all looking for jobs in a strained economic market. There are not enough jobs to go around and someone is going to suffer. You will find the local work force suffers the most as they can't find work.

Crime stats reflect this as desperation sets in.