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Do you believe that our brain is capable of creating realistic animated graphics videos,as we are already doing that in our dream?
Have you ever thought that during our dream our brain actually create some graphics or animated videos,just like as we see in animated movies or videos games.So do you think we can use that ability in the future to create high quality graphics videos or animated movies.

Our brain is capable of everything, the problem really is not if our mind can do it or not, but if we will be able to control that "ability" in a conscious way.

For me dreams are spontaneous and unconscious representations of a random scenario and many times not, which in certain cases we see as visions or "videos" but undoubtedly represent a creative factor extremely brilliant, so get to develop the ability to control that part of our being would be extremely fantastic, especially for those like me are not so creative.


Yes, i believe.


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Tips for your next question, maybe you dont need to sparate in different questions, and make it simple. I saw your previous question here :


and it's similar.